Fall Short of a Goal

Because I have fever since last Friday, like June 3 to be exact, I was staying home the whole time. I decided to have a goal at my call review site and my goal is to reach $70 this week, just to make up to the salary I should be completing for the next week. However, because I am not feeling well, I fall short. I am half of it, but not near the amount. I can only work for 6 hours a day because my head is aching every time I look at the computer screen. Most of the time while reviewing calls, I close my eyes. Take note, I was reviewing calls while lying in bed, that is why I will just find myself waking up while the laptop is on and there is a call waiting for my tag. Also, another disadvantage is that, when you are ill, you cannot comprehend easily. I felt I lost my hearing or maybe I really can’t understand the conversation because of high temperature.

Now, I only have $43.79 as I am doing this blog. I know it will increase a little later on tonight but I am sure a dollar will only be added that I could consider I fall short to my $70 goal. I am not feeling bad about this as I am avoiding to feel that way. I rather look on the good things that I realized while doing this goal and I will truly save that experienced.

First, I learned that on my favorite Category, the volume of calls is high during Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Philippine Time. I remember reviewing calls, not consistently though, up until 7 in the evening, last Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, the calls are there up until 4 in the afternoon. Friday, at 1 in the afternoon and today, Saturday, I think it will be for 10 am. Later on tonight, I know the calls will start at 11 in the evening based on my experiences. I will be staying up in the morning, until my body can handle to add to my earnings.

I also keep tracking of my earnings per hour. My highest earnings is $1.49 and my lowest is $0.64. I am averaging $1.065 an hour. If I will consistently working for 10 hours, with accuracy I will be getting $10.60. For a week, with consistency still, I could get $53, not counted the reviews on Saturday night and Sunday, if there is.

Now, I realized, I need to adjust my goal because $70 is unrealistic to what I am earning on the average. That is good to know. I appreciate the experience.

Humanatic Earning June 11, Sat morning
Humanatic Earning June 11, Sat morning



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No More Napping for Tonight

Just like the cat in my featured image, I am trying my best to open my eyes wide so that I will not feel sleepy. I used to nap during this time. I set an alarm to 2 in the morning then I will start another activity. However, today, with all the happenings, napping has no room at all. If I will not sleep for the whole day, I will just to be able to earn more. Life is always been hard to me and it continues to be harder. I don’t want to be melodramatic because for sure, every one of us is having this kind of feeling at present with how our life is going on.

Excuse me napping, you are not needed for tonight. Better nap when you able to earn higher than your goal. I think I will concentrate on my call review for now because something is giving me an impression. Maybe I am feeling it wrong but I trust my instinct more and for now, I will keep it to myself.

I am not sure how long I can handle this no napping thing. I am a person who loves sleeping and surely in the morning, I will not able to sleep again because of the weather. I am also getting out of the house to pay some bills. I am not sleeping and that’s it. Better do it now or later on. I have all the time to tests myself when it comes to this. I hardly do this now for health reason but I am forced to do it again because I need to earn money. Life is not friendly to me right now. Life is giving me a hard time. I need to fight as I am all alone. No one knows exactly how I feel. Live or let die for me. Live or let die.


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Goal, Achieved!

I have to say that the whole afternoon I was busy at my call review site. I need to meet the goal, luckily I did that is why I left the site for now. I want to go to sleep. My eyes are dropping now. I’m so tired. Imagine it, the whole afternoon I was trying to earn money and that is the only one I was doing. If only the site has no error, but it does, so imagine how many I times I refreshed the site just to able to meet the amount I wanted. I am glad I still able to do it and cash out afterwards.

A good friend told me that the old interface of my call review site was having errors and cannot be accessed at about 6 in the evening earlier. I remember I was there the whole time. The time I took the break was 3 in the afternoon and 7 in the evening. Maybe I was not affected because I was on the site most of the time. The one thing that gave me difficulty was the refresh mode once the call lag. It still lags as of this moment when I checked it. Or maybe it depends on the category you are in.I plan to come back after 2 hours after submitting this blog because I want to sleep. Today, I failed to do advance blogging because I was busy meeting my goals on the other site, that call review site. I will see tomorrow if I can able to do it. It will be a busy day for me. I am torn between feeling okay about it and feeling not okay. I can’t explain.

What matters today is that I met a goal and that’s it. It boosts my confidence though I really had to sacrifice other sites for the other site. I can be a superhero on this one, that can do a lot of things.


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Wasted Time Waiting for Calls

Last night, after blogging, I decided to sleep at 1 in the morning. I set the alarm and woke up at 4. I started reviewing calls. At first, the calls were slow to download, until it is no calls already. I am sure that each category has lots of calls as I can view it, but when you get to the part that you listen to calls, it didn’t drop and it hang. Sometimes the download of calls will stop in the middle. Thinking that I was experiencing it alone, I checked our group if there are people experiencing the same. I learned that I am not the only one. Some are getting back to bed and will try to review calls later on.

I still tried. I tried for 4 hours. I only earned more than a dollar, I don’t remember. After learning what I only earned, it caused me to panic because I am trying to meet a quota. While the call was hanging, I was computing on what amount I need to meet, until I got frustrated waiting for calls to download, I exited the site and tried to sleep.

I failed to sleep because I felt my temperature increased again. I checked my temperature and it is 38.3. I have a fever again. I ate breakfast and drink paracetamol. I tried to have a sleep, but I can’t sleep. I know I did plan to get out today to get a health ID but I cancelled it because I don’t have money and of course, I have a fever again. Unfortunately, I cannot rest. My mind starts to wander. I keep thinking about my quota earning on my review calls and now I did not meet it again. I am too far from the amount I need to meet. I dislike that when I plan something, there will be some distractions from the universe that will ruin it. It happens to me all the time.

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Need to Achieve Certain Dollars

I slept for 2 hours and now I am planning to stay until morning because I am trying to earn from my call review site. I need to earn certain dollars. I am not sharing the specific amount because I tend to jinx it. It always do not meet it once I started to share the amount. Yes, this is not true, but it happens to me. I am thinking that sharing the amount jinxed everything. I got up in bed at 11 in the evening and now while doing this I am listening to some calls. It is hard but I know I can do this because I really wanted it.

If I met that certain amount early in the morning, that would be the time that I will start sleeping. I hope it is early as I am going out in the afternoon. This also give me the chance to drink a lot of fluids while working online. If it will take me 8 hours working today, then I have 8 glasses of water. Tomorrow will be the verdict of my full force squal goals (baking soda, cranberry, cefuroxime, water and apple cider honey vinegar) to get rid of my UTI. I hope the number lowered down or I don’t know what to do anymore.

I know I will be very sleepy when I get to the OB Gyn and it depends on the weather too. If the weather is good, then I have to take a nap before getting to the Ob Gyn in the afternoon, but if the weather is hot, I will go to the Ob Gyn immediately for urinalysis and get back home to sleep. I will just get back in the afternoon because their Ob Gyn doctor always arrived at 4 in the afternoon. I am not looking forward for the results. If God will give me something good, then he will.


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Another Week Had Slashed from Us

Another week had slashed from us and it is over. We cannot have it back, so if you have unfinished business last week, this would be a perfect time to finish it. One thing is for sure with me and that is the result of my urinalysis. I will go there this afternoon to have a urinalysis and I will need to find out if my UTI is still there. If the result is negative with UTI or the range become 0-2 then I need to wait till the OB Gyn arrived in the afternoon to have for Medical Certificate. However, I can do that on Tuesday too because I am planning to save money this week. I need to earn on my call review sites at least 20 dollars and more this week for I need to pay for the internet connection. I think it is perfect if I will do everything on Tuesday instead.

My goal is to have the UTI negative, to have medical certificates, to have health ID and to complete my requirements so that I will submit it on my company. This is what I am praying for. I will do it on Tuesday instead.

Do you have a goal this week? Are you planning to meet your goal per week or per month? I love to know. Time flies so fast and without knowing we are losing a great amount of time. Me, I failed to advance blog so as much as possible this whole day, Monday, I would love to create blogs, even just 5 blogs a day.

My dilemma is that everything on my goal is now written. Whatever I am writing my goal it seldom happens on the said day. Sometimes it happened but not complete, or sometimes it did happen but the results are not in my favor. Let me try this one. I hope it changed already.

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