How my Faith Helping me with my Illness?

A good friend said “You might not have funds, but you have another F and that is Faith. Faith will bring you to solving your problem”

The one that told me the exact message above is one of my good friend and online earner too. She said she have no funds to help me back up and she is worrying too on how can she helped me. I told her to always pray. She always send me a message on Facebook, asking about my condition. She wants to be always updated. I told her everything that is happening to me and we have a daily conversation. I told her that everyday and everyday, there are different people that is helping me with prayers, concern, on how to get helped and sending me little of their money through gold points, tips, Paypal etc. And then she told me that lines, that my faith is very powerful, my prayers are moving mountains that I always find people to help me, in everyday of my life.

I always ask, “Please pray for me, please continue to pray for me” because I always pray.I always pray for myself, for the personal request of other people, for other people to continue praying for me, I have all the time to pray. I guess this thing that I consistently do made my faith become so powerful that even without that big funds in front of me, people are accumulating whatever they have and giving it to me. All help counts, everything counts!

My faith became my full medicine. Early in the morning I am talking to God already. I am asking him what will happen to me for today. That if ever it will be a full bleeding I able to be awake to get some help. I am praying that one day the bleeding will stop and there are days that I do not have bleeding at all. I am asking Wisdom will be given to me, to fully understand what is happening and to accept that everything is for temporary. My faith is being tested at the moment but I choose to fight and believe in my faith because I know I will collapse if I don’t. I am strong now because of my faith. There will be days I find myself weak because I am crying but still I consider myself strong for I will wipe this tears and move on. It makes me braver, it makes me know the people who will stand by me, who will pray for me and will be forever concerned. With my faith I learned to know people around me and who will be sticking on me. Now I am loving life with this faith and will not give up to my invested faith because it is my bullet to survive.

Again, please pray for me!! I learned that I have a lot of friends that are truly concerned, thanks for this illness for I had come to know all the loving online earners/people!!


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Hello! Life is Still Beautiful


Yes, I am asking Hello?

I had not been here for quite a long time because I became busy with new site, though I am posting a few. I also on the search for new sites, sadly I haven’t found one. I started my new job too and finished my week. I thought I will not survive. The feeling of “Thank God is Friday” had me last night, I was so excited to get out of the office.

However, before anything else, hello everyone? Hello from the outside and the inside of the site? How’s everyone is doing? What are you busy at? I hope you are also giving yourself a break from all the challenges we had last week, or maybe last month. I hope you had found a good site as an additional earning site, if not, I hope you never stop looking and praying that you will able to find it. I hope you keep yourself busy with things that will benefit you. I really hope you continue earning some money.

This week was a big change for me. I failed to have Blogjob to help me with my earning but I understand it. Then, I found a new site but it doesn’t keep me up with my earnings. Good thing that before the bad news I able to receive a good news. My only partial or little bad news was that I don’t have a transportation allowance. It was quite a struggle and I am still struggling to look for some money to borrow.

At work, it was quite boring since everyone is busy and they do not have any time for us to for orientation, though we had a proper orientation initiated by the admin. The turnover of work is still not happening. It will happen next week for sure. Again, another struggle when you were just waiting there, finding people that will teach you something, talk to you, make friends with you. On the other hand, I have friends there and I am glad I get used to be with them. We are happy when we are together during break times.

I hope everyone is okay. Let us all survive this life. Life is still beautiful.


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Thank You with 3 Hearts

In life, we will able to meet people that will make or break us, but during the time that we are challenged, we will know who are the person that will stick to us. It is unlikely that we will meet a person that is a true stranger to us but he or she is open to lend a helping hand and we never thought he or she can prove it to us.

Once again, this person did not let me down. Just last week, I informed his friend about my situation. It was a short message that I only used Google translate in order to translate to their language. I am glad his friend immediately replied. I received another message that he will do everything to talk to the concern people. Within the day, I received a text message to the concern people about my queries. I began to wonder, if I did not do this kind of action, would the concerned person gave me a reply? I know this is vague to you guys, but you know me, I can’t be detailed on personal stuff. Please bear with me, lol.

Even though I haven’t talked to him directly because I am only giving the message to his good friend, yet I appreciate the effort of both of them. I am a stranger to them, to him, but they do not have any second thoughts of helping me. There is a language barrier also and only Google translate helped us to communicate but that doesn’t stop them for sending me a message. Now I know how God guided us all just to be able for someone to help someone.

If you are still reading my blog or maybe you will not read it anymore, I am telling you now that I greatly appreciate all the solid effort you have given me for the past 2 months, I guess. To your friend, thank you for accommodating me and replying to my messages. Both of you are a blessing. God gave you an assignment that you did successfully. Whatever the results, positive or negative, I still greatly appreciate this.

Thank you, with 3 hearts.


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Why do I have the Feeling that I don’t like it?

I just posted a topic about mixed feelings. My life will change tomorrow. My schedule for sure will change too. I am a person who needs a much longer rest from now on. If there will be changes like I will not start this week, you know what I will feel happy about it. Maybe I am not ready at all this week, or maybe my laziness is controlling my decision. I am not really happy, but I am grateful. I prayed for this one and God gave me the best for me, I know. I don’t want to promise but because I have a big fear of not saving money, a big fear of not able to be ready for an emergency and scared of not having a life change, I know I will not waste this wonderful opportunity.

A lot of people had supported me, guided me, my best friend even gave her savings for me just to be able to help me, I will not waste the help these people had given me. All of your prayers, I am thankful. You help me reach this, I will not let you down. However, I cannot lie to myself. I cannot deny I am not happy. This happiness doesn’t have any percent like 50% happy, 75%, can’t measure. All I know that this moment, 5:51 in the morning, I am not happy.

Later on, the feelings will change. I know I will feel glad, nervous, scared, then happy, I really don’t know, but right now, I am not happy. I know God knows what I really feel right now. Maybe I already adjusted myself not to celebrate the good news. Or maybe the true happiness is just inside me. I will let it go once it is sure. I don’t want to celebrate. Life has to move on and still life is full of struggle so I will just live a day.

Do I sound weird?


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You don’t sounds Happy?

My friends read my first blog for today and that is about me being cleared with UTI. They started giving me messages through Facebook messenger. I was busy blogging and once I submitted one, I will answer their message. From the way I response to them, they feel I am not happy or grateful maybe. Five of the friends I am talking right now, 3 of them noticed it. I told them that I am happy, but maybe I am tired because of fever and exhaustion from the heat. Because of that, they read some more of my blogs posted today and they happen to realized the answer.

They start telling me to rest and get some sleep. They are happy for me because a journey will begin. I am happy too and I am thinking that way. However, I am not the type right now that celebrates about something good. I let the feeling inside me. If I were there with them physically, they will see a sweet smile painted on my face and for sure it will be a non-stop hugging and congratulations, but since we are only online, they can never tell.

Right now I know I am just tired and really wanting to rest. Actually earlier I told you that I will not able to finish my blogging activity today because I need to rest early, you know what, I think this is my last post of the day. I never thought I could able to reach it. I never imagine how I able to find topics to push me through finishing my limiting posts.

I promise, after this one, I will have to take a nap. I will set an alarm to wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning, but if I did not hear it, I will just let it by. I guess I will pray again to God to provide me money, to tell me where I can have money to fill up to those lost days.

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It has been A long Time…

It has been a long time since I have a friend with me. It is not typical friends that we hang out in the mall, eat in the restaurant and window shop, the typical bonding that everyone is doing. I am talking about the bonding memories that really happens at home, like what I did when I was young. I go to my friend’s house after napping in the afternoon. She lived far away. I said far away because during that time I was small and my legs were small too. Let me say that when I reached their house, I was grasping for breath and she will give me water. Once I go there, for sure I will go home before 7 in the evening.

I don’t remember her name now, but I can still remember the face. She is not even my schoolmate but a former neighbor that they have to transfer to a different place because they hate our neighbors. Her parents like me, among the young kid in the neighborhood. They even told me to take care as our neighbors are not real people, they are all monsters. When I visited her at their house, we play in their living room. She will put out her Barbie dolls, sometimes their game board. Her siblings plus her father and me will play scrabble. I learned board games because of their family. Sometimes, during the weekends, we either watch movies or we will stay in her room and we will try to play like a model. We put make-ups. Her older sister joins us and she was the one putting makeup. We ramp inside the bedroom and we will have the loudest giggling. I enjoyed that. Life is simple like that. They made me happy. I guess they are one of the factors why I am helping people. Her mother taught me how to do it.

I wonder where they are now?


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The People I Want to Be Around, Live Nowhere Near Me

Friends? How many others have them? Right now I want to talk to someone. I want to say something. I just want to have a companion whenever I overthink. I want open-minded people for my question is something to do with a company/work. However, most of my friends are busy right now. Also, I am tired of typing my message, though I love reading message. It is tiring when you are using a mobile. I hope they are just around me, like one of them is a neighbor then we go for a chat outside. Why does the people that I trust live very far. Some of them are either living outside my country. These are matured people and whenever I am talking to them, they give me the best message, like I realized something after it. Most of my friends that I can grab online will not tell something, to make it worst, they will ask the same question, or will tell me ask someone who know better. I rather keep it for now.

As much as I want to share it in here, I am not seeing some of my regular friends in here. For sure when they are around, they will reply to my blog. I can leave a message at them at Facebook, but I know I will able to read their message tomorrow for the time differences. Why does it happens that the person who you long for or you trust with all your might, not living near you. Is this to prove how strong you are, that they are no physical appearance. That even their messages will be enough for you to learn from them? I still want them near me. I think it will be with so much fun and enjoyment if we are seating to each other, hugging each other, wiping each other’s tears and annoy our pets together.


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Reason Why You Should Not Make Friends With Friends of your Enemy

I came out with this topic because there is a true to life scenario I learned from a friend of a friend. The friend of a friend, let us call her May, not her real name is making friends with the friends of her enemy. For her, she doesn’t want them to get involved with the longest feud they had. She is a naturally friendly based on my observation and of course maybe she is not thinking that the friends of the enemy don’t want to get involved in the conflict between her and the enemy, yet she is wrong.

There was this situation that she went out with these friends of the enemy and the enemy came out from nowhere and she was beaten. It was all planned ever since and now she was brought in the hospital for treatment. Lesson learned do not make friends with the friends of your enemy.

But why?

I am naturally friendly too. When I am irritated with some person, I do not take it personally. I only think that I got irritated but what they had said, their opinions, them being a bully, being nasty, wicked or whatever you call it. I am not the kind who will damage their reputation just because I hate them, for all I know I hate the thinking/belief/opinion and not the person overall. I don’t want to be subjective. On this explanation, for me, they are not the enemy. I don’t treat them as enemy, but I am not talking to them and as much as possible, I don’t want to see them somewhere else. I am not the type that when I see them, I will look at them as I will be killing them, not unless they really make me feel worst about what they did.

So if the enemy is the worst enemy, that is commons sense not to be friends with their friends, why? First, for the reason that they must know something about you because your enemy told them and because they are friends, they might be in favor with your enemy and not you. Remember not all smiling in front of you, are still smiling at your back, so you need to be aware. Second, if you befriend them and they are open to you, they will know something about you, that your enemy will use against you on the next battlefied. You cannot expect them to side you, because you are not their friend, like they know the enemy first before you, so do not anticipate them to be in your favor regardless of how nice and helpful you are. Do not bother to get their hearts, they will never give it.

Maybe, yes, maybe there are people who still opens to be friends with the friends of the enemy, not because they are willing, but because the friends are not taking it personally against in between. Yes, they are people like that, nothing in personal, but, you need to know how close they are, because they will never side  you and the least you will be in danger.

Just saying.

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