Karma on the Way…

What Goes Around, Comes Around. To be honest, I don’t understand that. I only understand that do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you. A friend says they have the same meaning. How about, Karma on the way? I guess they have the same meaning too.

If you do good, you will receive a good karma. If you do bad, then bad karma is on the way. Personally, I know people who are doing bad with people, but I don’t see if they are suffering from bad karma. Either they know how to handle their problems or they really did not do any bad things to other people, they are only misunderstood.

What is real with people, they are the only one that knows the truth.

I do not want to waste my time wondering when and where the karma arrives with some people because I had seen people who are suffering from bad karma because of what they had done to other people. Even it sounds bad, I am happy for their sufferings. They deserve it. Some happen quickly, some happen without your awareness, only the people who are suffering it knows the truth. Denying could help them, but I don’t care. Those who are doing bad to other people deserves bad karma.

How about good karma? What should we consider one? I know we have a different perception of good karma. Some people might think having a peaceful life is a good karma. Some think having a lot of money or having sufficient funds to make up to their needs is a good karma indeed.

What if something bad happened to you, do you think you deserve it because you had done something wrong in the past days or it is because everything happens for a reason? What is your take on this? Would you accept that?

I guess it will all boil down to different perception with Karma, isn’t it?


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Why do I have the Feeling that I don’t like it?

I just posted a topic about mixed feelings. My life will change tomorrow. My schedule for sure will change too. I am a person who needs a much longer rest from now on. If there will be changes like I will not start this week, you know what I will feel happy about it. Maybe I am not ready at all this week, or maybe my laziness is controlling my decision. I am not really happy, but I am grateful. I prayed for this one and God gave me the best for me, I know. I don’t want to promise but because I have a big fear of not saving money, a big fear of not able to be ready for an emergency and scared of not having a life change, I know I will not waste this wonderful opportunity.

A lot of people had supported me, guided me, my best friend even gave her savings for me just to be able to help me, I will not waste the help these people had given me. All of your prayers, I am thankful. You help me reach this, I will not let you down. However, I cannot lie to myself. I cannot deny I am not happy. This happiness doesn’t have any percent like 50% happy, 75%, can’t measure. All I know that this moment, 5:51 in the morning, I am not happy.

Later on, the feelings will change. I know I will feel glad, nervous, scared, then happy, I really don’t know, but right now, I am not happy. I know God knows what I really feel right now. Maybe I already adjusted myself not to celebrate the good news. Or maybe the true happiness is just inside me. I will let it go once it is sure. I don’t want to celebrate. Life has to move on and still life is full of struggle so I will just live a day.

Do I sound weird?


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