Still Reviewing Some Calls

Up to this time, there is still calls remaining on Humanatic. I never thought that it is 2 already and I am still there. I only took a break to eat lunch and took a bath. I make it quick because I am taking advantage of the number of calls available. I failed to review last night because I thought I will able to get out of the house today, but I did not get out because I need to collect stool and it is hard to do that when you are not into…whatever. I woke up at 7 in the morning and started reviewing calls. I was not serious earlier because I was checking out on something and also I thought I will be getting out at 10 in the morning. Plan fail again. I hope tomorrow it will be the real one, but not promising.

Right now there are numbers of calls available, yet actually, it is only a few. I am still reviewing. I am blogging this one while listening to some calls. I am glad that even though I failed to get out of the house I am still earning at home, though I only earn less that I expected if only I am seriously listening to calls. I guess I will take advantage of this one for the meantime and will just continue my blogging activity after this one.

I noticed myself that if I will be focusing on reviewing calls I am more included on the list of people who got audited. I wonder why? I know I am tagging the right category. I had a lot of audits earlier and it discourages me. That is the reason I find something interesting instead of being focus on it because if not I will feel irritated and exited the site. I thought being focus will able to earn me more, but I am wrong. It leads me a lot of audit, I think it happens even before.


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I took a long rest

Me and my dogs took a long rest today. Yes, me and my dogs. We were together in bed for longer hours this time. I am not sure if it was 6-8 hours that we were all sleeping. I was checking my call review site from time to time while sleeping but still the error in loading and the slow loading of the calls is the problem. It is hard when you are reviewing from the mobile because you need to refresh it all the time. If the refresh thing has earnings, for sure I am earning more than $20 after today. Everyone is experiencing too and mostly because of the errors, they were away from the site last night. I wish the admin of the site will able to fix it today so that everyone could review. I do believe that is good because people will review this weekend. We still have a chance to earn more.

In that situation, I failed to meet my quota. My next recourse is to borrow money. I know I will able to return it and I am very willing to return it immediately.

Right now I am trying to review. The problem is that after you review one call, the next call will have a problem with loading, so I will refresh it. Everything is slow and I am earning less than $0.4 per hour because of a refresh. Now it is afternoon in my place and it is still happening. I wonder if there are people who consistently review and I wonder how much earnings they are getting now. The slow loading will discourage you so I guess everyone slept instead of waiting for the calls.

My earnings last night before I slept was $3. I am glad that my earning still moved anyway. The site gave us a message that they are now fixing it and I hope the fixing will be immediate. I am praying for that.

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