Noticing Some Change

Every day when I log it in here, I used to check on my dashboard. I read what other members are busy at. It helps me with my next topic and it also helps me to visits different blogs of the members posting at the same time with me. I click the like on what I like. I noticed we do not earn from likes anymore or maybe it is a glitch. I posted an update on my wall about what I observe and I credited 1 point per post. The like has no credit for me. I am sharing this to know if someone is having the same experience. I would want to share a topic in a forum.

Aside from that, I replied to the comments on my posts. Before, if you reply to a comment, it will give you 2 points, right now, I only saw the 1 point in the update above, on the right side. So we are now getting credit one point per reply to a comment on our posts. If we put a comment on a post, it also gives us 1 point, still. Aside from that, I don’t know what happened on some points. I think for now that is the changes.

I understand the changes,though, and I know it will not be the last time that there will be some changes with points. Or maybe I am just wondering about it and it is just a part of a glitch. I hope it is just a glitch, but it is okay anyway. I am okay unless there are no changes with the point per post of a blog. I hope it will stay 50 because it will be really hard for me if it lowered down. It will bring a big discouragement for sure. I hope it will not happen.

Let me observe some more.



Photo from Pixabay