I Miss You Blogjob!

I miss you. I went to the hospital earlier. I was blogging on my phone and then I cried. I was blogging because I thought I will able to post it on it, but then I realized it suspends the rewards. I really and literally shook my head from doing that. I never thought this one will happen to me.

I am sad, I want to blog this but I choose to have it in here so that everyone online will able to see. You had helped me a lot of times from my medicine. If you are up, I should not be asking everyone to donate me their points, their gold points, I don’t have to have an account at some crowdfunding sites to ask for people to please donate money. I don’t have to ask for help to other people to accompany me to go to Philippine charity sweepstakes office to ask for money. I will be needing that money next week for surgery. I have liver laceration and internal bleeding because of the laceration. I will be losing blood if the laceration will not be fix, so I need the surgery.

I am not blaming this site. I am just here because I miss it and everything that we do here. I know Sheridan and company are doing their best about the site, that is why we need not to give up. Even we have not heard anything from you guys, any updates whatsoever, we are still hoping the site will come back. We love the site, I miss the site and I miss the earnings too. I know if it will come back, things will change, but I just pray that it will come back once again.

This site had helped me with life. I have a lot of rants in my blog. If this site was not around during that time, I do not have any idea how to survived it. I had a lot of problems and the site is my online site that I could turn too, that I know there are lots of people will able to understand me because they were facing the same problem before or maybe at present. I meet a lot of wonderful individual, i put lots of my best friends in here, I met wonderful individual, I met the smartest one, the most helpful, the friendly, the goofy, this become my everything.

I understand what happened. I accepted it. I will also accept whatever decision the owner want on the site, but it will not change what I know about it. This site became a friend, a savior, a second home, a critique, a learning path and experience path as well. It became my guidance with life, it helps me to accept decision, change decision, it makes me strong, it makes me know more about myself. It is truly part of my whole life right now and so as you I know.

Sorry for this long post. I just went to the hospital and got to received a bad news, please pray for me and then I missed it. I really miss it. I missed Sheridan’s kindness, him for always being helpful and approachable. I give all my respect to the site, even to the last days of my life… no I am not dying. I will survive this, I will fight for my life and you will help me with your prayers.

I love this site so much and Sheridan as well. Just want to say this now. I don’t have any one to talk too, so I am writing…. see you back, I hope it is SOON….

Please pray for me!!! Thank you!!

Finished Early

I never thought I could do this. I always nap in between blogs and now I am on the finish line, this is my last post of the day. You would not be seeing me later tonight unless I got bored and want to read some blogs. I guess I will be focusing on my call review later tonight and after this blog is my nap time. It is a job well done for me today and I hope I could do this every day. I wonder what happened to me that I able to finished early.

When I started this afternoon, I don’t have any idea what to share. I started with zero topics. I only browsed on the Internet on what topic I will able to share that worth sharing. I hope I able to share something worth reading, though.

As far as I remember, I only had 3 hours of sleep from this morning. I slept at 4 in the morning and woke up at 7 in the morning. I feel sleepy right this moment but I am very willing to wrap this baby up. It makes me feel I achieved something I plan when I know it is not even part of the plan. I still want to do some advance blogging that lately I keep on talking about but I haven’t started anything since then.

Let us see what happen tonight. Let me enjoy my time of rest after this one. That is the only thing I could give to myself right now. I find it perfect because that is what I really need. I wish you able to finish your activity too. I hope you able to do your best with your writing as it will able to help people at the right time. You can find that topic on my other blog site. For now, I will leave you, keep busy. Enjoy!

Congratulations to the new Lawyers!

(kisses, congrats!!)


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Maintaining to Visits Blogs

My title might confuse you but it is just about me visiting different blogs here in Blogjob, twice or thrice per person. I am not sure if I am doing it right but I maintain to do this stuff. For example, I visited your blog, I make sure I visit another blog post you have or two more of your blog posts. I only leave a comment when I have something to say so that it will not look spammy. Mostly, I visited blogs that I find it really interesting and for sure that blog has an eye-catching title. Also, there are people that become my friends with time and I love to read their updates. It becomes a regular on me to visit their blogs. It becomes a regular to me to visits two or more of their blogs. Do you do it too?

I also love reading blogs from Newbies, however, some newbies are active on forums, but that is okay. I have the feeling that it could make their blog to appearing on Google when I view it. Of course, I am not sure about this. It just gives me the impression that the more you visit them, they gained visitors. If I leave a comment the post will able to be visible on the newsfeed and the people who are active on that time will able to see that posts too. I am thankful for the people who visits my posts because once there is someone who leaves a comment it will get visible. I am getting 2 to 5 comments a day. I appreciate that.

I want to maintain to read 2 to 3 blogs per member that I see on my newsfeed and from my friends in here. It is my way of helping them. Not to return to favor, but it is more about the site now.

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Blogging in my Dreams

At 12 midnight, as I was charging my mobile, I felt sleepy. I decided to set an alarm so that I could continue blogging during dawn. I set it on 1 in the morning, then it buzzed on the said time, I adjusted it at 3 am. I got up in bed at 3:39. While sleeping, I was dreaming about blogging. I know at first, I remember I had a strange dream and it is making me scared, but right now I can’t recall it anymore. What I remember was I was blogging in one of my dreams. I saw myself completing a set of blogs and I was little hurrying. I have lots of tabs open because I did a little research and I was getting ideas from it. I know I dream blogging about Earthquake in Japan, which in real life, I just did earlier. But I find myself blogging it first in my dream.

Then I remember there was a lot of serious topics and I was running out of time. I kept telling myself that if I did not sleep, maybe I already finished them all. I was grasping for breath and keep drinking water. Just like in real life, but I am not grasping for breath when I am blogging. Also, something is making me feel upset that is why my focus are divided in that dream. I want to end the blogs early but the research is making me delay everything, so I got pressured. I don’t remember what happened next.

Now, I realized I am really into blogging because it even enters my dream now. When I woke up, I checked on my mobile for some draft and I learned that I don’t have anything. The real pressure came out so after making myself a coffee, I started to blog. This is something I am really dedicating myself every day. Something that I dream to do even when I get old.


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Reading Before Writing

I know you are aware of the struggle of blogging every day to take advantage of the limit points. I do, but I know you do too. If you have no topic to blog it will be very difficult to start with. What I do is to read first before starting. I read your blogs. I read 15-20 blogs before I able to start my own blogging activity. It is hard to grasp English when you know it is just your second language. I am learning from what our native English speaker members are doing so I read their blogs and get an idea to posts. I leave a comment on some, but sometimes I try to comment yet not confident with my English so I better leave it blank, lol.

I know some are not into blogging and are active in Blogjob forums. There is no problem. If you are not into blogging it is better to try, even just for once. You will get by. I started like that when I was a newbie, but when I was just starting before, I am very eager to get a payment. I blog consistently and I survived. However, until today, the struggle is real when it comes to blogging.

The challenge will begin with an interesting topic, the way you will give justice to it to profound it, your grammar and the 300 words. Those are the things you need to remember. With grammar, you can download Grammarly and this site will able to guide you and correct your grammar. Reading blogs and articles, even not in Blogjob, will give you ideas on how to create it. You will also develop a pattern and you will get used to it.

Blogjob is a perfect platform to develop your writings. Since you are in here, take advantage it is for free. In fact, you get paid from doing it.


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Hello Everyone, Hello Cranberry Juice!

I am watching the news while doing my blogs. It gives me some delays, however, I like it since it gives me additional information. It gives me some topic to share tonight.

I started my blogging with little greetings from everyone who is online and of course to my favorite juice, that I am drinking every day, Cranberry Juice. Before,as far as can recall I was greeting the day and my lip balm. Literally I was saying Good Morning to the Universe and my favorite Lip Balm from Chapstick. I was a lip balm girl when I was in college because my lips were always dry and it usually bleeds. I have been using Lip Balm from Chapstick and for a year, it really solves the issue. From time to time I use it. You need to put lip balm for, during the hot weather, our lips tend to dry.

Okay, enough of the lip balm, I only made this posts to greeting everyone. How is your Friday so far? Is it exciting because it is the start of the weekend or very exhausting? Don’t worry as it is the start of the weekend for you only need to do is to take a rest. I hope you have  your deserve rest. Do it! Pamper yourself with everything you want to do. You deserve everything.

If you ask me, I am kind of excited because I will be meeting another 10k points tonight. I am running out of topic to share but for sure I will have lots later on as I am reading some blogs and tutorials. I am also on YouTube, browsing it and Instagram from time to time. I hope I able to finish this blogging activity early as I am planning to stay up until tomorrow morning because I will do call review. I only can do it religiously during Fridays. I haven’t had enough sleep lately due to working online and the weather but I don’t to focus on these problems today. My goal is to meet my 10k points and to finish early.

Have a great Friday!


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Napping in Between

Napping in between blogging activity have become my habit. I started doing this last March, when I have the time to blog during the night. Sometimes in the middle of blogging I felt tired, then I get bored, the next thing is you will find me napping, leaving the laptop on. I can sleep for 20 minutes to an hour. I have a fresh mind once I wake up. I do it everyday now, or rather every night.

Napping is a form of rest that gives additional benefits to our brain. It makes our drain brain to get refreshed. Some of the memories stored on the earliest time of the day, from the time you wake up, with be stored on another folder, just like we have in our computer. Once we wake up, we have a new files, which we will filled with memories again. That is why it is easy for us to remember some events that happen on the other day, and when we read something or learned something, we easy to absorb the knowledge.

Since the time I learned that, I try to enjoy napping in between my blogs. The idea for my next blog will be found easily and I can able to supply supporting idea to make it as a quality blog. On the other hand, I can’t really say it is a quality blog. I can only say that it is original blog.

During college time, I was doing this. When I need to review on my notes because we have a quiz, I sleep first then I will just wake up at dawn to review my notes. However, when I wake, it is already morning and I need to rush to prepare to go to school. I was reviewing during my journey to school. Because it is cramming already, I cannot review anymore, lol.


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While the site is On-Maintenance

I was startled to know that it is Maintenance again at Blogjob. I planned to start my blogging activity while reviewing some calls. I get a bonus Internet connection and it is moving just fair enough. I missed to know the schedule of Maintenance. I should be checking it every day because Sheridan started a thread about it which everyone could be notified before it happens. I am not visiting that thread, my mistake. Now, I am creating my blog and saving it to MS Word. I will do copy pasting when the site is up and running again.

After visiting the lying-in center early this afternoon I feel tired. I accepted the result but I feel tired. I took a nap after my nephew went out of the house. He visited again and I will share the story on my other blog. While I was sleeping, I can feel how tired I was, I don’t want to move at all. I told my brother to massage my feet and he did. I know at one time I was sleeping but sometimes I was aware and awake but only shutting my eyes. I kept thinking but I don’t remember.

When I woke up, I was still tired. I drink baking soda in the water, my favorite!! Yey! Then took a bath and drink water again. This is getting boring. Even telling you this is getting boring. If only I could open my stomach and spoon out all the bacteria, like pooping a pimple on my cheek, I will do it, however, it is literally disgusting, sorry.

So I am here, left with a troubling spirit about this kind of illness that I never anticipate to be giving me so much pain and hoping that I will get cleared. I do not want this kind of topic again but I can’t help sharing since it is all in my brain.


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