Maintaining to Visits Blogs

My title might confuse you but it is just about me visiting different blogs here in Blogjob, twice or thrice per person. I am not sure if I am doing it right but I maintain to do this stuff. For example, I visited your blog, I make sure I visit another blog post you have or two more of your blog posts. I only leave a comment when I have something to say so that it will not look spammy. Mostly, I visited blogs that I find it really interesting and for sure that blog has an eye-catching title. Also, there are people that become my friends with time and I love to read their updates. It becomes a regular on me to visit their blogs. It becomes a regular to me to visits two or more of their blogs. Do you do it too?

I also love reading blogs from Newbies, however, some newbies are active on forums, but that is okay. I have the feeling that it could make their blog to appearing on Google when I view it. Of course, I am not sure about this. It just gives me the impression that the more you visit them, they gained visitors. If I leave a comment the post will able to be visible on the newsfeed and the people who are active on that time will able to see that posts too. I am thankful for the people who visits my posts because once there is someone who leaves a comment it will get visible. I am getting 2 to 5 comments a day. I appreciate that.

I want to maintain to read 2 to 3 blogs per member that I see on my newsfeed and from my friends in here. It is my way of helping them. Not to return to favor, but it is more about the site now.

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Facebook Messenger Problem

I think there is something wrong with my mobile phone now because I can’t download Facebook Messenger. I have a Facebook messenger app before but I was not using it due to Internet problem. Since the time I am using my mobile for the Internet, I am using my mobile on working online now, during that time I was not using my Facebook messenger because it charged me Php5.00 per use. Even if I am just checking Facebook, I was still charged. When I received my free load on mobile, I did not tick visiting Facebook Messenger because I am saving the GB of the free load. When I need to visit Facebook messenger again, it was loading. It went slow then it lags. When my mobile load was charged with a new load, I uninstalled Facebook Messenger and installed it again. I saw there are lots of messages because I saw the texts that are in Bold, but I can’t open it. After being persistent, I opened the message but I can’t read it. I type a message but it is not there. I uninstalled it again.

I installed it but the same thing happen. I uninstalled it again. Now I don’t have a Facebook Messenger because my mobile says that my phone is already in full. I tried to delete some music that I do not play, pictures that are double saved and I even clear my cache but then it can’t be installed anymore. I even don’t have Facebook App on my phone. The only App I have that I installed before are Instagram and Yahoo mail. I wonder what I need to do with this one because I need my Facebook messenger. I am thinking that if my Internet from my IP will able to get back, I will able to get all the Apps that I lost.


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Pet Peeves: Being Nervous

The History of my Nervousness?

I hate being nervous ever since I was aware that it is happening to me. As far as I remember, when I was young, I was not like this. I know I get nervous but only when my parents were fighting at home. The shouts and physical fights make me nervous because two people you love have a big misunderstanding. I also don’t know what happens next. I hate the feeling of not able to breathe comfortably, the body shaking, feeling weak, feeling uncertain, feeling scared because of uncertainties and of course, I am upset. Once I get upset, it sets my body to feel nervous.

The reason for my Nervousness

There are lots of reason to share to you why I get nervous but these are just a few of it.

  1. I get nervous when I don’t know what to do. Some people worry when they don’t know what to do, yet when it is about me, I get nervous. I get nervous before I get to worry. I worry and then the feeling of nervousness doubled.
  2. I get nervous about uncertainties. For example, I received a missed call from someone I know, I get nervous. I do not get curious, I get nervous instantly. I am thinking what reason for a person to call me when they can text me anytime. Every time I received a missed call, it leaves me the impression that it is an urgent matter and someone wants to talk to me immediately.
  3. I get nervous when I did something wrong and I didn’t mean it. Some people will feel upset when they made a mistake, me, I will feel nervous. I worry what other people will say about me and what I did. I feel nervous if that person will able to forgive me or give me a chance for something.
  4. I get nervous with loud voices and loud sound, even if it sounds happy. Again, people might get curious first, but I am shaking of nervousness once I overheard it. Mostly in my neighborhood, there are people talking to each other that they sound like having a misunderstanding already but when you listen carefully, they are just regularly talking.

Pet Peeves: Nervousness

Because of everything is written above, I treat nervousness as one of the things that are making me annoyed and irritating. This is something that is not helping me as a person and I wish to know something that will able to help me to work it out.


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Missing Blog Points

I am doing this blog and will be submitting this because I will try if this one will able to get credited. I noticed that the 2 blogs I submitted before this one has not been credited. I worry because it made me think I had done wrong. I try to update my profile by posting two updates and I got credited 2 points. If this blog will not be credited, then there is really something wrong. I already submitted missing points form to report it and even gave a message to support. It makes me nervous because as much as possible I am being careful about the site and this happens. Lately, there are lots of errors. I should consider this one as an isolated case until I received a reply if Sheridan will reply. If the points will get back to me that is good and I am thankful in advance.

My points balance is not moving too so I guess the system was not able to read my submission. My total balance is not moving right now. If I posted this one and a 50 point will be added then it is just right for me to report those 2 blogs that are not credited, if not, then I don’t know what to. As much as I want to assume there is an error, I cannot say it as it will just create confusion. It could be a glitch too but I find it out once I got my points back. I hope Sheridan will able to fix when he is not busy later.

I am very eager to try if this one will able to move my balance. I also want my points missing to bring it back to me, if not today, maybe tomorrow. I need to give myself an assurance I am not doing something bad that makes me not credited of a blog post.


I Wish I Able to Understand Errors

Early this morning as I am trying to continue my blogging activity, I wonder why I haven’t posts a picture. I wonder if my face is forbidden to be shared, lol. I refreshed the site and it says bad gateway 504. The site has errors now. I don’t think it is on maintenance. I checked on my other sites. I visited Ayuwage and the site has errors too. I checked on my BTC mining sites and two of them have errors too. I realized maybe my laptop is my problem, I cleared the cache. I went back to Blogjob and it still has errors. I checked on Ayuwage and it is back to be working fine, same as the two Bitcoin sites. I went back to Blogjob and it is working fine too. I wonder what happened.

You know me when it comes to technical things you cannot count on me. Even though I research for the meaning of these, I will not understand for sure because the terms itself are those that will make my nose bleed. I am glad I able to submit my last post for May 1. I still I able to complete my blogging goal.

Do you get nervous about errors? If you ask me, I always have the feeling I did something wrong. The Internet has a lot of ways to explain to me why errors happen but because, I told you, I am not technical, I partially don’t understand it. If they could explain in Layman’s term much better.

Glad that the errors are not appearing after I posted my last posts. I am able to survive another day of blogging. For sure errors will again occur on some other time I am hoping it will never make me nervous again. I only get nervous when it is in between my blogging activity and the same as the maintenance experience. But these are inevitable, it could happen anytime.


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Best Day of My Life

One of my favorite songs at this moment is the song Best Day of my life by American Authors. I will be sharing the video below this post so that you will have an idea. I love the song for obvious reason, it is a happy song and for sure everyone will be singing this song whenever they found the best day of their life. Have you find the best day of your life?

I want to take note that one of the best days of my life was when I graduated in College. 4 years ago, before I graduated, I was wondering if I will able to enter a university and able to finish a degree. I do not plan to be in a private university, I just want to study in college and get a diploma, then to get a decent job. I dream to be working hard and earning money so that I could provide for the family.

When I able to graduate from High school, I already have good news to my parents. I have a scholarship and the problem was to have a university to study. Fast forward after 4 years, I woke up preparing for my graduation. I was very excited. I did not cry during the receiving of diploma because it was awkward. My choir mates were all cheering for me and I failed to have my moments. I raise my diploma to my mother and she was in tears. My younger brother was clapping and shouting my name. When I checked on them again, I saw them hugging each other. They were the only ones that attended my graduation ceremony however, even though they were only a few, it means so much to be able to share the best moments of your life with your family.

Fast forward at present, this is the best moment of my life. Soon, it will change to another better story to the best story. It is lovely to relieve the best day of our life.

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Hello Everyone from my Nephew

I felt sleepy earlier, I really wanted to sleep but I just started my activity so it is a wrong timing for me. As I was decided to shut down my laptop, my nephew Teej arrived with my mother. He is delighted to see us. My mother gave him to my father and his legs were moving again. That is the part when he says he is happy and excited. He looked at me and smiled. I was about to shut down the laptop but I decided not because I will surely check my emails while I am taking care of him. Immediately after I moved away from my laptop, my father hands over Teej to me.

He is curious this time. He was curious looking at every dog, everything he sees. He wants to touch everything. He moved a lot. From time to time he got irritated surely because of the weather. He only became silent when I opened YouTube and click on Spongebob Squarepants. We watched it. I love when he is becoming quiet. It means he is busy over something. I am right, he became busy watching Spongebob. He is busy to the point that his eyes were glued on it. He always loves when he is hearing loud sound or shout. I find it weird. He will be moving his body once he heard a loud sound.

After that he made tantrums again, I know because of the weather. I put a pillow on my lap and I let him lay down there while I am feeding him with a milk from his bottle. Then he wants to be carried so I carry him. I saw that he still watching Spongebob. For sure on his next visits, he will look for Spongebob. Before we got separated I took a picture of him as a remembrance for today. Sooner he will be growing up, it good that he is part of my memories in Blogjob.

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You just need to believe, it’s MONDAY!

I woke up with the regular tiredness. I am already awake but I don’t want to get up in bed. I only realized after 20 minutes that the weather is hot and my dog Gelo was telling me to take my breakfast so that he could zip on my coffee. I checked on my mobile for some messages, its zero. Yes, what a lovely Sunday, I told myself. I went to bath. I set an alarm for 20 minutes. I did it. I finished taking a bath within 17 minutes. I realized that if I will not put on a radio, I will not stay inside the bathroom for an hour. Music delays me because I am singing in the bathroom most of the time. I also put on conditioner on my hair quickly. I put on conditioner religiously because I want every strand to cover. I rinsed it immediately too.

After taking a bath, I went to kitchen to prepare my breakfast. Gelo was there already, reminding me his part in my coffee. I smirked. While I was eating, I checked my phone and it says May 2, 2016 MONDAY! My eyes went big and read it again, MONDAY! Today is Monday? Ohemgee, I thought today is Sunday, so I lost a day? Lol. I felt tired already after learning about it. I should be getting out but no, I will cancel it. I lost touch and why it happened? Maybe this is because I am not looking forward for each and every day now.

See the picture attached, that is my face after learning that today is Monday. That is the total face of a person who plans something but it not surely happen because she forgot about it. That is a face of frustration. Now, what I am going to do? Advance blogging? I know I have plans but I am figuring out what to do with all of it. Need to execute it all.


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Got Fooled by Hanson Brothers

The year 1997, Hanson came out of the limelight popularizing the song Mmmbop. They are American pop group consists of brothers, Isaac (guitar), Taylor (vocals) and Zac (drum). Are you one of the people who did not guess that this group is consists of brothers, not sisters?

I remember in school, there was a wide debate that they are girls because of their hair. I was giving my reason that if they are a girl, they should not wear jeans as a representation of themselves because it is their first video. The guys in my class were saying they are girls because they looked beautiful, but most of the girls say that Taylor’s voice is definitely a guy’s voice and in the nostril. I never get fooled by telling they are guys not girls. They are definitely guys, not girls.

Most of my guy classmates were telling that Taylor is really beautiful. I told them that Taylor is good in rollerblading and he moves like a guy, like a boy. We even went in one house and find time to watch MTV watch out for their video to study them. We had a bet that if they are boys, they will treat at Glorietta Worlds of Fun. They were on. World’s of Fun is a gaming and amusement at Glorietta Mall.

In the afternoon, there was a show called MTV Top 10 countdown. Due to the popularity of the single Mmmbop, they were on top 1 for past weeks. During the time that we able to checked out the video and was proven that they are guys from how they move. In the video of Mmmbop, you will notice that they really move like a guy, not a girl. Our guy classmates were shocked to learning that they are wrong all the time. The one who was crushing on Taylor Hanson, got his heart broken. He was crushing on a guy, lol. They learned the lesson the hard way.


Photo from HansonVEVO Channel at YouTube


When Bad Things Happened, How do you Move on?

There are a lot of things happening to people and we cannot simply dictate that we want it to be good. Sometimes, even if your whole system is telling that the result is good, it turns out bad. There will be something that ruins your belief and positivity. It turns out bad and if you feel bad about it, you will feel the worst of it, how do you move on?

I remember when I failed my Math Subject on my second year in high school. I was worried, I do not know how to tell my parents. While my mother picked me up from school, I decided to tell her instantly. For me, it will lessen the weight of my shoulder. My plan was to tell my parents and I will move on from it. From the start of me checking out my fail grade from my class card, I already decided to tell my parents and move on. I keep telling that to my brain. I will tell my parents and move on. That was the time that I decided that to feel bad has no room for me as I cannot solve it from crying, from throwing things, for tantrums and the likes of it. I told myself I will move, I would love too.

I went home and told my father. He was angry. I was just listening to him. He was telling me a lot of things. While I was quiet in the corner, he suddenly realized I feel bad about it and I did, I was feeling bad because of the words I was hearing from it. It made me feel I am the stupid human being who cannot understand math. If only he had accepted the news and move on, I will not feel bad. I felt bad. After a while, I cried. I did not eat food for the whole day. I did not talk to anyone. I thought it was easy to move on but my father did it take it easy that is why it was hard on me. I hate everything.

When I went to school, I started to focus on my math subject. I asked a suitor to tutor me (whew, suitor-tutor, it rhymes). At school, I moved on. I just focus on what needs to fix because I still have time to get the grades I want. I participate in board activity, where you were given a problem to solve. I learned. I then noticed that I treated a bad event as an inspiration to move on. Then I realized that is my way of moving on, to make things right this time for me. To prove to my father that I can able to get the grades he wants to see. I did it. I even surpassed it. I can even solve a Math problems alone.

I guess I only need to have that kind of attitude again because it surely helps me with my life I have at present.

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