Noticing Some Change

Every day when I log it in here, I used to check on my dashboard. I read what other members are busy at. It helps me with my next topic and it also helps me to visits different blogs of the members posting at the same time with me. I click the like on what I like. I noticed we do not earn from likes anymore or maybe it is a glitch. I posted an update on my wall about what I observe and I credited 1 point per post. The like has no credit for me. I am sharing this to know if someone is having the same experience. I would want to share a topic in a forum.

Aside from that, I replied to the comments on my posts. Before, if you reply to a comment, it will give you 2 points, right now, I only saw the 1 point in the update above, on the right side. So we are now getting credit one point per reply to a comment on our posts. If we put a comment on a post, it also gives us 1 point, still. Aside from that, I don’t know what happened on some points. I think for now that is the changes.

I understand the changes,though, and I know it will not be the last time that there will be some changes with points. Or maybe I am just wondering about it and it is just a part of a glitch. I hope it is just a glitch, but it is okay anyway. I am okay unless there are no changes with the point per post of a blog. I hope it will stay 50 because it will be really hard for me if it lowered down. It will bring a big discouragement for sure. I hope it will not happen.

Let me observe some more.



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Still Reviewing Some Calls

Up to this time, there is still calls remaining on Humanatic. I never thought that it is 2 already and I am still there. I only took a break to eat lunch and took a bath. I make it quick because I am taking advantage of the number of calls available. I failed to review last night because I thought I will able to get out of the house today, but I did not get out because I need to collect stool and it is hard to do that when you are not into…whatever. I woke up at 7 in the morning and started reviewing calls. I was not serious earlier because I was checking out on something and also I thought I will be getting out at 10 in the morning. Plan fail again. I hope tomorrow it will be the real one, but not promising.

Right now there are numbers of calls available, yet actually, it is only a few. I am still reviewing. I am blogging this one while listening to some calls. I am glad that even though I failed to get out of the house I am still earning at home, though I only earn less that I expected if only I am seriously listening to calls. I guess I will take advantage of this one for the meantime and will just continue my blogging activity after this one.

I noticed myself that if I will be focusing on reviewing calls I am more included on the list of people who got audited. I wonder why? I know I am tagging the right category. I had a lot of audits earlier and it discourages me. That is the reason I find something interesting instead of being focus on it because if not I will feel irritated and exited the site. I thought being focus will able to earn me more, but I am wrong. It leads me a lot of audit, I think it happens even before.


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I Wish I Able to Understand Errors

Early this morning as I am trying to continue my blogging activity, I wonder why I haven’t posts a picture. I wonder if my face is forbidden to be shared, lol. I refreshed the site and it says bad gateway 504. The site has errors now. I don’t think it is on maintenance. I checked on my other sites. I visited Ayuwage and the site has errors too. I checked on my BTC mining sites and two of them have errors too. I realized maybe my laptop is my problem, I cleared the cache. I went back to Blogjob and it still has errors. I checked on Ayuwage and it is back to be working fine, same as the two Bitcoin sites. I went back to Blogjob and it is working fine too. I wonder what happened.

You know me when it comes to technical things you cannot count on me. Even though I research for the meaning of these, I will not understand for sure because the terms itself are those that will make my nose bleed. I am glad I able to submit my last post for May 1. I still I able to complete my blogging goal.

Do you get nervous about errors? If you ask me, I always have the feeling I did something wrong. The Internet has a lot of ways to explain to me why errors happen but because, I told you, I am not technical, I partially don’t understand it. If they could explain in Layman’s term much better.

Glad that the errors are not appearing after I posted my last posts. I am able to survive another day of blogging. For sure errors will again occur on some other time I am hoping it will never make me nervous again. I only get nervous when it is in between my blogging activity and the same as the maintenance experience. But these are inevitable, it could happen anytime.


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Do you have any Idea?

I am through with budgeting my money. It is really not sufficient. I did a little snorting. I need to bend a lot and walk a lot for sure. This is something that really needs to have a divine intervention. I will leave it all to God.

As I was computing, I began thinking, is there a site that pays you per day, even in little amount. When I starts working again, for sure it will be not easy for me to stay online to work. Maybe I am blogging but call review will be out of the lists, however, I think I need to because that will be my source of income weekly, until I get a salary again. Right now, I am thinking if I could pay my Internet for this month, to have a connection the next month, I need to be earning $8 a day for call reviewing. With a determination and will power I can’t do it, but not when I started to feel tired and sleepy. I can do it, but this week, it could or couldn’t happen. Everything will be based on the results that will happen this Monday.

Is there a site that pays per day? I know I keep on researching for this site. I even went to Manila Craiglists but all are giving me article writing that pays per gig. Per gig means you are given a bulk and you need to complete it before you get paid. And it is article writing so for sure it will make my nose bleed and have a drain brain. I rather not try, but let me think about it.

If you have any idea of a site that pays per day you can leave a comment. I am taking advantage but please do not post the referral link. We can talk in the different venue for that. Please don’t post any referral link thanks.

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I will be getting my Payment this Week..

It is not today but this week that I received an email from Ayuwage. To be exact on the number of days, this is the 18th day since the time I redeem and I am still waiting for my first payment on the site. I received an email saying that I will get paid on this days April 13-19. Let me assume, the payment will come on April 19. Not to make fun of it, I am glad that they reviewed my clicks and now I am on my way of receiving my first payment. I will share in here or on my other blog site once I have payment proof already.

When it comes to PTC sites, Ayuwage has good reviews and good standing. We used to earn on PTC 0.001-0.005 a day, but with Ayuwage, I can earn 0.2-0.50. My friends even earned a dollar a day. I am wondering how they are doing it, but I am truly satisfied with earnings I get per day. The only flaws of the site is that it has a lot of errors, so I cannot meet 0.5 a day now. I can only meet 0.2 and up but not to the point of receiving 0.5 that I used to have before.

I always visits the site because it is a good earning opportunity while reviewing calls. When it comes to visits, I mean always visiting not because I am visiting daily, but I am always remembering to visits the site once I am in Humanatic. I do this site like I am doing with UH or USabilityHub and ClaimBTC’s.

So this is another kaching kaching for me. I glad I got paid at UH too just last week because it became a great help in buying antibiotics. However, it makes me sad that my money that I earn from online sites are only for my medicine and check-up. I wish to be earning more.


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I was about to say, I am not getting any test and then…

I was writing this blog when I was checking my different sites on my multiple tabs. During the night, I am starting to work on different sites already. These are bitcoin mining sites, UsabilityHub or UH and Ayuwage. Lately, I have not been getting any tests from UH. It has been 4 days already that I was refreshing the site waiting for the tests. Because of that, I was stuck in 126 credits, which converted in dollar will be $12.6. I was little nervous if I did something wrong that is why they are not allowing me to get any tests. I need to reread this blog all over and edited because as I was doing this, I refreshed the site which lead me to have 2 consequtive tests. Now I have $12.8 and I wish to increase that later on.

I was about to say I am not getting any test and then the tests appeared. I am glad that I am now free of doubts that they are not trusting me anymore as a tester. I thought they are avoiding to give me any tests because of deductions I got from my first payment. The site needs quality tester and their answer to every tests should meet their quality standard. The quality standard is on the site and they also gave me the link to read it again when they emailed me that the payment is on going. I am glad that their customer service are still responding and answering my question completely.

After answering my queries on email, they will give me a survey. I need to just click something like Great Good Bad. Maybe as admin of the site or moderator perhaps, there performance are still measured. I always click the Great because that is really what I feel whenever they respond to my queries, although sometimes it took them a long time before answering the emails.

So no problem at all, lol.


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The Longest Maintenance

I was wondering the whole time last night, our time, what happened to the site. It is the longest maintenance experienced I had here in Blogjob. I get scared too but I have the strong feeling whatever it is happening is for the best of the site. I became excited after thinking about it. I love to see the new face of Blogjob, of it this is something to do with the server alone, and then I don’t know what it is. Maybe they are increasing the size of the site.

I miss the site, I have to admit. I miss interacting with my friends here. I think I will start to get their Facebook account so that I will able to still interact with them while we are on Facebook. I want to keep them as I am enjoying the friendship building in here. For sure some of them are not active in Facebook like me, but to be able to still have a communication with them is what I am up to. I hope they will add me as friends.

Back to the maintenance, I wonder what changes that I will see when the site comes back. As I was doing this draft it is 4 in the morning in my place. I am waiting for the site because I want to take advantage of the limit points. Now I am planning to just sleep for now and just wake up after 3 hours to see if the site comes back. I hope it comes back before the reset time in my place because if not, I will be losing a day of posting. I am targeting next week for cashing out again. I am planning to finish my draft all together at this moment so that I will do a copy paste once the site comes back. I hope the site return now and just continue the maintenance the next day, lol.


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I am Ready but NO Calls Available

I am ready to start reviewing calls right now while I am doing this blog at MS Word but when I checked on the availability, it is zero. I checked on Google what would be the reason, if it is a Holiday or something and it says it is National Tartan’s Day. I haven’t done reviewing some calls recently due to Internet problem. I cannot access the site and my online activities were limited. This is only the chance I will be working again and the site is having zero calls. I hope that at 12 in the morning there will be some calls available.

I am ready to earn money. I need to earn more because I don’t have other source of income but these online stuffs. I am using all of my time and effort to earn. I am willing to do not sleep also but then, I guess I will be starting with little delays as there are no calls. I hope that the National Tartan Day will not be an issue for some business establishment to be close in the US today. What is National Tartan Day anyway? I found out through Google that today, April 6 in the US is the commemoration of Scottish National Independence. It will be a lot of parades in the streets of New York. I guess the road will be busy but not some business establishment is it? Sorry for conditioning myself. I only wish that I will be receiving some calls later on because I need to meet the threshold today or I will try my luck the next day.

I know some categories are working and with lots of calls, however, I am sticking to the category that I can work with while doing other things because I already memorized it. Other categories make me lose my money. I guess I need to wait for it.

Note: this blog was prepared during the Maintenance of Blogjob.


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While the site is On-Maintenance

I was startled to know that it is Maintenance again at Blogjob. I planned to start my blogging activity while reviewing some calls. I get a bonus Internet connection and it is moving just fair enough. I missed to know the schedule of Maintenance. I should be checking it every day because Sheridan started a thread about it which everyone could be notified before it happens. I am not visiting that thread, my mistake. Now, I am creating my blog and saving it to MS Word. I will do copy pasting when the site is up and running again.

After visiting the lying-in center early this afternoon I feel tired. I accepted the result but I feel tired. I took a nap after my nephew went out of the house. He visited again and I will share the story on my other blog. While I was sleeping, I can feel how tired I was, I don’t want to move at all. I told my brother to massage my feet and he did. I know at one time I was sleeping but sometimes I was aware and awake but only shutting my eyes. I kept thinking but I don’t remember.

When I woke up, I was still tired. I drink baking soda in the water, my favorite!! Yey! Then took a bath and drink water again. This is getting boring. Even telling you this is getting boring. If only I could open my stomach and spoon out all the bacteria, like pooping a pimple on my cheek, I will do it, however, it is literally disgusting, sorry.

So I am here, left with a troubling spirit about this kind of illness that I never anticipate to be giving me so much pain and hoping that I will get cleared. I do not want this kind of topic again but I can’t help sharing since it is all in my brain.


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