You just need to believe, it’s MONDAY!

I woke up with the regular tiredness. I am already awake but I don’t want to get up in bed. I only realized after 20 minutes that the weather is hot and my dog Gelo was telling me to take my breakfast so that he could zip on my coffee. I checked on my mobile for some messages, its zero. Yes, what a lovely Sunday, I told myself. I went to bath. I set an alarm for 20 minutes. I did it. I finished taking a bath within 17 minutes. I realized that if I will not put on a radio, I will not stay inside the bathroom for an hour. Music delays me because I am singing in the bathroom most of the time. I also put on conditioner on my hair quickly. I put on conditioner religiously because I want every strand to cover. I rinsed it immediately too.

After taking a bath, I went to kitchen to prepare my breakfast. Gelo was there already, reminding me his part in my coffee. I smirked. While I was eating, I checked my phone and it says May 2, 2016 MONDAY! My eyes went big and read it again, MONDAY! Today is Monday? Ohemgee, I thought today is Sunday, so I lost a day? Lol. I felt tired already after learning about it. I should be getting out but no, I will cancel it. I lost touch and why it happened? Maybe this is because I am not looking forward for each and every day now.

See the picture attached, that is my face after learning that today is Monday. That is the total face of a person who plans something but it not surely happen because she forgot about it. That is a face of frustration. Now, what I am going to do? Advance blogging? I know I have plans but I am figuring out what to do with all of it. Need to execute it all.


Photo is mine




Because I am not looking forward, I am okay

I just arrived from the diagnostic center. The doctor glad that I am cleared from UTI but she found out that my stool is expired already, they need a new one. I will be back tomorrow to submit a stool. It means another fee for stool, another frustration waiting for results, another transportation fee. I guess maybe other worries? I do not expect any more. What happens will happen.

As I went out at the diagnostic center, I feel little down but it suddenly disappear. I was walking to get to the area where jeepney stops so that I can ride, I realized I only need to moveĀ on and do what I need to do for tomorrow. What happens will happen. There is always a reason.

Before I went home I remember I need to get my Pagibig Loyalty ID. It is easy to get, just give them the receipt and in less than 3 minutes you have the card already. One thing that I remember very dearly was the hot weather. I bought an umbrella and it was damaged already. I need to fix it later. I also want to evaporate earlier because I was melting like ice. The sun is shining brightly. It is good when you are on a beach, however, I am on the busy street, with full of air pollution and congested environment. I was sure I was near to passing out, but it didn’t happen. I fill my bladder with water so that my internal body will have something to busy at.

Tomorrow, I will go there, give my stool and will not be hopeful. I need to act like this because it is hard when you put your hopes on it. I also need to say that even you feel positive, it always turns the other way. What I do is to get busy with something while waiting and again, what happens will happen. I need not look forward so that I will be okay.

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Happy to Challenge Myself

I am now working on my call review site. The challenge is that, I am reviewing using my mobile. I am earning less and I will still try to earn that specific amount. If that amount will not be meet, then at least I earned something. At least I am trying than to discourage myself. In this way I can focus on listening to the calls better. I earned a dollar after 2 hours. If I will be reviewing through laptop, for sure I earned more. Better this way, than nothing.

The question is that, how long? How long will I able to do this for tonight or morning perhaps. It is difficult, but the positive vibes I have as of the moment will help me to encourage myself. I need to earn money and this is for my internet bill so that I could pay for it and pay for the next month. May the force be with me.

Right now I am listening to calls while doing this one. It takes me 30 minutes to finish a blog if I will continue doing this. I guess it is okay and truly okay. With perseverance and the believe that I will do it, I can do it. I hope to share some good news tomorrow. To be able to survive even I did not meet my quota is great already because I tried, because sometimes, the results is not that important or to meet it or not, because what really matters is that you tried and you able to reach the finish line. It means you are doing it until the end.

I am excited. I hope it is a good news because if I able to do it successfully, I will always do it. Okay, let me get back my focus to call reviewing. Will get back in here after a refresh.


Photo from Pixabay