The Dog is helping them in Getting Firewoods

I saw on Facebook that there is this one dog that is helping his owners to get firewood for the house. The fire woods are situated at the front of the house and the dog will bite one wood and placed it inside the house. The husband and wife are getting firewood too, but I noticed the dedication of the dog to help his owners to get some firewood. A smile is plastered on my face while I was watching it. I only have the screenshot the picture because as much as I want to share the video, it cannot find the URL link. It was posted on Que Buena 105.1 FM Chicago Fanpage at Facebook. The dog is really cute and loving. He is a big dog, white but I am not sure of the breed. I love him.

I know dogs could be train to help you at home. They are even train to protect you. The video I watch is soul touching because the dog is very willing to do it. The dog might stop at one time because it is not easy to bite a firewood and carry it all over inside the house, but this dog able to help his owners until the firewood were all transferred inside. He is very willing to be of help. For sure that is not the only thing he could do for his owners. I hope he has other videos to watch so that everyone could enjoy how fascinating and awesome the dog is.

I am not sure of his name. The video was shared all over the Facebook pages that is why I only got were it was originated so that I can credit my screenshot.

This is why I love dogs. They are very intelligent, sweet, loving, dedicated and loyal. The best pets are dogs that is why if you have no pets, I highly recommend them.


Photo credit to : Que Buena 105.1 FM Chicago Fanpage at Facebook