Daughter Got Killed, Father Failed to Protect Her

A daughter should be alive at this moment if his father able to protect her. This is what happened. There was someone calling from the outside of their house. The father checked it out and the person told the father that she is a friend of their daughter. She let her inside the house and called her daughter in her room. When the daughter went down from her room, she told her father that she didn’t know the other person but it was too late. While the father was busy cooking in the kitchen, her daughter got stabbed by this stranger and was killed immediately. When the father went out from the kitchen, he saw her daughter lying in her own blood and the stranger escaped from their house. He was in shock.

I cannot move on from this story. This is one of the isolated cases that happened in our place. It happened way back, I cannot be exact with the year. I felt frustrated after learning the news because the father should have protected his daughter if he did not trust some stranger. It is not because a stranger says he or she is a friend of your child, it means it is true. Let your child confirm it first and never ever let a stranger get inside your house. This father should ask her daughter first if she knows the other person looking for her and let that stranger be outside their house. Second, since his daughter is a minor, he should be there while they were talking after his daughter confirm they know each other. He should not allow them talking in private. He should not let his daughter alone with the stranger.That stranger is surely a stranger to him even if his daughter confirm if he or she is a friend. He should not allow it.

I am sharing this because I want this post to be an eye opener to a lot of parents out there to become stricter to their children and to not easily trust someone to be with their children.


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Misleading Advertisement

I know a lot of advertisement that misleads people. If they follow some it might put them in danger. I am not sure if I did share it with you before, about the ads of Philhealth. Philhealth is an agency in the Philippines that will support your medical needs. They give you funds but you need to have a monthly contribution for 6 months before you able to use it. You continue your contribution or else you will not get a portion of funds that will help you to pay your medical bills.

Philhealth has a commercial like this “Sagot ng Philhealth ang pag papa Ospital mo” ( it means Philhealth will pay your hospital bills). If you will try to understand the tag message or the motto, you will have a smile on your face because once you are a member, it means less worry because we have an agency that pays your hospital bills. The question is, is this the whole amount? From the motto itself, I assumed the whole amount because when  you say “pag papa ospital” (going to the hospital or admitting in the hospital, be in the hospital) means they are going to pay for all that should be paying while you are in the hospital. Please correct my understanding.

Then my father admitted in the hospital year 2014. We have hospital bills totalled 109k, it was lowered to 95 because of Senior Citizen percent discount and 6k from Philhealth. Philhealth paid for 6k only. Our bill is 109k and Philhealth paid 6k. I thought they will pay for the total bill? I was kind of lost on that one. I don’t understand the motto at all. I think it is just part of marketing strategy to make the government have a positive rating. I don’t believe in survey anyway.

I also do not believe that a certain agency will able to pay the whole amount billed for you unless you are using a health insurance. This advertisement of Philhealth is confusing, so I am sharing this.


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Earth Day Today

Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated every 22nd day of April. Every country has its own celebration to gain awareness to help to save the environment. It was started in 1970. At present, a group called Earth Day Network have different agency in the different country to support the worldwide celebration. Here in our country, we have Earth Day Network Philippines. There is also called an Earth Week which the entire week, every group worldwide has activities to discuss an environmental issue and problems.

However, because I am a person who is always tired of researching, this should be the blog is all about. I refrained from blogging when suddenly there was a sound coming from the outside. It was the continuation of the brawl that happened “so yesterday”, don’t remember the exact date. I was thinking what words could I describe Earth Day when the sound annoyed me. Okay, getting back to Earth Day, this is either one event or weekly event where a group of concerned individual raise awareness to the public, who are always busy with their gadgets, what are really happening on the planet we are living.

This is something we should not ignore because we only have one planet to live. Global warming is the main and always the topic. Ice are melting, the temperature is higher, there are droughts everywhere, ozone layer seems no longer there, Earthquakes, storms, tsunamis, hurricane, floods, sinkholes, even wars. For sure you will just be concerned if you experienced it. Earth Day are encourages us to understand that those natural calamities are happening, not quarterly, not monthly, not weekly, but every day. How can we help our planet to exist long? How can we preserved trees, stop using plastic, saving energy, clean water etc? These are the issues and have been the issues ever since the start of the celebration. What will be your contribution in saving our planet?


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Music Icon Prince, Found dead in an Elevator

Singer, entertainer, legend, music Icon, Prince, died. Prince or Prince Rogers Nelson in real life died at 57. He was found dead in an elevator. At first, the officials doesn’t want to release the name of the person died in the elevator but reports confirm that it is Prince. They are still investigating the cause of dead and they don’t know what the caused is. He was reported to be revived with CPR. According to the reports, he had flu days before and even added to the report that there was a plane that had to do an emergency land because he was not feeling well. He even had to cancel a concert in Atlanta, Georgia, but then he still performed. Six days ago, he was treated for an overdose.

Talking about his legacy, to be honest, I know little more about Prince. I am familiar with his songs When Doves Cry. I love the music overall. I love the Technotronic sound if that it is. I love that he always includes piano or keyboard sounds. I also know the song 1999. It is a party song that is about getting happy for it might be our last year as the year 2000 will be the end of the world. Other songs are Purple Rain and Kiss, though it is not my type. My favorite is The Most Beautiful Girl in the World. I hear this song being popular during the 90’s.

Every fan is mourning the loss of the legendary singer. Celebrities and singers, even US President Obama in paying tribute to him. Local radio stations are playing his popular songs to introduce him to the youngster and to simply remember the songs.

It is quite ironic that when he attended party Saturday in Minnesota, his last words were ” Wait a few days before you waste any prayers” and then he died today.

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Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3552300/Fatality-Prince-s-estate-Minnesota-days-musician-rushed-hospital.html#ixzz46YDsgtHK

Rotating Earthquakes in the World

Have you learned that Japan was striked by an Earthquake three times last week? Of course, you already know it, it was all over the news. The 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake happened in Kyushu, Japan Saturday. But before that, there were magnitude 6.2 earthquake happened there last Thursday and lots of series of after shocks happened. At midnight, another Earthquake striked with a magnitude of 6.0, leaving the city in devastation. The first earthquake on Thursday left 9 deaths and the one last Saturday leads to 32 death, that makes us 42 total number of deaths from these series of Earthquake.

How about what happened in Muisne, Ecuador. That kills 233 people. A powerful 7.8 magnitude Earthquake strike the specific city, Muisne and was describe as the strongest that they ever felt in their country. The specific time that it happened was 8 in the evening, Saturday. 600 people were left injured and caused lots of collapsed establishment and houses. People were all gathered in the street for their safety.

Since both of the earthquakes happened on Saturday night and had a 7.0 magnitude, a lot of people are questioning if they are linked together. Seismologists believe that they are not linked together since they are 9000 miles apart. As explain, Japan’s earthquake is because they are included on the country that is place of Ring of Fire, while in Equador, they see it as a megathrust event. Actually, these two tremors are not the largest. The strongest earthquakes in our history were in Alaska in 1964, 9.2 magnitude and in Chile in 1960, with 9.5 magnitude.

We do not need to be looking forward of these numbers as we don’t dream that to happen, however, seismologists are considering the strongest earthquake will follow and it will continue until the end of this year. Even if we have heard how earthquakes happen near to each other, according to Geological surveys, earthquakes that are happening remains consistent. It is still under regular numbers.

No matter what the survey says, every devastation and fear we get from the Earthquake will only makes us believe that the end of the world is approaching. We don’t find it regular anymore. It always frightens us. However, earthquakes are inevitable, as long as we are living, this will be part of everyone’s life. Expect the unexpected.


Photo from TV Asahi Japan


Thinning of Electricity Reserves, Is this True?

I learned from the news that the Philippines is on Red Alert because of the thinning of electricity reserves. This happens because there is a high demand of electricity because of the increase in temperature. Other Electric plants had dropped down and at present, there is a power outage at Zambales.

Do you think this is true? Why does it have to be this way during Election? They are always saying we have electricity problem so they can give an excuse and reasoning once we have a brownout during an election. They are conditioning the mind of the people so that it will be easy to understand. Okay, I am maybe accusing someone on something. I don’t know the whole truth, but you cannot say I am the one only thinking this way as it happens all the time during the Election. During Election, once there is a power outage, there is a larger chance for cheating. I am not even trusting a clean election happening in the Philippines because I know it will never happen. Until there are a selfish and greedy public officials, you cannot stop cheating during the election. Cheating is becoming normal and exercised discreetly.

Vote buying is one form of Cheating. Using public and government vehicles that the face of the public officials are posted all around the vehicle is the other form. They are taking advantage of using materials that are owned by the people (we pay our taxes) to introduced themselves and they have a thick face for doing this ever since.

Getting back to the thinning of electric reserves, they have the reason to say this is the problem we are facing. It might be true, however, it is their job to solve it too, anyway? If they will have a rotating brownout that could preserve what remaining reserves that we have, then do so, but never ever have a power outage during the Election. This will only prove they are being true even from the first time.



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