I know Superman is Alive!

Just finished watching Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice movie and I can’t give any review because I failed to start the film. I became interested when Lex Luther started to gone wild and ruin both Superman and Batman. It was thriling and I enjoyed the middle to the last part. I want to add spoiler, Superman died. He died at the end of the film.

I know you are hating me for giving you spoiler, but you need to know this, lol. However, on the last part, when Lois Lane put a sand grain to his coffin 6 feet below the ground, the grain started to get absorbed by something. It is getting up, so I think Superman will come out alive from his coffin. If he died or he made his character died in the film, why it was not buried properly, lol. Yes, I am telling you, the coffin was place under the ground, 6 feet, but they do not put something to make it buried completely. I am assuming he will come alive and there is a part 2 of the film because there was this painting that was shown. The camera was focused on the devil in the middle. Lex Luthor even mentioned that the bell was rung and someone heard it and he is hungry, he will come back, something like that. I guess the part 2 has something to do with a new enemy and that is the devil.

What that I can’t forget is the appearance of Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot. She is draw dropping lady and who picked her as the one who will portray as Wonder Woman is a genius. Her part fighting against General Zods is one of the exciting part of the movie. It is predictable that she has been focus in camera a lot of times. Everyone knew she will do something remarkably in the end. I can’t wait to see her separate movie in the big screen.

I thought I will enjoy Jesse Eissenberg as Lex Luthor, but all I am seeing was his potrayal as Mark Zuckerberg at the movie Facebook. Maybe because of his voice. I don’t want to offend the fans as I am just saying what I saw in the film, lol. But he is good. I can feel his passion and he did his best.

I love to watch it again.


Photo from YouTube Trailers Channel


This Time Movie Teaser

One of the movies I am looking forward to see this summer is the movie This Time. This is the 5th movie of Jadine couples, James Reid and Nadine Lustre. They are my favorite love teams and they have movie, yey!!  If I have money, I will surely ask my friends to watch it. They are addicted to Jadine, for sure they will going to watch it, however since the budget is stiff for sure they will not treat me for that one, lol. That is why I told you, if I have a budget, I will surely watch it.

From the teaser, it seems that the plot is about long distance relationship and they are only seeing each other during summer. James Reid has a different image in the movie. He wears glasses and he looks mature. On the other side, Nadine is looks pretty and fresh. The movie is really worth the wait for the fans and I am sure this will bring out a huge success for sure. This is making me excited.

You know what I love about them is they are good actress and actors. They make every since to be memorable. My favorite is the part when they kissed as they have the best screen kiss. If there is an award for that, for sure they are the ones that will able to get it. Also, for sure this will be very successful and be one of the top grossing films of the year because the two recently admitted being in real relationship. I do believe on it even though there are lots of basher that says it is just a marketing strategy. Whatever it is, only the fans could know the real score between them. I am not a solid fan but I can tell from the way they look and care for each other, how they are serious in the relationship they are in at present. They are real.


Photo screenshot from YouTube from Viva Ent Channel

Just the 3 of Us, Teaser

Just the 3 of Us is a movie of Jennylyn Mercado and John Lloyd Cruz. The story is about a lady is stalking a man because he is the alleged father of her baby. The man is John Lloy Cruz and the lady is Jennylyn Cruz. I don’t know where they met in the movie. It is not a full trailer but a small teaser that shows the plot of the story. It looks romantic comedy. I want to see it in the wide screen. It will be shown in the cinema this April.

When I first saw this, it made me smile because this is the first tandem of Jennylyn and Johnlloyd. People are doing some hash tags combining their names now. It is #jenlloyd. I think they could be a great tandem because they are both good actor and actress of their generation. I love Jennylyn actually. She is one of my favorite when it comes to movie that has romantic comedy plots. She had done 2 movies with the same plot and she is now doing it again.

From the teaser, they will be having a baby but it is not clear if John Lloyd is the father. We should watch it to find out. If I will not be watching this on the big screen, I will wait till it is available for downloads, lol. This is the first time again I will be watching Filipino movies. Most of the Filipino movies that are good to watch, I only wait until it is available in cable channels. They are mostly available mostly in less than a year. I am not that excited to watch some Filipino movies unless the actors playing in the movies are my favorites. I am into saving money so I rather wait some of it to be shown in cable channels.

This movie is one of the movies I am looking forward to see.

Before I forget, the plot of the movie looks like the plot at the Taiwanese series Fated to Love You.


Photo from ABS CBN Star Cinema YouTube Channel (screenshot)