Sheridan, It Means a Lot to Me!!! Thank you!!

Last night I visited the site because I missed it. I missed it a lot. A lot of members are missing it. We are all like a stray cats right now because we do not have a second home. As I was in the hospital I was blogging, it is because I used to used up my time in doing blog draft when I was waiting for results before. Then I remember, Blogjob already suspends the rewards…

You can read my post about it on this posts

I Miss You Blogjob!

Then when I checked my email tonight, I saw an email from Sheridan. I was not blinking because it goes with the amount. I thought I have pending payment, but the amount is bigger that an expected pay for minimum threshold. I can’t figure out why I am receiving such amount from Sheridan and then I remember, maybe he read about my recent blog and that amount is his way to help me.

I cried.

I really cried.

It is hard for me to ask for people to help me, to ask them to transfer their money to me, to transfer their gold points, to ask for tips, and everything happening in the online world. Friends and strangers begin helping me without a doubt. I can’t really explain how I am happy and proud to be an online earner because of everything that is happening. Without this help, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Then an email with Sheridan. He transferred me money. Without a word, without any message, he sends helped. I couldn’t believe that even up to now he extends his kindness. I never expected this. Up to now, I am not sure of the right words to thank him!! He is a person with a great heart. He is very kind. Everyone can testify about that. I am really shaking right now. I am touched. I feel I am loved. It makes me feel I have a lot of people backing me now.

This big storm in my life really change me as a person. I never thought I have a lot of friends. I thought I was alone in this battle, but no, I am wrong. I cannot measure the help because every comments on my posts, every prayers, every concern, every private messages, every tips, every transfer of gold points, every transfer of Paypal money, really counts as a HUMONGOUS HELP. You are letting me live long. I owe my life to you all.

Sheridan, God Bless you and your family. Because of you I will remain positive. I will fight this battle. Thank you! You will be always in my prayers. I hope Blogjob will come back. I will let everyone knows that the person who build Blogjob is an angel!!



Photo is mine, my own writing thanking an angel, Sheridan Corey!


Painful Legs

Woke up with painful legs. I know I did not walk that long this afternoon but the only thing is that it was hot. I let my brother massage it before he went to my sister but of course, he is not focused on the massage, but to just move his hand. I know the cold air enters my pores that is why now it is painful. The pain starts from the butt and my right leg is painful than the other. I can’t bear the pain.

Even if I am busy with some site, I stop and massage my butt then the muscle of my legs. I can’t bear it. I will drink paracetamol after posting this one. I can’t bear it but little I can still hold on to the pain. I just need some more thoughts to fill this up.

I don’t know if the pain has something to do with the cold or hot air in the afternoon. I know I did not spend a long time walking. I was riding all the time. On the other hand, I know that once we feel a pain in some parts of our body, it means there is some clogged blood. A warm compress is needed or a good massage to make the blood flows in our veins to stop the pain. Sometimes drinking water is helping, to move out some thick blood that are clogged. To dilute them with water. When I have a headache I drink lots of water. It solves it, but not right away.

I will drink some medicine and a lot of water. I am sure I am losing some water because I was sleeping all the time today and I forget about drinking water. This is the time because I am totally awake. Going to do that now.

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Now I Get Used to Do it!!

I never thought that drinking water will be part of my routine. It has been less than 2 months that I have been drinking 10 glasses a day or more than that because I had UTI problems before. Now, it has been close to a week and I never thought I am still doing it. I guess the brain absorbs the daily activity I do, remembered it, set his own alarm? Hahaha, or maybe it was set in my brain that when the time comes that I used to be drinking water, I should be drinking water. My body simply follows, go to the kitchen, get a water and drink. I am still using the big glass and is peeing every hour bcecause of it.

That is the kind of habit I want to develop for myself, but for sure if I will get busy I will forget about it, but hopefully not because I really want myself to be drinking water because it hydrates me. It even makes my skin in looking moisturized. I remember before I have dry skin. Right now, I don’t need to put on moisturizer (I don’t have moisturizer now, though) because it doesn’t give me the feeling that it is dry. Drinking water will not keep me to have another bacteria growing. It will avoid me for getting UTI again.

For this one, I think I need to drink cranberry juice per week or twice a week, depends on the budget. I also need to buy baking soda and drink it once a week too for cleansing. I will continue eating apple cider honey too after every meal, as advised. I decided not to stop those full force squad goals of mine because I know we can get a lot of illness from this bacteria in our body. I will even add yogurt and yakult to my full force squad goals. I noticed my tummy get smaller so I am doing this!!


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Light Headed and Numb

Early this morning, before I went out, I haven’t had any sleep. I reviewed some calls. I was targeting a certain amount and that is to pay my internet bills. I failed to get the quota earlier because I need to sleep. When I lay in bed, I failed to have it so I went out instead. While waiting for the urinalysis tests and waiting for the OBGyn, I tried to keep myself awake by reading Me Before You novel on my mobile. I noticed I don’t understand what I was reading so I watch television in the clinic instead. I cannot find any humor in the jokes on a certain program but everyone from the clinic were all laughing about it.

While the concierge was busy, calling names, I only hear a whisper, though I know she was shouting some names when someone is not answering her. Her voice sounds far away. It seems like she is on the other mountain. I let my head lie on the other chair. I did not close my eyes but I know I was sleeping. I am not sure if that is the worst tiresome, but I know everyone was noticing me almost lying on the other chair. My eyes were open but I was beginning to the lost touch with everything that is happening.

I feel lightheaded and numb on some parts of my body. This is because I am losing a blood for staying awake during the night. I know there will be something that will happen to me after. Good thing the medical technologists is friendly. I will tell you on a separate blog. When I got my results, I don’t feel like celebrating. I want to go home. However, I need to wait for the OBGyn. When she arrived, everything happens like a woosh woosh, I went home.

The heatstroke, fever, cough and colds, all in one are the reason I am not feeling well. I wish to get some sleep tonight but I can’t, I know.


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To Lessen the Temperature, I took a bath

Who says it is not good to take a bath when you have a fever? I guess today is an exemption. I used to be wiping wet cloth with ice on my skin when I have a fever, but tonight I did a new thing, I took a bath. The water is cold. I was little dizzy so I did it quickly. I have the need to vomit while drying my body, but it did not pushed through. I checked my temperature now and from 38.4, it is now 38.1.

I saw someone from the hospital before that the patient reached 39 degree Celcius. The nursing staff put a bucket of ice on her. She was in a big tub and there were lots of ice in the tub. Until her temperature did not decrease, they still put a lot of ice. As quickly as 10 minutes, the patients woke up and had a 38 degree Celcius temperature.

Now, I am drinking a lot of water and wiping my body with wet cloth. I know in no time, my temperature will be normal. I will do my best to make it normal so that I could get out of house tomorrow and continue my document processing. I wish to be getting a health ID. I will try.

I know I am not looking forward for anything now, but I will try my best to put on a positive vibes regardless of the results. However, my priority for tonight is my temperature. I will be checking it from time to time and I will make sure that when I wake up tomorrow, I will have the normal temperature of a human being.

It is not bad to take a bath when you have a fever, but please take note of how you feel. If you have pain in your body and still wish to take a bath, make the water warm and do it quickly, yet, if you have pain it is not advisable to take a bath for cold air will enter your pores and makes the pain severe.


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Get Well Soon… Sincerely

I planned to visit the Ob-Gyn this afternoon but because I have 38.4 temperature, I cancelled it. I have this fever last night. I thought drinking water will able to make me lessen the temperature. When I woke up, I feel like vomiting and almost near collapsing. My health condition is really bad. I am thinking, what happening that visiting the Ob-Gyn, never happened. I cancelled it yesterday for a specific purpose, and now I should not be but I did. I feel frustrated earlier, but right now I am curious.

I am curious that every time I am planning on something and really sure about it, there is something that will happen that will stop it. There is always a hindrance and it is always succeeding. Is there an accident I will be meeting that the Universe doesn’t want me to get out of the house? Or is the results negative that will give me negativity all throughout? Am I ready for the results? Or maybe because my mother has a fever, coughs and colds and I got it because we are living in one roof? I guess the last one is the sure thing.

Get well soon to me and I mean it sincerely. I mean soon to be okay tomorrow, on the exact time I will be visiting the Ob-Gyn. I think I need to buy antibiotics to continue my medication. I am not looking forward for the results. I just need to be cleared with fever, that I am feeling will going to be a flu because my muscles are in pain right now. I couldn’t move my arms. My eyes are tired and watery. It likes to be close all the time. I am feeling exhausted though I know, I was not that tired but losing a sleep during the night. I better not invite any negativity and must be getting enough rest and that is the key.


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Everyone has a Colds/Cough/Flu, Take Care

Right now, a lot of people I know, including myself has colds. This is due to changing in the weather. I, specifically, got this viral infections from my mother who has both colds and cough. She has dry cough ever since and I think it has been months already. She is drinking antibiotics too. Me, I have infection but with my UTI. I remember I have this last Saturday and I almost had a fever because of having both coughs and colds. I keep on barking, oh sorry, coughing everytime I perspire. Right now, before I go in front of the electric fan, I wipe my skin when I have perspiration because once you are perspiring and go to lesser temperature place, it will get dry but you will get viral infection.

It will starts with coughing or having colds, but me, it always starts with a headache and then both. I had a headache last Saturday. I also remember I cried that night so it only helps for the colds to get severe. Now I am feeling pain on my muscles. If this will push through, it could be a flu. No, I don’t want to get sick. I know cranberry and antibiotic is helping me to avoid it. If I stop drinking both, for sure it will pursue.

Even the calls I am reviewing, a lot of people are coughing in the middle of the call or I can’t understand them because they are having colds. Everyone is having these kind of viral infections that is why I ask you to take care. There are people who easy to get colds and coughs, much worst is flu. I don’t want that to happen to you. Drink a lot of water and drink vitamins too. Please take care. It is hard to get sick, because it delays you with your goal. Also, it change your plans and it cost too much to buy the medicine. Take care.


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Reporting to the …. Restroom

Since the time I was drinking antibiotics, I am always visiting the restroom. Every hour, for everyday, I am using the restroom. It gives me quite discomfort, not that I am feeling a pain on my stomach or something, but discomfort because I need to get out in bed and pee and drink water again and do it all over again. That is good actually, I am not complaining. When I drink water, it flushes the bacteria. Everytime I pee, there are bacterias getting out of my body. Then they became a few. I will go for discomfort for future comfort.

I just found out that the bacteria that is present when we have UTI is E.coli. Mostly, this kind of bacteria are normally living in the intestine of people and animals. This is the specific bacteria I am flushing away from my body. It caused a lot of infections, even abdominal pain, diarrhea and fever so we really need to get rid of it. So that is the reason why I am forbidden to eat street foods like chicken intestine barbeque and any viand made up of pork intestine because I could get an E.coli from it. Actually, E.coli is not that harmful if it appears few. We just need to supply our body with good bacteria to flush away bad bacteria, however, sometimes bad bacteria accumulates more than the good ones because we continue to eat foods that has it and we are not drinking the right amount of water (8 to 10 glasses). Now, I know what to do. I think I will never stop drinking water and this will be my habit starts from today.

I don’t mind having to go to the bathroom because I need to pee, because I need to pee or else the bacteria is there. So we also need to wash our hands after using the bathroom because there are lots of bacteria present there, isn’t it?

I am really learning from this illness.


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The New Antibiotics: Cefuroxime

My new antibiotics is Cefuroxime. It costs Php44.00. I bought only 10 pieces since I will be drinking this for five days, twice a day. It is a new antibiotic because it is the regular kind and it is on RiteMed. I wonder the one that I had before was a branded one but it only costs Php29 something. Does this means the cost of antibiotics is increasing every week? When I was buying this antibiotic earlier, the pharmacists says that the branded ones cost Php55 and the regular one is Php44. I chose the cheaper ones because I am running out of the budget. I just hope that these new antibiotics will work on me.

This is a white tablet, not the tablet that is round. This one is oblong. It tastes nothing, compare to my old antibiotics which taste super bitter and with aftertastes, it ruined my appetite. This one is creamy once you rinse it with water. I can drink this medicine for long.

My dilemma is that I have been drinking antibiotics for a month now. I hope it will not affect my kidney. Actually, I include that with my prayers as I don’t to find myself bleeding because of too many drinking over the counter medicines. I need to be able to clear this UTI problem next week or else I will be in grave danger.

My only prayer is for this one to be effective. I guess the last antibiotics I had is the same as this one too, only this one is the regular brand. I do believe that antibiotic helped me less the presence of pus cell. I will also help myself to research what are the home remedy in order to get rid of pus cells. I need myself to be aware of the possible help I could get from the Internet and I will do everything to get rid of this UTI problem.


Photo is mine


Full Force of Home Remedies and Medicine

I only have 4-6 pus cell and few bacteria. That is what the results is saying. I am happy for that results because I do believe everything I did for the past few weeks were right. I will just need to continue. Right now, I have an additional home remedy to help me cleared, and it is Cranberry Juice. I am not sure if the one I bought is the best one to help me to get rid of bacteria. What I can say is that the taste is one of the finest tastes. It is terrific. It tastes good. I should drink this regularly.

On the picture, you will see baking soda, cranberry juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Mineral Water and antibiotics. I will not drink baking soda diluted in water, together with cranberry juice and apple cider because I am afraid to get gastric juice since cranberry and apple cider taste sour. I will drink baking soda in water at the end of the day, after dinner. I will drink Apple Cider in the morning and Cranberry juice in the middle of the day. I need to drink my antibiotics twice a day and 8 glasses of water.

I put the title as Full Force because it is indeed a full force of medicine and home remedies. My target results are 0-2 to get me cleared. I hope it happens. Let us see on Monday.

I am a little bit worried as the medicine I bought is the regular one, from RiteMed. I hope it will help a lot. It does not have any tastes compare to my antibiotics before that is too bitter to taste. It even caused me to lose my appetite with food, maybe sometimes with life, lol.

I will not anticipate the results from now. What I need is to do what I need to do and to achieve my goal.


Photo is mine