Pancakes Again!

The only food I want to eat all the time is pancake. I want the smell, I want the taste and my father got everything I truly love with pancakes. I think it has something to do with love and effort. There is no powdered milk tonight but there is a maple syrup, woot woot. Love it into bits and pieces. My father ate too and I have two pancakes. I was attacking the newly cooked pancake. It was hot that the syrup melts. It tastes really good. It makes me happy. Now I have all the energy even though I was losing it earlier because I was waiting for calls.

My room is dark that is why the picture kinda looks dark. I put the plate on my keyboard and the source of light is from my laptop. I finished the pancake in less than a minute. I was too hungry, haven’t eaten dinner. I don’t want the viand, I only want pancake. I do not care if I will eat pancakes every day as long as I have food intake. I hardly have it lately. Now I am not that full, but I am satisfied with what I had tonight. Thanks to my father who is always willing to cook something for me. Thanks to my mother who is always willing to buy the products I want even it is late at night already.

Actually, on her way to buy flour for pancake, she saw the kitty I told you earlier. Maybe my cravings for pancake became the instrument to get the kitty. Now she is sleeping in the cage. I hope we made her happy and feel secure. She get along immediately with the big kitties on the other cage. We place her on the cage where the kittens are not that hurting the small ones during playtime. I know she will love it there.


Photo is mine


I don’t have an appetite because….

I am not sure of what my father is putting on the food but there is something with the taste and I do not like it. Recently, my mother treats him when she got her pension with SSS. She bought her different spices, but I know it was my father who requested those. When it arrives, he never stops putting different spices to what he cooked. I am not sure of what is the name of that specific spices but since the time I tasted it with food, I don’t want to eat anymore.

I told you before that I am having issue with my sense of taste. I am losing appetite with food because of too much drinking water is the culprit. I also regard drinking water with teaspoon of baking soda is the other culprit. Then right now, I really want to eat food, I tasted that spices again with food cooked by my father and it really moves me away from food. Now, I am hungry but not eating food because I don’t like the taste. I hope it will not lead me to collapsing one day.

For sure I will taste that spices again with some food. I guess my father is too excited to use all his spices that he fails to taste of the food if the spices help the food for a little enhancement. It did not. Recently too, they are serving viands that really not my type or maybe because I am suffering from losing an appetite. I am thinking this will lead me to hate eating foods now. I am really hungry but I cannot eat anything. I only want pancakes and I know I can’t have it again since of money issue. Later on, it will boils down to eating cooked rice with powdered milk and sugar.


Photo from Pixabay