Aliwan Festival

Aliwan Festival is a yearly festival that features different cultural festivals of the Philippines. It happens at Star City Complex Pasay City. There are dance parade and float presentation, also, these are all for competition sake. The people joining are all came from different parts of our country. It also showcases different food from different provinces. Mostly, I visit the place to buy Bagnet and different sauces. That is what my family is longing for every April.

Right now I don’t have money. I only have Php35 on my purse. If the site will able to give my money early morning that is good, the only problem is that, how can I able to have the cash in my hand. Of course, I need to use an encasher, but I am having second thoughts because it could affect my Paypal standings. I really hope not. Actually that is what I am planning to do. I just need to pray this one.

For real, I don’t want to spend money because I don’t have money at all, but my family is longing for the food that will be featured there. They keep on telling me they want the vinegar from Ilocos, the fish pastes as well, the Bagnet, the longganisa. I got stress. I did not show them how worried I am right now, I am really stress. They don’t have an idea. It is hard for me when your family is requesting something and you can give it. Do you agree? Sometimes you feel sorry for yourself because you are still poor and you cannot afford those things they needed. This kind of feeling is making me sad already.

I will be praying for the money to come this morning, to be able to use an encasher and to go there. All will start when the money arrives, then I decide from there.


Photo from Aliwan Festival Site