Finished Early

I never thought I could do this. I always nap in between blogs and now I am on the finish line, this is my last post of the day. You would not be seeing me later tonight unless I got bored and want to read some blogs. I guess I will be focusing on my call review later tonight and after this blog is my nap time. It is a job well done for me today and I hope I could do this every day. I wonder what happened to me that I able to finished early.

When I started this afternoon, I don’t have any idea what to share. I started with zero topics. I only browsed on the Internet on what topic I will able to share that worth sharing. I hope I able to share something worth reading, though.

As far as I remember, I only had 3 hours of sleep from this morning. I slept at 4 in the morning and woke up at 7 in the morning. I feel sleepy right this moment but I am very willing to wrap this baby up. It makes me feel I achieved something I plan when I know it is not even part of the plan. I still want to do some advance blogging that lately I keep on talking about but I haven’t started anything since then.

Let us see what happen tonight. Let me enjoy my time of rest after this one. That is the only thing I could give to myself right now. I find it perfect because that is what I really need. I wish you able to finish your activity too. I hope you able to do your best with your writing as it will able to help people at the right time. You can find that topic on my other blog site. For now, I will leave you, keep busy. Enjoy!

Congratulations to the new Lawyers!

(kisses, congrats!!)


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Maintaining to Visits Blogs

My title might confuse you but it is just about me visiting different blogs here in Blogjob, twice or thrice per person. I am not sure if I am doing it right but I maintain to do this stuff. For example, I visited your blog, I make sure I visit another blog post you have or two more of your blog posts. I only leave a comment when I have something to say so that it will not look spammy. Mostly, I visited blogs that I find it really interesting and for sure that blog has an eye-catching title. Also, there are people that become my friends with time and I love to read their updates. It becomes a regular on me to visit their blogs. It becomes a regular to me to visits two or more of their blogs. Do you do it too?

I also love reading blogs from Newbies, however, some newbies are active on forums, but that is okay. I have the feeling that it could make their blog to appearing on Google when I view it. Of course, I am not sure about this. It just gives me the impression that the more you visit them, they gained visitors. If I leave a comment the post will able to be visible on the newsfeed and the people who are active on that time will able to see that posts too. I am thankful for the people who visits my posts because once there is someone who leaves a comment it will get visible. I am getting 2 to 5 comments a day. I appreciate that.

I want to maintain to read 2 to 3 blogs per member that I see on my newsfeed and from my friends in here. It is my way of helping them. Not to return to favor, but it is more about the site now.

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Missing Blog Points

I am doing this blog and will be submitting this because I will try if this one will able to get credited. I noticed that the 2 blogs I submitted before this one has not been credited. I worry because it made me think I had done wrong. I try to update my profile by posting two updates and I got credited 2 points. If this blog will not be credited, then there is really something wrong. I already submitted missing points form to report it and even gave a message to support. It makes me nervous because as much as possible I am being careful about the site and this happens. Lately, there are lots of errors. I should consider this one as an isolated case until I received a reply if Sheridan will reply. If the points will get back to me that is good and I am thankful in advance.

My points balance is not moving too so I guess the system was not able to read my submission. My total balance is not moving right now. If I posted this one and a 50 point will be added then it is just right for me to report those 2 blogs that are not credited, if not, then I don’t know what to. As much as I want to assume there is an error, I cannot say it as it will just create confusion. It could be a glitch too but I find it out once I got my points back. I hope Sheridan will able to fix when he is not busy later.

I am very eager to try if this one will able to move my balance. I also want my points missing to bring it back to me, if not today, maybe tomorrow. I need to give myself an assurance I am not doing something bad that makes me not credited of a blog post.


Bombarded with Spam Comments

I visited my site Let Us Review It this evening and I saw I have 17 comments. Without checking, I know I will all be putting it in a trash or be ticking the spam comments to delete it. As I was reading the comments one by one, they are just leaving a comment for me to drop by on their blogs. There is nothing bad on dropping back to their blogs, I love to visit blogs, that is not hard to me, however, they are giving me the impression that they are just for their blogs as their comments are not even connected to the posts. I know they did not read my blogs, they aren’t interested to know everything about it. They just leave a comment to make me know their blogs.

I am even laughing from the word Ploosis, what is that? Is that the name of my blog. Why they are calling me like that? I don’t do this blog to offend anyone. Maybe they are just being nice to drop by on mine or maybe they left a comment but they are using a Google translate that is why there is a word “Ploosis” on it, however, it still looks spammy. I don’t want a comment that has nothing to do with my content.

To prove it to you, just check the featured image. I screenshot it. Actually, the attached picture is from my blog site My Message to the World, not on Let Us Review it. When I remember to screenshots the spam comments, I already deleted the comments on Let Us Review it. I also found out that these people found out my other blog site My Message to the World, so I am expecting to receive a lot of comments on my blogs, coming from a blogger like them in the future.

I am sharing this for awareness sake.

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Maintenance Time

I was posting a picture on my post about my cat when I can’t post it. I thought there is something to do with my Internet so I turned it off and on it. When I checked the site again, it is on Maintenance. I guess that is the reason why I can’t post a picture. That is okay, I just need to wait till the site comes back. I need to post 4 and already have some ready topics to share that I am doing right now at Microsoft word and saving it later. Once the site gets back, I will keep on posting the 4 remaining blogs I need for today.

I think this is the best time to focus on my call review site as I am just starting today. I will just finish the remaining blog and will come back at the site before the reset time to post it. Sometimes maintenance time gives me the time to focus on some other things. Actually, during those times that we have 3-day maintenance, I learned about Chatabout more and I was curious if I will be trying the site once again. With all the encouragements of my dear friends, I tried to come back and I need 300+ comments on my way to my first payment. I can do that for a day actually if I really want too, but the problem is that for sure I will be having a sprain fingers. I tried it with more than a hundred comments of more than 40 words, I sprained my finger. I am glad that I able to keep it rested for a day because if not, I will be wearing a splint again.

I also able to analyze things with my life since the time of Blogjob maintenance. It is good that it serves as a break from having a focus and being dedicated to blogging.


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Blogjob with Goals

Not all people in Blogjob are into money. Some are considering this platform as their good way to interact, to make friends. Some are here in the site for reading sake. Some are active in forums and some are into blogging but not really into taking advantage of the points.

However, if you are like me, a person who is blogging to earn for passive income sake, to save money, or to have a source of income online, then you must take advantage of the limit points. Besides taking advantage, you must be consistent.

For example, if you are planning to get payment of  $25 from Paypal, you must earn 5000 points. How could you do that with 100 point limit a day. From my computation, you will able to complete that in 50 days or 1 month and 20 days.

If you are planning to get payment of $50, you need 7500 points and you will able to complete this at 75 days or 2 months and 15 days.

If you want the $100 payment from Paypal, you need 10000 points. You can complete that after 3 months and 10 days.

This requires you to be consistent in taking advantage of using 100 points limit per day.

Oh, I am hearing, “that long?” and you feel discourage for sure.

We can able to add limits to our points per day and that is completing projects. If others can do it, of course you can do it too. The only thing we did was to share our post in Social Media.

Since you have 100 points limit per day, it is equivalent to two blogs already. It will not hurt you to composed 300 words blog, twice a day. Because you will only have 2 blogs, do a quality blog, it could be trending topics, the topics you are good at, the topic that you really really love talking about, if you know SEO writing you may do so, the only thing is it should be original and 300 words. Do a review of products you used, an events from the past that you can’t forget, the lesson you learned in life, the things you hate, the food you love, your favorite people, past time, habit, illness, do a review of movies, of food, restaurant, anything about inspiration and dreams. There are lots. Just share it on Social Media and you will get views. It will not happen soon, but it will happen.

If you don’t want to complete projects, that is okay. I am just giving you an idea. Hope these helps.


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Reading Before Writing

I know you are aware of the struggle of blogging every day to take advantage of the limit points. I do, but I know you do too. If you have no topic to blog it will be very difficult to start with. What I do is to read first before starting. I read your blogs. I read 15-20 blogs before I able to start my own blogging activity. It is hard to grasp English when you know it is just your second language. I am learning from what our native English speaker members are doing so I read their blogs and get an idea to posts. I leave a comment on some, but sometimes I try to comment yet not confident with my English so I better leave it blank, lol.

I know some are not into blogging and are active in Blogjob forums. There is no problem. If you are not into blogging it is better to try, even just for once. You will get by. I started like that when I was a newbie, but when I was just starting before, I am very eager to get a payment. I blog consistently and I survived. However, until today, the struggle is real when it comes to blogging.

The challenge will begin with an interesting topic, the way you will give justice to it to profound it, your grammar and the 300 words. Those are the things you need to remember. With grammar, you can download Grammarly and this site will able to guide you and correct your grammar. Reading blogs and articles, even not in Blogjob, will give you ideas on how to create it. You will also develop a pattern and you will get used to it.

Blogjob is a perfect platform to develop your writings. Since you are in here, take advantage it is for free. In fact, you get paid from doing it.


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