Still Not in the Work Mode

I am still suffering from Still Not in the Work Mode attitude. I start working offline now in this company and up until now, on my second, I am still not seeing myself being there. I did not even wish to be regularized. I guess with this kind of attitude I will not be regularized anyway. I lost the kind of feeling I have before. I was hardworking and full of dreams whenever I have a new job. I am always inspired and love making a good impression. Right now, I feel little laid back and I don’t care if they will like me or not.

If there is something wrong with the company, it doesn’t matter anymore. What I think more is that there is something wrong on me and my attitude. I keep on praying, actually, I do it every morning before I fix myself. I guess the prayer is not working. I don’t want to regret everything in the end so I am trying to change my attitude over work. There is something wrong with my attitude and this will not be helping me.

I know God gave me this work so I should appreciate it. Maybe because it has been a long time since I am not working, that I lose the old me. I just need a little more time to realized this for me to get improve. I am a good employee. I could be the best person a company can have, however, I am like an internet connection in the Philippines that is slow to respond to what is happening in my surrounding. I don’t want a terrible reason to push myself as I need to push myself now. The best reason will be the loan and debt to pay and of course the dreams that has been delay.

Please God make me a person that is helpful to the company, just like the old me when I was working before.


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Hello! Life is Still Beautiful


Yes, I am asking Hello?

I had not been here for quite a long time because I became busy with new site, though I am posting a few. I also on the search for new sites, sadly I haven’t found one. I started my new job too and finished my week. I thought I will not survive. The feeling of “Thank God is Friday” had me last night, I was so excited to get out of the office.

However, before anything else, hello everyone? Hello from the outside and the inside of the site? How’s everyone is doing? What are you busy at? I hope you are also giving yourself a break from all the challenges we had last week, or maybe last month. I hope you had found a good site as an additional earning site, if not, I hope you never stop looking and praying that you will able to find it. I hope you keep yourself busy with things that will benefit you. I really hope you continue earning some money.

This week was a big change for me. I failed to have Blogjob to help me with my earning but I understand it. Then, I found a new site but it doesn’t keep me up with my earnings. Good thing that before the bad news I able to receive a good news. My only partial or little bad news was that I don’t have a transportation allowance. It was quite a struggle and I am still struggling to look for some money to borrow.

At work, it was quite boring since everyone is busy and they do not have any time for us to for orientation, though we had a proper orientation initiated by the admin. The turnover of work is still not happening. It will happen next week for sure. Again, another struggle when you were just waiting there, finding people that will teach you something, talk to you, make friends with you. On the other hand, I have friends there and I am glad I get used to be with them. We are happy when we are together during break times.

I hope everyone is okay. Let us all survive this life. Life is still beautiful.


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Noticing Some Change

Every day when I log it in here, I used to check on my dashboard. I read what other members are busy at. It helps me with my next topic and it also helps me to visits different blogs of the members posting at the same time with me. I click the like on what I like. I noticed we do not earn from likes anymore or maybe it is a glitch. I posted an update on my wall about what I observe and I credited 1 point per post. The like has no credit for me. I am sharing this to know if someone is having the same experience. I would want to share a topic in a forum.

Aside from that, I replied to the comments on my posts. Before, if you reply to a comment, it will give you 2 points, right now, I only saw the 1 point in the update above, on the right side. So we are now getting credit one point per reply to a comment on our posts. If we put a comment on a post, it also gives us 1 point, still. Aside from that, I don’t know what happened on some points. I think for now that is the changes.

I understand the changes,though, and I know it will not be the last time that there will be some changes with points. Or maybe I am just wondering about it and it is just a part of a glitch. I hope it is just a glitch, but it is okay anyway. I am okay unless there are no changes with the point per post of a blog. I hope it will stay 50 because it will be really hard for me if it lowered down. It will bring a big discouragement for sure. I hope it will not happen.

Let me observe some more.



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Just Got Home and Really Tired

I just went home 20 minutes ago and able to share one blog already. I was typing this blog on my mobile and copy and paste it in my notes. I able to transfer to WordPress. As much as I want to blog earlier while taking care of my nephew I can’t because it requires a more focus to the baby. Taking care of a baby requires a big sacrifice. I also thought I will be able to read the novel on my mobile like I always dream of because I am always cancelling reading it. I have to cancelled it again because I need to focus on taking care of my nephew.

I remember while he was sleeping, he screamed very loud. I know he had a bad dream. The sound of the scream is like he was holding something and was stolen from him. Because of that, I made a big leap that rips my short. It left a big hole. I was laughing at how Teej made me rip my short. I was stunned hearing the sound of his voice. That was a very loud voice for a baby.

Then, when I went home, I was really tired and even up to this moment I am typing this one I feel sleepy. I want to eat food to add to my energy. I know I got tired because of taking care of my nephew. I want to drop blogging and sleep for the meantime. Let us see what happen after I eat my early dinner.

As much as possible I want to force myself to post some more but I am not definite on how many blogs I will able to share. I really want to sleep first to refresh my brain and will get back later on. Right now I keep on yawning just like the cat in the picture because I am really tired.

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Afternoon with Teej

I need to replace my mother this afternoon because she needs to attend to many things and my brother went out as well to process his requirements. Since I just at home, I took care of my baby nephew the whole afternoon. I went to their house.  At first,it was good because he was sleeping. I said myself I can continue reading the novel on my mobile, but as soon as he wakes up, That is the start of sacrifice. He loves to move a lot. Once he holds on something, he will bring it to his mouth. I stop reading and play some music instead.
He loves to be carried so most of the afternoon I was carrying him. Imagine i am carrying a more than 9 pounds baby for 30 minutes, it makes my shoulder complaining from pain. My arms were well stretch and the worst is the pain at my back. I told to myself that for sure, instead of blogging, I will be sleeping later tonight. Good thing my mother came back past 5. She went to the market and prepare it for my father to cook it. After a little while, my brother went home too and we all had a little chit-chat.
Before I forgot, there was something happened later that I accidentally entered my ring finger inside the electric fan because I was adjusting it. I left me wounded and bleeding, Teej enjoyed seeing me in pain. I almost dropped him on the floor because of pain and he was laughing at me. He seems enjoyed me suffering from pain.
Also, he enjoys listening to my voice. As I was making him sleep, I was singing along with my background music, he loves it. Once I stop singing, since I don’t know some parts of the lyrics, he will look at me and looks like saying “continue singing”. I successfully put him to sleep that when my mother went back, he was sleeping. He only wakes up with some movements from my mother.
Photos are mine

Finished Early

I never thought I could do this. I always nap in between blogs and now I am on the finish line, this is my last post of the day. You would not be seeing me later tonight unless I got bored and want to read some blogs. I guess I will be focusing on my call review later tonight and after this blog is my nap time. It is a job well done for me today and I hope I could do this every day. I wonder what happened to me that I able to finished early.

When I started this afternoon, I don’t have any idea what to share. I started with zero topics. I only browsed on the Internet on what topic I will able to share that worth sharing. I hope I able to share something worth reading, though.

As far as I remember, I only had 3 hours of sleep from this morning. I slept at 4 in the morning and woke up at 7 in the morning. I feel sleepy right this moment but I am very willing to wrap this baby up. It makes me feel I achieved something I plan when I know it is not even part of the plan. I still want to do some advance blogging that lately I keep on talking about but I haven’t started anything since then.

Let us see what happen tonight. Let me enjoy my time of rest after this one. That is the only thing I could give to myself right now. I find it perfect because that is what I really need. I wish you able to finish your activity too. I hope you able to do your best with your writing as it will able to help people at the right time. You can find that topic on my other blog site. For now, I will leave you, keep busy. Enjoy!

Congratulations to the new Lawyers!

(kisses, congrats!!)


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Karma on the Way…

What Goes Around, Comes Around. To be honest, I don’t understand that. I only understand that do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you. A friend says they have the same meaning. How about, Karma on the way? I guess they have the same meaning too.

If you do good, you will receive a good karma. If you do bad, then bad karma is on the way. Personally, I know people who are doing bad with people, but I don’t see if they are suffering from bad karma. Either they know how to handle their problems or they really did not do any bad things to other people, they are only misunderstood.

What is real with people, they are the only one that knows the truth.

I do not want to waste my time wondering when and where the karma arrives with some people because I had seen people who are suffering from bad karma because of what they had done to other people. Even it sounds bad, I am happy for their sufferings. They deserve it. Some happen quickly, some happen without your awareness, only the people who are suffering it knows the truth. Denying could help them, but I don’t care. Those who are doing bad to other people deserves bad karma.

How about good karma? What should we consider one? I know we have a different perception of good karma. Some people might think having a peaceful life is a good karma. Some think having a lot of money or having sufficient funds to make up to their needs is a good karma indeed.

What if something bad happened to you, do you think you deserve it because you had done something wrong in the past days or it is because everything happens for a reason? What is your take on this? Would you accept that?

I guess it will all boil down to different perception with Karma, isn’t it?


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If they make you feel your Useless…

I will not consider this post as a rant because I will not rant. I will just say how I feel and it does not include any violent reaction. I already get used to feeling useless. It becomes normal to me now. Whatever happening at present is a result of a wrong decision. Maybe I prioritized something that I thought will able to help a lot of people but I was wrong. Sometimes by helping the people around you will be the cause of your lost. You lose your life in the process of wrong decision. Unfortunately, those people you gave all the benefits fail to give something in return. That is why I learned the hard way of never rely on people immediately. I need to ask myself if I able to solve a problem on my own first and if there is no way I can solve it, then I need the people I can count on.

It hurts that the people you gave all your effort, to make their lives to be easy, to help solve their problems are the people making you feel you are useless at present. Instead of helping you with some words of wisdom, support and advises, they fail to do it and they are busy with their own lives because they cannot get anything from me anymore. Maybe “friend’s with benefits” or more than that. I learning on my own now and I want to be alone this time. If I choose to be quiet it is because I want to feel how they make me feel these past years. Maybe some of them don’t mean it, but I trust my instinct more, I know how I feel. I know what is true, I can feel it by their actions towards me. I will not waste my time thinking about them and this will be the last time that I will be having a good effort of talking about them.


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Daughter Got Killed, Father Failed to Protect Her

A daughter should be alive at this moment if his father able to protect her. This is what happened. There was someone calling from the outside of their house. The father checked it out and the person told the father that she is a friend of their daughter. She let her inside the house and called her daughter in her room. When the daughter went down from her room, she told her father that she didn’t know the other person but it was too late. While the father was busy cooking in the kitchen, her daughter got stabbed by this stranger and was killed immediately. When the father went out from the kitchen, he saw her daughter lying in her own blood and the stranger escaped from their house. He was in shock.

I cannot move on from this story. This is one of the isolated cases that happened in our place. It happened way back, I cannot be exact with the year. I felt frustrated after learning the news because the father should have protected his daughter if he did not trust some stranger. It is not because a stranger says he or she is a friend of your child, it means it is true. Let your child confirm it first and never ever let a stranger get inside your house. This father should ask her daughter first if she knows the other person looking for her and let that stranger be outside their house. Second, since his daughter is a minor, he should be there while they were talking after his daughter confirm they know each other. He should not allow them talking in private. He should not let his daughter alone with the stranger.That stranger is surely a stranger to him even if his daughter confirm if he or she is a friend. He should not allow it.

I am sharing this because I want this post to be an eye opener to a lot of parents out there to become stricter to their children and to not easily trust someone to be with their children.


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What if your Parents are Not Proud of You?

Are there parents who are not proud of their children? I guess the answer is yes and I find it ridiculous. Part of being a parent is having unconditional love. Even if people turn down your child, parents are the first people who lift them up and every parent should know this, every parent are doing this. Even if your child is the ugliest as bashers say, you will be the one that proves them wrong, not join them in bashing your child.

I learned this story about someone. It was just a story that I overheard. I find it very serious disheartening if that is true, but I have this feeling that it is true as the person who was sharing the story could not believe that there are parents, parents means father and mother, are not proud of their child. Imagine, this child’s genes came from the parents. The child did not decide if he or she wants to be born. The child was born because the parents produced it. How could the parents failed to make a child be comfortable with himself/herself when it is their job to make their child be the most special child in the world.

From what I heard, this young child, not sure if girl or boy have been bullied at school for being lame. The child told his or her parents what happened. The parents don’t mind it until the time that they were called to the Principal’s office as their child pushed someone in the stairs. He or she was under detention. Of course, the child’s parents apologize to the parent’s of the other child, and to the child too. Then they even added that they feel sorry for their child as he or she is useless for being lame and weak. They really hate their child because of that and they wished they had someone better than him or her. The lady that was sharing the story was the advisor of that child and she was shocked. She talked to the parents of that child and advised them to be supportive of their child but they seem not to listen because they do know what to do with their child as it is their child.

I don’t want to make this long. If you will ask meif they can describe how lame and weak their child is, aren’t they describing themselves as that child came from them?


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