Love is in the Cavs

It’s official Kevin Love is going to be a Cleveland Cavalier, but it’s strange to me, how some experts feel Cleveland are now Finals participants. Tristan Thompson, Kryie Irving, Kevin Love and Dion Waiters have zero games of playoff experience. I understand, LeBron James, Mike Miller and hopefuls Ray Allen plus Shawn Marion if signed are a upgrade with amble experience could bring success early, but what about late in the season. Wasn’t Miami inability to win 2014 crown was because of age and injuries. How in fact the Cavaliers are now becoming one of the oldest teams in the league after this trade. That lead me to another point, what happen to the older players teaching the younger players how to be effective in the NBA. Didn’t Magic Johnson help James Worthy, Jordan help Pippen and Tim Duncan help Parker. In my opinion, the Franchise players don’t want to help or build up other players anymore on there own team. Some rather teach their opponent in the off season or join where there is more talent. Thank you, Carmelo Anthony for staying, now who you going to teach.

Back to the matter at hand, I find it strange Minnesota Twolves would up give up Love so soon, as if there were less options on the table. Everyone knows about the Golden State deal, but The Kings for a second thought to pull away Cousins. Let be real Chicago didn’t have a shot. Indiana wanted Love for Roy Hibbert and I’m sure they wish now that deal was made. However, the impact of 26pg and 12rbs is not realistic, James a shooter/rebounder, KYRIE a shooter/assist man and Dion Waiters a shooter, so who is going to get the ball more? I’m afraid Kevin Love just became the new Chris Bosh, just without the defensive abilities. Just can’t wait for the Cavs to read my blog, and say you are right, we need a big man to win it all.

NBA trade NY Knicks

Knicks at it again, trading Wayne Ellington and Jeremy Tyler for Travis Outlaw and Quincy Acy. General manager of the NY Knicks Steve Mills stated they wanted to balance their roster, based on the fact that they are filled with guards. Help me out here, so Mills trade a big man for two small forwards, players that haven’t been effective for years. Well, to be fair Acy never receive the minutes or the chance to play a set position playing the 3,4 and sometimes at the 5. Outlaw, well what can I write about this guy, he had multiple opportunities NETS, Trailblazers, Kings and Clippers as role player and a starter, but could never live up to his contract. Now, Knicks is going to bring him in, something going to suddenly change. I hope the Knicks using him as trade bait to get someone else, cause this weep desperation.

 Why trade promising talent for already old seen and not  much left players. Tyler shown with time he can and was effective on the court, nice 15 feet jumper, nice hops and he is young. All Tyler  needed was a mentor and that’s the Knicks troubles start to Boom there goes the dynamite. Teach, teach, teach it would only help any team in the long run. If he doesn’t have a jumper or handle, inability to rebound, Teach there’s more than enough time help someone bring there game to another level. That’s why places like Portland always in the playoffs or the hunt because they stick with there big men for at least 4 years to train them. Jermaine Oneil, Zach Randolph and Lamarus Aldridge were drafted and had to wait there turn and learn the system. All high school players who made great careers for themselves barring injuries.

 In conclusion, NY Knicks prove once again their are not about development and thinking about the future, always thinking about the now. Never realizing your now is based upon what you have done in the pass and weeping the benefits.

Eric Bledsoe-is he worth it

Eric Bledsoe- turns down 48 million dollars and bringing up the argument, is he worth it? Well the only way I can support my argument is through comparison. Let’s check the video tape.

Bledsoe stats- 17.7pg 5.5 ast. 35% 3fg 43gp 47%fg 77ft%

Not bad, but look at these stats.

Kyle Lowry- 17.9pg 7.4ast 38%3fg 79gp 42%fg 81%ft

Kyle Lowry signed for 48 million and some consider him Top Ten BEST point guards. Kyle played more games and had a better average across the board except for field goal percentage. Lowry was major in the playoffs against the NETS,  when was Bledsoe big in the playoffs. And for those critics, the stats look identical well Lowry did it for a season and the playoffs. So, sorry 43 games Eric Bledsoe take the money before it’s to late or you be somewhere you really don’t want to be.



What the, how the Miami HEAT doing this, adding Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger, who played for the Bobcats and Clippers respectively last season. What the Heat offer them naked women and sunshine giggles. Ok, I understand we talking about MIAMI, but why join the dark side for less at that. Danny Granger was a franchise player for Indiana Pacers, then injuries hit him and couldn’t fit in the plans Indy had against Miami. But, if he was same old Granger we have been talking about Spurs vs. Pacers Finals. The question is would it work McRoberts is subpar defender who can fill the lanes and catch some don’t wipe dunks (Mulberry st. Street term) and hit some wide open threes. It seems to me Miami is getting desperate.

Can I get some Grape Pubron and Melo  please, not happening ,give up the ghost Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James talking team up is a setup. However, didn’t we see this all before, James hitting us with the bomb shell. No, until he signs I going out on a limp Melo and James to L.A. LAKERS, I know crazy. Thinking about it Chris Bosh to the Rockets is no small feat, he going back home everybody. Welcome back Bosh to the same old guy you been laughing at.

NBA FILLER summer talk

 It’s time for me comment on happenings of the NBA summer and moves and dealings of our favorite players. Checking out the highlights of the summer league, many rookies seem prime to represent this year, but I save my opinions until the real season starts. No offense, but does it look similar to Rookies vs. Sophomores at All-star weekend. Nick Johnson bang it hard on some poor soul, however I can’t see that happening to D Howard. At any rate, it’s been promising and entertaining great signs for the future of the NBA.

 As usual suspects, coaches are hiding and being up to no good, becoming as bad as the owners. Changing locations as if they changing there underwear, a la Jason Kidd, one of the best point guards of all time, probably deserve a MVP,but that is a for later story. Kidd wanted more control over the NETS, knew he wouldn’t get it, then ran to the Milwaukee Bucks. Making it seem it was the NETS fault for losing Kidd. Agents the messengers of deceit, the middlemen of entanglement, May have spurred this on and also in some small way destroying the legacy of a great ball player.

 Now I’m going to do something weird, I’m going to tell the Lakers organization what to do. Let my Kobe go: well what I have meant was. Kobe Bryant is chasing Mount Rushmore and in my Opinion he is already there, but he is till looking to tie the Great One. Winning another one in L.A. would be cool, but winning one in NY would be heart jolting. Kobe (especially in hearts of New Yorkers ) would be considered the best player of all-time. Kobe breaks 40 years curse, besting Michael Jordan as a player, winning on two different teams something MJ never done. However, this is the hard truth the Lakers don’t care about winning anymore, they used Kobe to get the TV contracts and now the organization is going to waste his time. The Lakers should cut there ties and start over, it would be ironic cause it happened to Shaq.

 There are so many free agents and by July 10, 2014 many are going to be (NSYNC wait) GONE. I believe L.A.,Houston and Chicago are all putting there eggs in one basket by going after Melo and Grape Pubron. If L.A. LAKERS don’t get at least one of them it would wasted off season and they might lose Pau Gasol, LAKERS need to go sign Trevor Ariza, Andray Blatche maybe Evan Turner on the cheap to wait for Kevin Love to built around.  Kevin Love wants to go back home so badly and his only choice is the Lakers. Whoever trade for him will be losing him for nothing.

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