How Marvel Killed The Wolverine With “Logan”


It’s okay if Hugh Jackman is old and won’t be able to act, it’s totally fine if Hugh Jackman contract has expired but it’s unfair and wicked to kill off Wolverine.

Marvel threw the last shovel of sand after the release of the movie Logan, though a good movie but it broke many hearts especially mine. One of my best Marvel movies is X-men Origins: Wolverine; where Wolverine and the rest of the team won my heart and the rest of the comic world. I was a DC fan but after watching X-men, i discovered Marvel had more to offer because everything was damn realistic with zero overpowered goons.

Yea, Logan was mortal but so is Iron Man, Ant Man, Black Widow, Hawk Eye and others. Iron man is not dead yet but why is Logan gone? It’s simple because Jackman is old. Seriously, Marvel could have just hired a new actor to continue Wolverine role but they didn’t because Jackman has won the heart of many Marvel fans including mine.

It might look weird seeing a new actor as Wolverine but they did it with Spiderman and everyone got used to it. But why didn’t Marvel do it with Wolverine? It’s just sad. A new face might look strange, a new face might drive fans wild but my favourite Logan continues to live. My dear Logan wouldn’t be below 6 feet down the earth if Marvel did the right thing.

And Marvel Last Shot:

Introducing an inexperienced little girl to replace a great hero, who does that? Why wasn’t Toby of Spiderman not replaced by a little girl since he was no longer a teenager? Marvel bringing up that girl so quick is not only dumb but unclever. We should all be expecting the Avengers being replaced by kids when all Marvel should do is to employ a new actor.

DC did it with Superman, i can’t count how many actors have taken Superman role. Same thing with Batman. Marvel should simply forget that little girl and find a way to bring back our Wolverine. Logan deserve better and a lot of respect. Marvel do the right thing.