A New Month, A New Hope

The Rhine river in Germany.

The Rhine river in Germany.

Another month has passed. A new one arrive but still, the same plans and hopes for the future. It is June again. June, the month for weddings and maybe a month for any serious change in life? Birth, youth, love, separation, divorce and maybe death? What else?


Are there any changes in your life nowadays? Change is the only constant in our lives. Whatever you have now which is positive in your life, breathe it, appreciate it, hold it as though it is the last time you will have it. You´ll never know, today might be the last day of your life to have that feeling of content and happiness. You´ll never know, there might come a serious challenge you have to encounter to in your life. A challenge which might cause you a lot of trouble, pain and heartache.


Stay strong, as strong as the wind blows. This will not stay long. It might be cloudy and dark in your way. Remember, every storm we have in life will have an ending. Nothing will stay as it used to be. In the end of the day, months or years, you might be thankful for the storm that you have encountered now. There will come a time that you will be thankful for the heartaches and pains you have endured. There will come a time that  you say to yourself, “thank God, it happened. I survived.”


I know, I am talking in a puzzle. I just feel like I have to say what I have in my mind. I know it sounds sad to be writing like this but I was only thinking of what will happen when….this….and that…whatever—


Do you feel like this sometimes? I mean that one day the sun is shining so bright and then suddenly a strong wind comes on your way and you are blown in the direction you have not even  dreamt of?


Cheer up my aching heart

We might be breaking a part

It doesn´t matter

What the fact

As long as it´s not a heart attack.


See, I can even write a limerick when I am in this kind of mood. Cheer up my friends, it´s only me who is playing with words. It was raining cats and dogs today in between thunder and lightning. Maybe my brain had been hit by them all. Thanks for reading!

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