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1st Holy Communion Cake for Angelo baked by the author.

1st Holy Communion Cake for Angelo baked by the author yesterday, 23.04.2016.

Hello Guys! It´s almost midnight here where I am. I am tired but I want to write one post before I will go to bed. This Saturday was a busy day for me. My hubby and I went to the Asian shop after breakfast and you know what? We have met my fellow countryman who came from the same town where I came from in the Philippines. We even have the same high school alma mater and I know his family there. Wow! The world is really getting small. Of course I know my countryman but we have not seen for ages although he and his family live for around 40 kilometers away where I live here in Germany. We have talked a lot in the Asian shop before we said goodbye. Maybe we will see each other in our hometown next time. LOL!


Shopping in an Asian shop on Saturday was  very stressful. There were plenty of Asians shopping for the food that we couldn´t get somewhere else. I was able to buy Filipino food like Pancit and Bihon noodles, coconut milk powder, sweet and sour sauce, Kangkong (water spinach) lemongrass and a pack of spring roll wrappers. I am planning to make spring rolls when I have visitors next month. I wanted to buy bitter melon or bitter gourd and soybeans but those veggies were already gone. Plenty of customers bought those veggies before I came. I just bought frozen bitter gourd so my hubby could try how it tastes.


After drinking my mug of creamy tea this afternoon, I started baking and making some fondant decorations for decorating the 1st communion cake. Before I have finished decorating, my friend came with her son and cousin. I closed the door in the living room where I decorated the cake because I didn´t want them to see it yet. My friend’s son might tell his brother, the celebrant, how the communion cake looked like. I want to surprise them. The Schwarzwäldertorte (black forest cake) was done too but I have not put the cherries deco yet. I did not take a photo of the cakes  as it is dark. I will do it tomorrow. So good night Guys. It was a long day for me. Tomorrow will be a long day as well. Thanks for reading.


P.S. Updated the post today, 24.04.2016 and added the photos of the cakes.

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Schwarzwäldertorte aka Black Forest Cake baked by the author yesterday.

Schwarzwäldertorte aka Black Forest Cake baked by the author yesterday, 23.04.2016.

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What A Beautiful Day!

Hazelnut Cake

Hazelnut Cake

Hello Guys! How is  your day? We have a beautiful day. I am free from work for a few days and I can write more often as I can. I hope I will achieve my limit of 150 points a day. I hope I will be having ideas what to write.


Today is the birthday of my wonderful, handsome and responsible adult son. I made a birthday cake for him last night and have just finished decorating it today. I baked Hazelnut cake and decorated it with chocolate glaze, coconut white and brown “Schoko Küsse” (chocolate kisses) and some white and brown chocolate sprinkles. I have been baking this haselnut cake for more than 2 decades. When this cake is older than 3 days, it smells so good because of the Jamaican rum aroma that I add on it. I have not baked this cake for I think 2 years and now I can´t wait to eat a slice of this cake.


This evening I will make some fondant crosses for the communion cake for the son of my Filipina friend. I will make some other fondant decorations too like roses and leaves for other cakes that I have to bake. I know this costs me a lot of time but you know, I get some ideas what to write when I am baking and creating cake decorations. I´ll show you later what I have made. I hope the outcome of my creativity will look good.


What about you? What are you up to today? What inspire you in writing?


There are many things I want to do these few days besides writing. I have to pack 2 Balikbayan boxes for sending to my home country Philippines. I have to buy some canned goods, dog food for Angus and some cake ingredients as well as I will need them for making German cakes like Schwarzwäldertorte (Black Forest cake) when I live for a few months in my home in the Philippines. I hope I will be able to achieve my goal.


So, thank you guys for reading my expat life post. Have a great day to all of you. God bless.

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Random Thoughts Of My Expat Day

My German breakfast

My German breakfast

Good morning everyone! Yes, it is still morning here in my neck of the woods. I supposed to be still in bed now but my inner time is up already. Waking up at 8 in the morning is not really early but I am a night owl. I mostly sleep after midnight.


Since I started working a part time job as a wellness massage therapist, my time in blogging is shortened. I don´t complain because this is my offline job that I love most. It helps add up my travel expenses for this year.


My time is precious nowadays that I even neglected some of my friends and relatives. I keep on saying to myself that I can rest when I will be in my home country for a  few months. I will be enjoying my life there and being massaged by my high school friend who comes to my house for giving me a massage treatment. These last few months I thought, I work in Germany but live my life in my home town in the Philippines.  Don´t get me wrong. I love Germany. It´s  my first home for more  than 30 years but still I miss my life in the Philippines and our dog Angus  who is living there since 2011. We did not bring him back to Germany as we keep on flying back and fort to my home country.


The sun is shining now and that is good as I have to go to the city and buy some ingredients for the communion cake  that I have to bake. I still need some ingredients especially cream of tartar. I wonder if I can find it here. I need it for my chiffon cake.


Oh! My PILYA Blog magazine April edition has arrived yesterday. I have to read what the other PILYA bloggers have written. I have to read what delicious Pinoy recipe @iamshane487 has written and I have to take a photo of me and the magazine for our Fb PILYA BLOG page.


Anyway, have a great evening/ morning/ day to all of you. God bless us all and thanks for reading. ☺😀😁

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Taking A Break From Writing

Carrot Muffins for our bonding.

Carrot Muffins for our bonding.

Do you still have time for your offline friends? Do you bond with them every now and then?


I mean as a blogger in many writing sites, I tried to write most of the time (when I have) to earn money from our writing sites but I mostly failed to do so. Either I was tired from my offline part-time job, I had no idea what to write that I thought was interesting enough to my readers or I had no motivation to write at all. Sometimes, I just wanted to read and interact with my online friends. I sometimes felt that my brain was exhausted. Just imagine in how many languages my brain had to deal with.


The dark shadow under my eyes should stop. I  remember someone had said “I’m glad I am no longer studying in school. I don’t  have to read a book anymore. “ I could not relate to that. The older I became, the more I read. Every time I  started reading, I couldn’t stop. Well, I only read interesting posts or books. I  think I  am already addicted to reading. Any break could do me good.


Yes, a few hours break did me good when I bonded with my Pinay / Filipina friend at home. She collected me in the city after my 2 hours work and instead of having a coffee and cake in a cafeteria, we went home as we did not find a vacant parking place in the city. It was not a planned bonding. It was a spontaneous one as her kids and hubby went to the cinema and so we had time for us. We bought carrot muffins in the bakery and so we had a wonderful time chatting about everything. About the food we would cook for the communion celebration of her son. I will be baking cakes for crowds again and I will be baking my Schwarzwäldertorte (Black Forrest Cake) and other cakes. I am looking forward to that event.


Anyway, I have to discipline myself and should take enough breaks  from writing online. For the sake of my eyes. The nature outside is beautiful to explore. Thanks for reading.

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Relaxing With Filipina Expat Friends

The Autumn view of our city.

The Autumn view of our city.

Hi there! Sorry I was not so often here this last few days. I was busy with my real expat life. I was busy today but not about work or so. I was relaxing with my Filipina friends that we forgot the time until it was dark outside. Imagine we talked and bonded together before lunch in my friends house until 6 this evening.


It´s been a long time that I last saw my best friend which is only living a few kilometers away from where I live. Yes, it´s only a few kilometers away that I can even walk to her house but we seldom see each other because we are both busy with our own lives especially that my friend has 2 small kids. Today, I met a new Filipina in my friends house and it was fun talking about everything and  anything besides talking about our Filipino food. I was glad that my friend invited me to be with her when her new Filipina acquaintance came. Our new acquaintance was a nice one and we were talking as if we have been friends for all these years.

Monggo beans soup

Monggo beans soup

Bonding with fellow expats was always good as we talked about our lives and experiences in Germany and what was happening in our home country Philippines. Bonding with fellow countrymen also meant eating delicious Filipino food together which we have not eaten for ages. We did not prepare any fancy food. My friend made Lumpia and monggo beans soup and our new acquainted friend brought Bihon, fried glass noodles, for our lunch. The food was so yummy especially that I was not the one cooking them. LOL!

It was a great day. I have talked and laughed a lot and so did my friends. I´m sure that like me, they have sore throat too for too much talking and laughing. Anyway, laughing is healthy and bonding with friends, too.


Do you bond with your friends? How many times a month? Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. Enjoy your life!


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Introducing Myself

Rose from our city park in Germany. ©Thelma Alberts

Rose from our city park in Germany. ©Thelma Alberts

Hello fellow writers! I am new to this site. I was surfing online and have read some articles from my Fb friends who are writing here. Checking this site, I have found out so many familiar faces from the other writing sites I was or still am writing. Writers whom I have not seen for a long time. I have missed some of my fellow online writers that I thought I have to join in. So here I am now wanting to create another writing site. I don´t know how many I have this time. I´m sure I will be making a schedule for my everyday writing.


Some of you might know me. I am a Hubpages writer for more than 4 years, a Bubblews writer for 2 years (I think) and a blogger at Blogger for a few months. Oh, I am also a member in Daily Two Cent writing site. I know, they are plenty.


As I am new to Blogjob, I am still learning my rope here and I hope I can count on your help whenever I need one. I still have to find out how things are going on here. I still have to put my profile page and check what things I have to do and not do in this site. If you have any advice for me, please feel free to tell me. It will be much appreciated.


I am planning to write a guide about my expat life here in Germany. I live here for more than 3 decades with interruptions. Actually I have 2 homes, Philippines and Germany. My childhood and teenage life was spent in my home country before I got married to a German more than 30 years ago. I should say, I am a lucky person to have a life like I have with my wonderful husband.


UPDATE: Ah, this one I forgot. Thanks to my friend Ces, I am one of the writers of our PILYA BLOG  at Blogger, a Filipino-German Lifestyle Magazine in Germany. We will be launching our first Filipino-German Lifestyle Magazine next month as a hard copy. Our publisher Ces, co-writers as well as myself are very excited about our “new baby” magazine. Wish us good luck Guys.


Anyway, it is nice to be here and to be able to communicate with you. Thanks for reading.


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