Shopping On Rose Monday / Rosenmontag In Ochtrup

FOC (Factory Outlet Center)

FOC (Factory Outlet Center)

Helau!!! Alaaf!!!  These are the greetings we could hear on Rosenmontag / Rose Monday Carnival parades shouted by the people on the streets. Today, I was not able to shout it on the street parade in our city. Our Rosenmontagzug / Rose Monday Carnival parade was cancelled because of the bad weather. There was a strong storm that it was dangerous for the people to have a Carnival parade in our city. The popular Düsseldorf parade was cancelled, too. Gladfully, the best Cologne traditional Rosenmontag parade took place and so we could see it in the TV.


As our city Carnival parade was cancelled, the 2 kids of my Filipina friend were disappointed and so we went to Ochtrup by car which was an hour drive from our place. Thinking that the parade was not cancelled there and if it was cancelled, the children could still play in the playground of the shopping center. There was no parade there as well but we could still hear the carnival music in the air carried by the strong wind. We delivered the kids to the playground in FOC (Factory Outlet Center) shopping center  which had somebody for taking care of all the children delivered and left behind while the parents did their shopping  stress free for a few hours .


It was the first time I have been there in the Factory Outlet Center. The shopping center houses a lot of prominent shops like Lacoste, Nike, Bugati, Esprit, Vero Moda, Marc Aurel, Geox, Adidas, Otto Kern, Pierre Cardin, Michael Kors, Salamander to name a few of more than a hundred branded stores. There were a lot of bargain sales today which started from 1 €. I have bought a lace blouse (which is already a dress for me)  from Street One brand which normally costed 39.95 €. I bought  blouses from other branded companies which costed only 5€ each. A Bugati shirt for my hubby  for 12.95€. All the clothes that I have bought were of good quality and to a bargain price.


I am not a fan of branded clothes but when I see a bargain sale like this, I grab the chance. Anytime! What about you? Do you grab the chance, too? Now I have a dress for the communion of one of the kids (who was with us today) this coming April.


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