Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Yes, you read it right. My hubby and I married today at 6 in the early morning in the Philippines 35 years ago. It was an event in our small town. I think I was the second Filipina in our town who got married to a German. The catholic church was full of people I did not know of besides  my relatives and friends. The priest who married us was a dutch priest who was our town priest and was living more years in our country.


How was the marriage ceremony and the reception  at that time?

Well, it was a simple wedding ceremony but with plenty of viewers as it was not common at that time to marry a foreigner. They wanted to see  my hubby who was well-built, tall and a white complexion. He felt like he was an alien at that time and I felt so disturbed by the crowd who came to our wedding ceremony. I was a shy 20 years old girl back then. After the ceremony we drove in the car which was owned by my religion teacher who became one of our godparents. The reception was held at home.


When we arrived home, we had to drink something from the herbal drink that an old family member had given us. We were not allowed to get inside the house without drinking that drink. I did not know what was in it but my hubby and I had to drink it as it was an old marriage tradition in our country. I wonder now what Nang Lucia had put in our drink. Maybe something to make our marriage long and successful? I couldn´t ask her now as she passed away 2 years ago.


The reception was at home in our wooden house with nipa roof. The relatives and some friends were helping my parents to prepare the food for the celebration. They had to cook the food a few hours before the celebration, in our small kitchen. Some were cooking outside the house. As I can remember, plenty of the “guests” were not even invited but they came and brought some people with them.  It was  common  before to have people coming to any wedding event without having an invitation.  No, they did not bring gifts. Only some of our close relatives were giving us gifts for the wedding.  There was a dance in our living room where some guests were pinning money on my wedding dress. Of course not so plenty because they thought my hubby had enough in his country.


The wedding celebration was a successful one and I was not able to thank those people who helped my parents. For them, it was a pleasure to help. Filipino families are always helping each other. Through thick and thin.


I am thankful to God for all the blessings that my hubby and I have received. Thankful for all the trials we have mastered in life. I hope we will stay together healthy til the end of our lives. Thanks for reading.

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