Christmas Shopping

Autumn, leaveless trees!

Autumn, leaveless trees! ©Thelma Alberts

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Have you done it online or have you shop in the shops?


Last Saturday when I was working, most of our clients didn´t come to their massage appointments. It was the quietest Saturday that we had. As my last client did not come so I was able to go home before 5 in the afternoon. I was glad about that because I needed time for my own Christmas shopping.


My work is in the city and so I went shopping after that. I thought the city was full of people because there were a lot of bargain sales and mostly up to 50 % of the price. I was wrong. There were only few people left in the shops. Maybe I was just late and have not seen those shoppers. Anyway, when I was home, I have seen the TV news that the department stores have not many shoppers for these last few days. The news said that it might be because some people prefer to shop online as the prices are cheaper than in the shops.


Do you shop online? I do with the few things but I prefer to shop in the stores as I like to see the products that I would like to buy. I have bought a gift last Saturday  and I thought the price was just the same as I have seen this online but again, I was wrong. I was surprise but still bought the gift as I didn´t like to order online.


I see that plenty of people nowadays shop online because there are plenty of reduced product prices especially now that Christmas is on the door steps. It would be bad when the department stores and other shops will close their doors or might get bankrupt because the people prefer to shops in the comfort of their living rooms. What will happen to the people who are working in those shops? Jobless, isn´t it?  I hope shoppers will think over about their new buying attitude.


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