My Writing Plan at Blogjob

My Writing Desk

My Writing Desk

I think everyone who writes online has its own writing plan. Just like our fellow blogjobber @brendamarie whom I got this idea on what to write for today.

The first thing I do when I am online is to

  1. check blogjob comments on my new published posts and reply the comments.
  2. check  comments on my other sites posts here and reply the comments on my posts.
  3. then I check on the sites if there are interesting posts for me to read.
  4. check if my friends who mostly interacted with me wrote a new post. Read their posts and comments on  these posts.
  5. check the posts of the new members, read them, comments on them.
  6. check the groups and forums and interact there.
  7. then I write more than 300 words on whatever I have in my mind.
  8. share my posts to social media sites.


There are many things for me to think about when writing an article or a post. I think about if what I write is interesting to read. I think about what could I write that help other readers. So I think about DIY or recipe posts to write. Mostly I write about being a Filipino expat here in Germany. I have a niche for this. This is the site where I often write my posts. Then my cooking site. It´s easy for me to write often in my cooking site as I cook often and I am fond of experimenting and tweaking the food that I serve for my hubby or friends and relatives. I am fond of baking and decorating my cakes as well and sometimes I write a recipe of my cake. I have Philippines travel site but I am careful what to write because I have written already some travel articles in my main writing site in Hubpages. I don´t want to repeat myself and might cause trouble of posting a duplicate.


I have 6 sites in Blogjob and from these sites I choose where I could write in a certain day. It´s very seldom that I reach my 150 points limit (just now only 100 points limit) as I don´t like to stress myself and besides that I am often busy with my offline part time job. What about you fellow blogjobbers? Do you have any writing plan?

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