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Keukenhof Garden, The Netherlands

Keukenhof Garden, The Netherlands

Knock, knock, knock! Anybody here? Sorry I was not here often these last few days. I was so tired of writing and I just took a break from this site. The changes here at Blogjob has given me the time to take a break from writing.


I joined MyLot a few days ago as I needed something new. MyLot is a discussion site where one can earn. I was having a writers block but it didn´t mean to say that I have no idea what to write. I have ideas but no motivation to write. I have a lot to think about and I need a clear mind.


A week ago, I was in Keukenhof Garden in The Netherlands with my friend and her family. So this is one of the ideas I want to write about but I will write it in my main writing site as this is a very long article with loads of beautiful photos. I even have plenty of videos taken about this tulips garden and I have to publish them in my you tube channel first before using them on my blogs.  So, I need time and organization. I am really busy  not only with my online  but also my offline part time job. I am so tired that I am ready for an island travel. So to speak;-)


So, what´s up fellow Blogjobbers? I missed this site and I dropped by every now and then before I decided to write this post. It seemed a ghost town. I saw that one of the changes was the “https” instead of “http”.


Does it mean that we are recovering?  I hope so. I still have Google Ads in my blogs and so I want to keep my sites active. What about you?


Anyway, I really hope that some of our Blogjobbers will come back. I miss their interactions here. Tomorrow is Whit Sunday. It will be a public holiday this coming Monday (Whit Monday) here in Germany and so we have a long weekend. Have a great weekend to all of you. Thanks for reading.

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My Writing Plan at Blogjob

My Writing Desk

My Writing Desk

I think everyone who writes online has its own writing plan. Just like our fellow blogjobber @brendamarie whom I got this idea on what to write for today.

The first thing I do when I am online is to

  1. check blogjob comments on my new published posts and reply the comments.
  2. check  comments on my other sites posts here and reply the comments on my posts.
  3. then I check on the sites if there are interesting posts for me to read.
  4. check if my friends who mostly interacted with me wrote a new post. Read their posts and comments on  these posts.
  5. check the posts of the new members, read them, comments on them.
  6. check the groups and forums and interact there.
  7. then I write more than 300 words on whatever I have in my mind.
  8. share my posts to social media sites.


There are many things for me to think about when writing an article or a post. I think about if what I write is interesting to read. I think about what could I write that help other readers. So I think about DIY or recipe posts to write. Mostly I write about being a Filipino expat here in Germany. I have a niche for this. This is the site where I often write my posts. Then my cooking site. It´s easy for me to write often in my cooking site as I cook often and I am fond of experimenting and tweaking the food that I serve for my hubby or friends and relatives. I am fond of baking and decorating my cakes as well and sometimes I write a recipe of my cake. I have Philippines travel site but I am careful what to write because I have written already some travel articles in my main writing site in Hubpages. I don´t want to repeat myself and might cause trouble of posting a duplicate.


I have 6 sites in Blogjob and from these sites I choose where I could write in a certain day. It´s very seldom that I reach my 150 points limit (just now only 100 points limit) as I don´t like to stress myself and besides that I am often busy with my offline part time job. What about you fellow blogjobbers? Do you have any writing plan?

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Random Thoughts Of My Expat Day

My German breakfast

My German breakfast

Good morning everyone! Yes, it is still morning here in my neck of the woods. I supposed to be still in bed now but my inner time is up already. Waking up at 8 in the morning is not really early but I am a night owl. I mostly sleep after midnight.


Since I started working a part time job as a wellness massage therapist, my time in blogging is shortened. I don´t complain because this is my offline job that I love most. It helps add up my travel expenses for this year.


My time is precious nowadays that I even neglected some of my friends and relatives. I keep on saying to myself that I can rest when I will be in my home country for a  few months. I will be enjoying my life there and being massaged by my high school friend who comes to my house for giving me a massage treatment. These last few months I thought, I work in Germany but live my life in my home town in the Philippines.  Don´t get me wrong. I love Germany. It´s  my first home for more  than 30 years but still I miss my life in the Philippines and our dog Angus  who is living there since 2011. We did not bring him back to Germany as we keep on flying back and fort to my home country.


The sun is shining now and that is good as I have to go to the city and buy some ingredients for the communion cake  that I have to bake. I still need some ingredients especially cream of tartar. I wonder if I can find it here. I need it for my chiffon cake.


Oh! My PILYA Blog magazine April edition has arrived yesterday. I have to read what the other PILYA bloggers have written. I have to read what delicious Pinoy recipe @iamshane487 has written and I have to take a photo of me and the magazine for our Fb PILYA BLOG page.


Anyway, have a great evening/ morning/ day to all of you. God bless us all and thanks for reading. ☺😀😁

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Changing The Theme Of My Blog

Spree river in Berlin, Germany.

Spree river in Berlin, Germany.

Good morning to you Guys! Well, it is already morning in the Philippines. It is 1:30 in the early morning here in Germany. I know it is too late for me to go to bed but I can wake up until noon when I like. It´s Sunday and it´s a resting day for me. I was so tired coming from work this Saturday evening that I had to take a break after dinner. I slept for an hour and started updating my blog My Kitchen and I after that.


I changed the theme of my cooking blog when I was not able to upload a photo of my bitter melon article. When I clicked the Add Image to upload my photo, it was not functioning. I thought my laptop was already “Kaputt” and so I logged off from my laptop and used my tablet instead and it was still the same. It disturbed me much that there was no photo to show what kind of vegetable bitter melon was. Now I have the photo but with a new blog appearance.


Selecting and changing the theme of my cooking blog, putting up the right color, adding widgets and getting rid of my Amazon disclosure text took a lot of my time.  Have you changed the appearance of your blogs? Is it allowed to put my referral link on a text of my widget? I wonder. If not, I have to delete it. Btw, how many ad links on the sidebar are we allowed to put on our blogs? Am I allowed to add my Zazzle link here? I know that some of you here are experts on this online ad business. Please share your advice below this post.


Anyway, I have to do a lot of blogging this Sunday afternoon as I have not written much these last few days. I have to get the 10,000+ points and redeem before flying to my beloved Angus. I may not be able to write more often when I am in my home country due to the weak internet connection.


So long my friends and thank you for your visit. It´s already 2 a.m.  Good night! Ciao! Gute Nacht!

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Amazon Affiliate No More

My Writing Desk

My Writing Desk

Are you an Amazon affiliate at Amazon. com? I was, for a few months but now no more. I can’t  remember how long I was an affiliate but a few months ago, I got an email from them that I would no longer be an affiliate if I didn’t have a sale within 180 days. I forgot about that email and  continued  inserting Amazon products to my blogs at Blogjob.


The other day, I send an email to them because I  was not able to login in my Amazon affiliate account. As I said I forgot about the Amazon email and kept wondering why I  couldn’t login. Lol😀 I was really ignoring negative things that came to my life. Anyway I  got an email from Amazon  yesterday telling me that I am no longer an affiliate and that I can apply again in a few months.


Now I have a lot of things to do. I have to get rid of the Amazon products from my blogs. That will costs me a lot of time. Time that I could use for writing. Time that I don’t  have but I have to do what I have to do. I wonder though why I  am still an Amazon affiliate at Amazon.de, an Amazon Partner Net in Germany. Don’t they have the same rules and regulations?


Do you have any idea or advice in what site I could be an affiliate  besides Adsense? I already have Adsense and I  am earning there, slowly but surely. Maybe you have any tutorial how to be a good affiliate in the sense of earning. Any experts here? Please share your expertise.


Oh! I have an idea. I could apply at Amazon UK.  Are there any UK affiliates here? How to apply? Any tutorial post?Anyway, thank you for reading my blog. Your advice are always welcome. Have a blessed day to you all.

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My Paraffin Wax Hub Was Moved To Bellatory Site

Manicured hands

Manicured hands

Yay! Another article of mine was moved to Hubpages vertical site. My  Paraffin Wax treatment hub was moved to Bellatory site. Bellatory  is a new niche site of Hubpages which is all about beauty, skin care and fashion. I am proud that Hubpages has chosen my hub as one of the highest quality hubs selected for the new site. There was nothing wrong with my writing and especially my grammar. They just edited it in a way that my article catched the eyes of the readers (though it catched  the eyes of the thieves / plagiarists  already). They removed the unnecessary words that I have often repeated in my article. Of course they removed the Amazon ads that I have put in it, too.


How to Use Paraffin Wax Treatment for Your Hands and Feet is one of the best tutorials I have written in my writing career. That is maybe because I have written this from my own experience while working at Spa Elysium in County Mayo, Ireland a few years ago.


Do you know that this article of mine has been plagiarized many times  by some selling websites and used this for their paraffin wax products? Yes, they did and I have filed DMCA often times but no success and I am tired of filing against those plagiarists. So be it!


Anyway, I am happy about some passive income that come from this tutorial. I have written this once and I am earning a bit, slowly but surely for the last 5 years. I will not get rich but I surely am having fun seeing the  cents that filed up until the next payout.  Now, I am thinking of writing more tutorials about things that are used in the spas or massage saloons.


Have you tried this paraffin wax treatment? How I wish I can buy this paraffin wax in the Philippines for my paraffin wax machine in my massage room. That would be great having feet as soft as a baby skin.

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Taking A Break From Writing

Carrot Muffins for our bonding.

Carrot Muffins for our bonding.

Do you still have time for your offline friends? Do you bond with them every now and then?


I mean as a blogger in many writing sites, I tried to write most of the time (when I have) to earn money from our writing sites but I mostly failed to do so. Either I was tired from my offline part-time job, I had no idea what to write that I thought was interesting enough to my readers or I had no motivation to write at all. Sometimes, I just wanted to read and interact with my online friends. I sometimes felt that my brain was exhausted. Just imagine in how many languages my brain had to deal with.


The dark shadow under my eyes should stop. I  remember someone had said “I’m glad I am no longer studying in school. I don’t  have to read a book anymore. “ I could not relate to that. The older I became, the more I read. Every time I  started reading, I couldn’t stop. Well, I only read interesting posts or books. I  think I  am already addicted to reading. Any break could do me good.


Yes, a few hours break did me good when I bonded with my Pinay / Filipina friend at home. She collected me in the city after my 2 hours work and instead of having a coffee and cake in a cafeteria, we went home as we did not find a vacant parking place in the city. It was not a planned bonding. It was a spontaneous one as her kids and hubby went to the cinema and so we had time for us. We bought carrot muffins in the bakery and so we had a wonderful time chatting about everything. About the food we would cook for the communion celebration of her son. I will be baking cakes for crowds again and I will be baking my Schwarzwäldertorte (Black Forrest Cake) and other cakes. I am looking forward to that event.


Anyway, I have to discipline myself and should take enough breaks  from writing online. For the sake of my eyes. The nature outside is beautiful to explore. Thanks for reading.

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Spring Is Here!

My Tropical Garden

My Tropical Garden

Oh my! It´s already March. How the month February just passed by so quickly. I have not met some of my goals for last month but I did what I could. I set priorities and one of these is earning money on and offline for my travel to my home country. I will be staying there for a few months again.


Today is the beginning of Spring here in my adopted country but it doesn´t feel like Spring at all. The weather is freezing cold, just 3°C, cloudy and rainy. Talking about Spring, I have to finish my article about Spring season for our April issue of  PILYA BLOG MAGAZINE here in Germany. This is one of my favourite topics in writing, flowers, flowers and flowers;-)


I know! I have not written about plants here in Blogjob but I have in my Blogger site. I called it Thelma´s Tropical Garden. I miss my tropical garden but I will be there again soon. I will be there soon, writing at the garden table while listening to the tropical birds chirping on the branches of carambola / starfruit, pomelo, guava and coconut trees. Every now and then I will be taking a break from writing  just to catch the glimpse of the beautiful butterflies hopping from Zinnias, Lantana Camaras and other scented flowers I have planted when I was there. Is it not a relaxing place to write a blog? Remembering my garden blog, I have to update it again as my last post there was last November 2015. I have neglected my garden blog since I started writing on Blogjob. I still have many things to write about my garden.


What about you? Is it Spring time in your neck of the woods? Are you preparing something to plant when the freezing season is over?


Thank you for reading and if you want to read about my tropical garden, here´s a hub I wrote for Hubpageswith lots of photos of my flowers. Enjoy the month of March!


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My Writing Journey Online

My Writing Desk

My Writing Desk

Yesterday, I  got an email from the Hubpages team. It was stated,

“You have hit a pretty impressive  milestone—–your 5 Year Anniversary on Hubpages! You’ve stuck with us through thick and thin. You’ve braved the writer’s block, rode the traffic waves, and hopefully made some lifelong friends. You are truly a veteran Hubber. Happy Hubbiversary!”


I totally forgot about my “hubbiversary”. I thought I am 6 years now as a Hubpages writer. Lol! It seems I have gone too far?. I  appreciated much that the Hubpages team contacted me more often in these last few weeks. All the news I got were all positive and for the best of my hubs. These good news inspired me to write more. But what? It’s  been 8 months since I have written my last hub and it was about Cologne City in Germany.  My next article there, would be more than 1000 words and I need a lot of photos for that. I might write about another travel. I have not been to Keukenhof yet, a tulip paradise garden in The Netherlands for tulip lovers. Yes,  it’s  just an idea that pops up in my brain at this moment. Maybe I  could go by a travel bus extra for Keukenhof. I have to think about that.


Thinking about my writing journey, I  have gone far. Imagine, I  was so sad leaving my good paid part time job as a massage therapist in Spa Elysium  and awesome workmates, not to think about the breathtaking landscapes  of Ireland and moved back to Germany. As the saying goes “when one door closes, another door opens.”


I became a Hubpages writer after a few months leaving Ireland. I was a novice then, polishing my English language, learning the computer technology, keywords, etc… by trial and error. My diary writing turned to online writing. I have learned a lot from “scratch “. I have met many people from all over the world with different customs, traditions, religions and offline jobs. The only thing that connected us was our passion in writing.


Many years have passed and Hubpages was not the only website I joined in. I became a blogger as well trying to lay my “eggs in different baskets.”  I was scammed by 2 writing sites together with my co-bloggers worldwide but it didn’t  turned me off from writing. Instead, it made me careful.


Writing is fun! Hubpages is still my main writing site and I  am still contented with this site. As what HP said, I went  ” through thick and thin.” HAPPY 5th HUBBIVERSARY to me!!!!

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