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Buenavista Agusan del Norte, Philippines

Buenavista Agusan del Norte, Philippines

Oh my! It has been a long time since I was here at Blogjob. I missed my online friends. Where are you guys? Come and let us make this site vibrant again. Although this site has stopped paying, I remember I can still earn from here through my Adsense. Do you have an Adsense account? If not, apply for it.


I saw that I have been here on my site  last time in June. The last 3 months has been one of the busiest months I have this year. It was not all bad. It was a mixture of everything.


Summer was good to me though. I spent my summer in my home country. In fact, I am still here enjoying the hot and humid weather. My electric fan is on service for 24/7. Nope, I don´t use our aircon. I don´t like artificial coldness which makes me sick. I´d rather have a real cold and maybe freezing  weather outside than having an air conditioner. Besides that, I don´t like to pay the huge electric bill due to using aircon. I still try my best to live frugally without being hungry. Philippines food is no longer cheap as it used to be.


Being in my home country for a few months is a privilege not everyone could have. Thanks for my working hard in Germany when I was there and thanks to hubby about my staying here in my home country. He is indeed a good husband and a blessing to me.


Time is so fast. Christmas is in the air. Well, I heard Christmas songs already in the malls. Philippines Christmas is said to be the longest in the world. It starts in September and ends in February. This New Year might be the silent new year I will be having. There might be no fireworks allowed on that day.


Anyway, I hope my fellow Blogjobbers will be back soon.

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Random Thoughts Of My Expat Day

My German breakfast

My German breakfast

Good morning everyone! Yes, it is still morning here in my neck of the woods. I supposed to be still in bed now but my inner time is up already. Waking up at 8 in the morning is not really early but I am a night owl. I mostly sleep after midnight.


Since I started working a part time job as a wellness massage therapist, my time in blogging is shortened. I don´t complain because this is my offline job that I love most. It helps add up my travel expenses for this year.


My time is precious nowadays that I even neglected some of my friends and relatives. I keep on saying to myself that I can rest when I will be in my home country for a  few months. I will be enjoying my life there and being massaged by my high school friend who comes to my house for giving me a massage treatment. These last few months I thought, I work in Germany but live my life in my home town in the Philippines.  Don´t get me wrong. I love Germany. It´s  my first home for more  than 30 years but still I miss my life in the Philippines and our dog Angus  who is living there since 2011. We did not bring him back to Germany as we keep on flying back and fort to my home country.


The sun is shining now and that is good as I have to go to the city and buy some ingredients for the communion cake  that I have to bake. I still need some ingredients especially cream of tartar. I wonder if I can find it here. I need it for my chiffon cake.


Oh! My PILYA Blog magazine April edition has arrived yesterday. I have to read what the other PILYA bloggers have written. I have to read what delicious Pinoy recipe @iamshane487 has written and I have to take a photo of me and the magazine for our Fb PILYA BLOG page.


Anyway, have a great evening/ morning/ day to all of you. God bless us all and thanks for reading. ☺😀😁

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How To Prepare A Weekend Travel

German Hotel Double Bed

German Hotel Double Bed

Are you fond of traveling? I do but not always as it costs money to travel. We have a wedding to attend to and the place of the wedding with the reception is around 6 hours drive from where we live. Though it costs a lot of money and time, this event is still worth a visit as most of our friends will be there and we have not seen the bride  for more than 10 years.


Before this event, plans were made and a long list   of what to do and bring for the weekend travel. Here are some important things needed for traveling inside the country. Well for me, it´s inside Germany.


Important Papers / Documentary /  things to bring:


  1. Identification card or ID
  2. Bank Card, Visa or Cash money
  3. Cellphone and charger
  4. Tickets for the train, bus or plane.
  5. If you travel by car, don´t forget your driving license.
  6. A navigation gadget or a road map if you travel by car.
  7. Writing pad and a pen
  8. Camera, video camera with charger
  9. Medicine you need for the travel
  10. Clothes—such as dress, pants, sweater,  underwears, undershirts, stockings and socks if you travel to a cold place like I do. Comfortable shoes or sandals.


Bathroom things such as:


  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Soap
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • towel
  • hairdryer
  • hairbrush / comb
  • cosmetics like day cream, night cream, body lotion and hand cream.
  • Wet towels for cleaning hands while traveling.
  • Toilet paper just in case you need it on the road.


I include soap in the list as I have already experienced that in some parts of Germany, the hotels, guest houses or B&B´s were not including this in their bathrooms “must have”.


Food and drink if you travel by car:


  • bananas
  • sandwiches
  • apples
  • hard boiled eggs
  • cookies or dry cakes like banana cake
  • water


Traveling is a wonderful adventure for me as I will see a lot of places. Places that I will soon share with you. Good night! Time to go to sleep in our hotel room. Thanks for reading.


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7 Must See Places In Rome

The View of Rome, Italy by ©Thelma Alberts

The View of Rome, Italy by ©Thelma Alberts

This post is the continuation of my travel to Rome, Italy by bus. Here is the link of my bus travel which started from Germany, passing through Switzerland  and a bit of Austria. When we arrived in our hotel in Rome, we rested first before exploring the city and asked the hotel reception how to go to the places we wanted to. Driving a bus to the tourist attractions a few meters away from our hotel was the best we did. We were adviced though to be careful everywhere  as plenty of thieves were doing their business in the buses and in the other places of Rome.


Awesome Places I Have Seen In Rome: 


1. The Colosseum

Have you seen the movie The Gladiator? Yes, that was the Colosseum where once the gladiators and the criminals fought for their lives against the lions. The place where the Romans enjoyed watching the barbaric entertainment of that  time. The Colosseum was once the amphitheater of the Roman Empire.

2. St. Peters Basilica in Vatican City

St. Peter Basilica is an amazing historical place to visit. The most important place to visit when traveling to Rome. A magnificent church which was named after St. Peter, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus. St. Peters shrine is inside this church and his remains is thought to be buried under the Popes altar. Inside the church are plenty of artistic masterpieces of Michaelangelo and other Renaissance artists. Besides that, tombs of the late popes are inside the grotto of the basilica.

3. Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel was the best  chapel I have seen in Rome. It was like being in heaven seeing those frescos  decorated in the ceiling and some huge paintings on the walls. The Last Judgement, the Creation of Adam made by Michaelangelo, paintings of Botticelli and other Renaissance painters and artists are there to be adored of not only by the Christians. Inside are the stories of Christ in paintings and in frescos.

Frescos inside the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, Rome, Italy. Photo by Thelma Alberts

Frescos inside the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, Rome, Italy. Photo by ©Thelma Alberts

4. Monument of Victor Emmanuel 11 

This monument was one of the most awesome huge monument I have seen in Rome. A very impressive monument named after the King of Italy. When I saw it from far, it looked like a typewriter.

5.The Pantheon

The Pantheon is one of the must visit building in the city of Rome. It was once built by “Marcus Agrippa 25BC” as a temple for the Romans at that time who believed in many gods.

6. Trevi Fountain

A stunning and impressive  fountain which attracts plenty of tourists worldwide. Many people have thrown coins while making a wish in this fountain. I did that too but I forgot what I have wished for.

7. The Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps is just near the Trevi Fountain. This is where the tourists take a rest from exploring the city of Rome.


I hope it is not too long for you to read. I could have written more but I didn´t. The photos were taken in 1999 and so I had to scan these photos from my album before sharing them to you. I am not sure if the photo below was taken in the Colosseum. Maybe you know. Thanks for reading.


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Ruins in Rome, Italy by ©Thelma Alberts

Ruins in Rome, Italy by ©Thelma Alberts

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Traveling To Rome By Bus

Strolling in Florence, Italy

Strolling in Florence, Italy

Have you traveled to another country by bus for more than a day? Well, I have and it was fun. This post is about my memory in traveling to my “holy land” Vatican City.


I was traveling with my Filipina friend by bus from Germany to Rome, Italy. It was a wonderful and exciting travel. Our bus travel started from NRW (Northrhine Westphalia) to the south of Germany. From Germany, we have passed through Switzerland, a part of Austria then to Italy.


Our bus stopped for an overnight stay  somewhere in Switzerland. The hotel was small but with an amazing view of the place. The hotel was on top of the mountain that I was so scared when our huge bus went up. Our travel bus was not the only one on top. There were other travelers too traveling with travel buses from different countries in Europe like England.

Piazza Venezia, Rome, Italy

Piazza Venezia, Rome, Italy

Cities in Italy on the way to Vatican City


1. Florence / Firenze

After our overnight stay up high in the mountain, we continued our travel to Italy. Our first stop in Italy was in Florence. Have you ever been to Florence / Firenze? It is an old and historical city in the region of Tuscany. Florence is one of the tourist attractions in Italy. Besides being known as the place of the powerful Medici family, it is widely visited because of their amazing museums, galleries, monuments and  medieval churches. Leonardo da Vinci museum is one of the best.


2. Milan / Milano

Milano was our second stopover. We had only 2 hours stopover, just enough to roam around the city and took photos. We went to Milano Cathedral, in the shopping mall nearby which sold a lot of branded Italian fashion bags, clothes and shoes and of course we went to have our Italian lunch before traveling further to Rome before it got dark.


3. Rome

At last we arrived in Rome before the sun set. Our hotel was not in the center of the city. We had to take a bus to the city of Rome the next days of our 5 days Rome holiday.


Our travel to Rome was an exciting one and we have seen the main city of Christianity. We arrived at our destination. We had to sleep first and to prepare for the next days adventure of exploring Rome.

To be continued:


Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved by Thelma Alberts


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How The Germans Celebrate The New Years Eve

Fireworks at the Rhine River

Fireworks at the Rhine River

Thinking about what to write this evening, it came to my mind how every people in every country celebrates the end of the year. The new years eve or as we call it here in Germany, “Silvester.” I was wondering why the last day of the year, the 31st of December, was and still is called Silvester. Why not other name like Manuel or so. So I Googled it. See…Google helps me in every question I have in mind.


According to my research online, December 31 is celebrated as the last day of the year in Germany, in honor of Saint Silvester / Sylvester. He was the Pope in the early 314 to 335. He was the one who baptized Constantine The Great, the Roman Ruler. He died in December 31, 335. Source: Wikipedia


How the Germans celebrate the Silvester/ New Years Eve:


There are lots of New Years Eve / Silvester parties in Germany. They are mostly well planned and organized by the people in charge of the organizations. Some of these Sivester parties are:


  1. Parties in different kinds in the discotheques, hotels, pubs and restaurants.
  2. Open Air  parties in some popular cities like in Cologne or at the Brandenburger Tor or Gate in Berlin. Open Air Concert and shows in Berlin are one of the tourist attractions in Germany. Two kilometers party at the Brandenburger Gate with invited show stars, singers and live bands. At exactly midnight, the amazing fireworks starts. After that, there´s an open end disco party where one can dance until one “drops” the ground. The best thing is, this Silvester party is free.
  3. Fireworks at the Rhine River. There are Silvester parties aboard the river boat cruises at the Rhine. One has to book the ticket a few weeks in advance to be able to have a place to stay. From the boat, one can view the awesome New Years Eve / Silvester fireworks.
  4. Enjoying the party at home with some friends and relatives with lots of food and not to forget, the drinks.
  5. Just celebrating alone at home watching the TV Silvester parties. Then watching outside at midnight when the fireworks start to spark in the sky.


What about you? How do you celebrate your New Years Eve? Home alone or with friends and relatives? Wherever you might be, don´t drink if you drive. I hope you will be having a wonderful welcome to the year 2016.

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Traveling With The German Railway

Wesel Train Station, Germany

Wesel Train Station, Germany

Being an expat here in Germany I have learned how to use the busses and the trains. Besides that, I am the wife of an early retired German railway civil servant who did not only learn how  to drive the train engine but also inspected the cargo trains. In fact, the whole family worked with the Bundesbahn Railway.


There were disadvantages and advantages of  being  a wife of a Bundesbahn  railway worker. I only counted the advantages and one of these were having half free railway tickets wherever I wanted to go and a full ticket for going abroad in Europe with a German train once a year. I am talking about the past here as we are no longer using the privileges because  we keep on traveling to and from the Philippines. We did not apply for this anymore but I think we will be next year.


Traveling with the train in Germany was very relaxing for me as I could read inside when the ride was far. The trains were punctual. Yes it was, before  it was  privatized by the government. Many things have changed then, not only with the government but also with the Bundesbahn.


Anyway, I still remember my first ride alone with the train in 1981. I was going to Volkhochschule or VHS (Further Adult Education) to attend my German class course. The ride was only around 10 minutes to the stop station of the city where I went. When the train stopped, I was not able to open the door and I did not know yet how to express in German. I was knocking at the hard door trying to open it. I was glad a passenger heard me and opened the door for me.



Many years had passed, the train had become my companion when I felt bored at home. Hubby at work and son at school. It was the late 80´s and the 90´s when suddenly I just picked up my jacket and my bag and went to the big cities like Duesseldorf or Cologne (video above) just to stroll around and when I got tired, went home. It was good as I only had to pay the half price of the ticket when I did not use the free one. I used the free one when it was a long ride of at least 2 hours drive.


The last time I used the train  was when I spent my weekend in Berlin a month ago. I met a Filipina co-writer and publisher of our PILYA BLOG MAGAZINE. That Sunday weekend alone in Berlin reminded me of my stroll in Duesseldorf alone.


I hope I have not let you sleep by reading this long post. That is, if you have finished reading it at all. LOL! Thank you my friends for reading.


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