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1st Holy Communion Cake for Angelo baked by the author.

1st Holy Communion Cake for Angelo baked by the author yesterday, 23.04.2016.

Hello Guys! It´s almost midnight here where I am. I am tired but I want to write one post before I will go to bed. This Saturday was a busy day for me. My hubby and I went to the Asian shop after breakfast and you know what? We have met my fellow countryman who came from the same town where I came from in the Philippines. We even have the same high school alma mater and I know his family there. Wow! The world is really getting small. Of course I know my countryman but we have not seen for ages although he and his family live for around 40 kilometers away where I live here in Germany. We have talked a lot in the Asian shop before we said goodbye. Maybe we will see each other in our hometown next time. LOL!


Shopping in an Asian shop on Saturday was  very stressful. There were plenty of Asians shopping for the food that we couldn´t get somewhere else. I was able to buy Filipino food like Pancit and Bihon noodles, coconut milk powder, sweet and sour sauce, Kangkong (water spinach) lemongrass and a pack of spring roll wrappers. I am planning to make spring rolls when I have visitors next month. I wanted to buy bitter melon or bitter gourd and soybeans but those veggies were already gone. Plenty of customers bought those veggies before I came. I just bought frozen bitter gourd so my hubby could try how it tastes.


After drinking my mug of creamy tea this afternoon, I started baking and making some fondant decorations for decorating the 1st communion cake. Before I have finished decorating, my friend came with her son and cousin. I closed the door in the living room where I decorated the cake because I didn´t want them to see it yet. My friend’s son might tell his brother, the celebrant, how the communion cake looked like. I want to surprise them. The Schwarzwäldertorte (black forest cake) was done too but I have not put the cherries deco yet. I did not take a photo of the cakes  as it is dark. I will do it tomorrow. So good night Guys. It was a long day for me. Tomorrow will be a long day as well. Thanks for reading.


P.S. Updated the post today, 24.04.2016 and added the photos of the cakes.

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Schwarzwäldertorte aka Black Forest Cake baked by the author yesterday.

Schwarzwäldertorte aka Black Forest Cake baked by the author yesterday, 23.04.2016.

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Shopping On Rose Monday / Rosenmontag In Ochtrup

FOC (Factory Outlet Center)

FOC (Factory Outlet Center)

Helau!!! Alaaf!!!  These are the greetings we could hear on Rosenmontag / Rose Monday Carnival parades shouted by the people on the streets. Today, I was not able to shout it on the street parade in our city. Our Rosenmontagzug / Rose Monday Carnival parade was cancelled because of the bad weather. There was a strong storm that it was dangerous for the people to have a Carnival parade in our city. The popular Düsseldorf parade was cancelled, too. Gladfully, the best Cologne traditional Rosenmontag parade took place and so we could see it in the TV.


As our city Carnival parade was cancelled, the 2 kids of my Filipina friend were disappointed and so we went to Ochtrup by car which was an hour drive from our place. Thinking that the parade was not cancelled there and if it was cancelled, the children could still play in the playground of the shopping center. There was no parade there as well but we could still hear the carnival music in the air carried by the strong wind. We delivered the kids to the playground in FOC (Factory Outlet Center) shopping center  which had somebody for taking care of all the children delivered and left behind while the parents did their shopping  stress free for a few hours .


It was the first time I have been there in the Factory Outlet Center. The shopping center houses a lot of prominent shops like Lacoste, Nike, Bugati, Esprit, Vero Moda, Marc Aurel, Geox, Adidas, Otto Kern, Pierre Cardin, Michael Kors, Salamander to name a few of more than a hundred branded stores. There were a lot of bargain sales today which started from 1 €. I have bought a lace blouse (which is already a dress for me)  from Street One brand which normally costed 39.95 €. I bought  blouses from other branded companies which costed only 5€ each. A Bugati shirt for my hubby  for 12.95€. All the clothes that I have bought were of good quality and to a bargain price.


I am not a fan of branded clothes but when I see a bargain sale like this, I grab the chance. Anytime! What about you? Do you grab the chance, too? Now I have a dress for the communion of one of the kids (who was with us today) this coming April.


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Tips On How To Save Money

Wesel at the Rhine River in Germany

Wesel at the Rhine River in Germany

Maybe this is not the first time you have read about saving money from our everyday lives. “Tips” and “How To Save” are abundant online yet everyone has his own version on how to save. I have my own, too.


Before when I was still a plain housewife and hometaker, I was not thinking of saving by buying cheap clothes or food. I was not looking for a bargain or thinking how I can save something from buying lesser expensive things. I just bought what I liked and sometimes what I did not really needed. Maybe because I was not earning hard for the money. My hubby did that for me and for our family and I was not thinking about it. I found it normal. Thanks to my other half. I appreciate what he has done.


Anyway, since I have experienced working hard to earn the money, I didn´t like shopping anymore. I didn´t like to spend anymore. I started asking myself  1. why do I have to buy this? 2. do I need this? and 3. wait for the sale. Then I found a goal why I have to save. I save for my travel to the Philippines. That is if I can save enough for my ticket.


Tips on how to save money:

  1. Food—-some supermarkets have weekly sale on some products. Sometimes meat as well. You can freeze meat and vegetables for a few months. When it´s summer, you can freeze fruits for your desserts and cakes for winter. Example freezing strawberries when it´s abundant in summer.
  2. Clothes–ask the 3 questions above first if you really have to buy clothes. Maybe your wardrobe is still full. Sell some clothes (in Ebay) you have if they are still good and buy a new one from the money you get. If you have some party dresses which you have worn twice only, why not sell it? Buying some clothes in cheap shops is not always good as most of them are not in good quality. After washing twice or trice, the blouse for example is already worn out.
  3. Walking or cycling instead of driving a car to your work. If it is only 30 minutes walk to your work, why not walk. It´s not only good for your wallet but also for your health.
  4. Newspaper—-do you need it? You can read the news online or hear and see it in the TV.
  5. Drinks—-well it depends what you drink. Water is still the best. Coffee and tea are ok. What about alcohol? Do you have to drink beer and other alcohol drinks? Think if what you drink is really good for your health.
  6. Traveling—find a travel agency who can give you a package deal for your travel to any places in Asia, America or Europe. You don´t have to travel far. Start with the places in your country worth visiting for.


I hope this blog is not too long for you to read. I still have a lot more tips in my mind but I see that I have already 529  word counts. Thanks for reading.


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Christmas Shopping

Autumn, leaveless trees!

Autumn, leaveless trees! ©Thelma Alberts

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Have you done it online or have you shop in the shops?


Last Saturday when I was working, most of our clients didn´t come to their massage appointments. It was the quietest Saturday that we had. As my last client did not come so I was able to go home before 5 in the afternoon. I was glad about that because I needed time for my own Christmas shopping.


My work is in the city and so I went shopping after that. I thought the city was full of people because there were a lot of bargain sales and mostly up to 50 % of the price. I was wrong. There were only few people left in the shops. Maybe I was just late and have not seen those shoppers. Anyway, when I was home, I have seen the TV news that the department stores have not many shoppers for these last few days. The news said that it might be because some people prefer to shop online as the prices are cheaper than in the shops.


Do you shop online? I do with the few things but I prefer to shop in the stores as I like to see the products that I would like to buy. I have bought a gift last Saturday  and I thought the price was just the same as I have seen this online but again, I was wrong. I was surprise but still bought the gift as I didn´t like to order online.


I see that plenty of people nowadays shop online because there are plenty of reduced product prices especially now that Christmas is on the door steps. It would be bad when the department stores and other shops will close their doors or might get bankrupt because the people prefer to shops in the comfort of their living rooms. What will happen to the people who are working in those shops? Jobless, isn´t it?  I hope shoppers will think over about their new buying attitude.


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