Moving To A New Flat / Apartment In Germany

Living Room Cupboard

Living Room Cupboard

Moving to a new flat in Germany is maybe different from moving to a new apartment in the USA or in your country.


In England and Ireland, when you move to a flat, there are already built-in kitchen, fridge, washing machine and maybe if you are lucky, with a dishwasher. Very well furnished rooms as well. Almost everything you need is there, including the bed.


In Germany, you rent a naked flat. Germans love to bring their own furniture with them when they transfer from one place to another place, later called home. The flat is really empty unless the previous tenant wants to sell her / his kitchen furniture to you. If not, he or she has to remove it. The previous tenant has to clean the flat before leaving it for the new tenant.


My first experience with buying furniture was funny. We went to a furniture store and viewed a lot of beds to choose. It was funny because buying a bed, was not really buying a complete bed. I had  wide eyes when my hubby asked me which one I liked from the frame to the mattress. A foam, horsehair, futon or an innerspring mattress. What? I did not even know what he was talking about. “Is there no sleepright bed? said I, confused. So we ordered the bed from frame to the mattress. A bed frame and 2 single mattresses. Yes, most of the Germans double bed have 2 single mattresses and each person has its own single duvet.


I think that was the old style of buying bed in Germany because nowadays, you can buy a complete “sleepright” bed already in the shop. Of course, if you buy it in IKEA, you have to build it yourself.


Moving to a new flat every few years is exhausting and expensive. You have to buy new curtains as the windows might be bigger than in the last flat you had. Besides that you have to give few months advance payment called “Caution”. This money will be returned to you when you move out of the flat and you have not caused damage to be renovated by the owner. Every landlord has his own rules and regulations to follow and following those will not cause you trouble.


The photo above is the almost naked living room. The previous tenant left this “antique” cupboard for us. So, how is it in your country? Is it like in Germany? Thanks for reading.


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