Learning Spanish Is Fun

Lovely Flower

Lovely Flower

Do you speak more than your mother language? I am sure that plenty of bloggers here at Blogjob speak more than 2 languages. Besides the mother language, English is spoken and written as well as English is the language of Blogjob.


A few days ago, I have found this Spanish Group created by Angeles here at Blogjob. I joined because learning languages is fun. While commenting on the Spanish Group forum, I found out that I can still “speak” in Spanish. Well not fluently as want it to be.


When I was still in college in my home country Philippines, I had to take 2 years Spanish subject as a must for becoming a teacher. That was in 1977, when it was not yet abolished. I hated that 2 years Spanish course but I had to take it as it was one of the requirements to become a teacher. I only studied for the sake of passing the course. Not really by heart. I have said before, “I don´t use it anyway. So why bother?” Anyway, if I have seen my future before that I could come to Europe one day, I think that would be my motivation to study Spanish language by heart.


I love the Spanish group forum of Angeles as I have started refreshing my knowledge about this language and will be learning more. This time with my heart and maybe I can go to Barcelona one day. Who knows I will.


As you might have known, Philippines was a colony of Spain and that we got our countrys´name from King Philip 2 of Spain. Some of my Bisayan vocabularies have Spanish words. Bisayan is a language in the southern, central and some parts  of the northern  Philippines. It seems Spanish is easy for me to learn.


I am glad that @angeles is creating this group. I would love to continue learning and I hope I will be fluent one day.

P.S. Does anybody know the name of this flower? Thanks for reading.


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Top 3 Funny TV Shows From England I Love Watching

Winter Cactus at home

Winter Cactus at home

Are you fun of watching comedy tv shows? From what language and from where?


When I came home from work, I was so tired and did not know what to write and so I just kept on reading blogs and interacting. Then I saw my hubby watching an old English comedy, The Benny Hill Show. I remember how funny this show was and so sorry that the actor Benny Hill is dead.


3 British TV Comedy Shows


1. Benny Hill Show is a British comedy with full of slapstick, parody amd mimic. This show was shown in Germany in the 80´s dubbed into German language but my hubby and I were watching this in original language. This show is no longer shown it the German TV but gladfully we can watch this in You Tube every now and then. When I need to laugh and have my face exercise, I watch Benny Hill. It´s really fun. Have you seen this TV show before? If not, here´s an example of the show below. Courtesy of You Tube.


2. Fawlty Towers is a British TV comedy series about a fictional hotel somewhere in England. The rude and stressed owner Basil Fawlty and his bossy wife Sybil run the hotel with their chamber maid and the Spanish immigrant Manuel who speaks English in a funny way. The stories in Fawlty towers are about the eccentric guests and how the owner Basil and the crew entertained them. A must watch. Here´s one of the funny show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-oH-TELcLE


3. Keeping Up Appearances is a comedy serie about Mrs. Hyacinth Bucket who wants her name to be pronounced as Bouquet (in French language). A snob, eccentric and social climber middle class woman who think of herself high and always wanted to be friends with the upper class people. She keeps up appearances while every now and then disturbed by her working class extended family whom she is ashame to be with.


I know I should write something about Germany but this blog is about my expat life and this is what I watch here. It is one way of learning the English language. Have you seen these 3 comedy series? Thanks for reading.

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Expat Guide: Learn The Language

The Rhine river in Germany.

The Rhine river in Germany.

Being a Filipino expat here in Germany for 3 decades, I think I can share some important things to do to be able to have at least an idea what awaits you in another country which language is not English. Not all Germans can speak English although the generations after the second world war and the younger generations have learned this at school. Nowadays, due to modern technology and the internet, young Germans can speak English well.


German is the spoken language in Germany although we have a lot of dialects here like Kölsch / Koelsch (Cologne dialect) or Bayrisch (Bavarian dialect). These are just the few of the dialects. German language is the language for teaching at schools and universities in all subjects unless the subjects are Italian, English, Greek, French or Spanish.


When I came here in Germany in 1981, it was only my husband who could talk to me in English. I only knew a few words in German. It was a hard time for me. My late parents-in-law were pure Germans and were not amazed that their son married me. “What would have happened if Hitler was still alive! What would have happened to their son.” They were Hitlers followers. They had to accept that life has changed for the better.


Anyway, I had a hard time communicating with them. We communicated with our hands and with the use of dictionary. German-English dictionary was our connection. They talked to me in German and I talked to them in English. Sometimes it was very frustrating but we have made it with “Ach und Krach”. Meaning, with great difficulty.


The difficulty that I had, had given me the challenge to conquer the language barrier by studying German language in the VHS (Volkhochschule) in the city. I practiced my German with my baby boy besides my hubby and his relatives. I watched children TV shows, I read the German magazines and newspapers and then  I was able to read a German book fluently. I was proud of myself. I was able to depend on myself and fight back to those rude Germans I encountered.


German language is easy to learn now via internet. If you ever plan to come to Germany and marry a German, learn the language now. It´s your ticket to have an easy communication with the people in Germany besides the one you love. To avoid misunderstanding.


My You Tube video of the Rhine River in Cologne, Germany


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