10 Things You Can Find In A German Kitchen

Weißwurst (Bavarian sausage) in the pot

Weißwurst (Bavarian sausage) in the pot

Sitting here on the chair blogging while waiting for our clients to come for a 40 minutes back and shoulder massage, I thought of the differences between the  Filipino and the German kitchen. I couldn’t actually compare the two because I  think each country has each own traditional kitchen. While the Filipinos have the traditional “dirty kitchen”, the Germans have their modern furnished kitchen with lots of electrical gadges to use. Maybe the rich and modern Filipinos have these gadgets, too.


10 Things in the German kitchen:

  1. Bread cutting machine——-Most Germans buy a loaf of fresh bread and they only  cut the bread when  they eat it so the remaining bread will not dried out easily.
  2. Coffee machine for brewed coffee or coffee pads machine——Most of the Germans are coffee drinkers.
  3. Microwave—is a must in a German kitchen. It comes handy when you are in a hurry to heat your food and save time as well in defrosting frozen food.
  4. Oven and timer–is a must in a German kitchen as most of the Germans love to bake cakes and other delicious food like Sauerbraten and roast chicken.
  5. Electric hand or stand mixer and waffle maker —a standard gadget for baking.
  6. Dishwasher —is not actually in all households but full-time mothers with kids need this “handyman”. It is of great help especially when having a child’s birthday party.
  7. Refrigerator and huge freezer —Germans are stockpiling food too. When there are  few days holiday, they shops a lot of food as if there will be shortage of food in the next few days.
  8. Potato peeler, baking pots and pans, pressure cooker
  9. Vacuum cleaner—though it is not a kitchen utensil, it is usually located in an extra storage near the kitchen
  10. Trashcan or bin

Maybe you have some of these things in your kitchen. If so, you are lucky to have them. I don´t have dishwasher but sometimes I wish to have one especially if we have guests at home. Which of these things would you like to have? Thanks for reading. Good night!

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German Beddings

German Hotel Double Bed

German Hotel Double Bed

Do you know something about German beddings? Have you slept under a cosy and warm Federbett when you were in a hotel in Germany or in other European countries? German bedding is very different to British or Irish beddings. I think it is also different to American style of beddings.


Federbett is a German word for a down comforter duvet which is traditionally made from feathers. It looks like a rectangular huge cushion covered with a cotton or satin fabric made into huge “pillow”. It is a warm bedding which is very cosy to snuggle especially in winter.


I am writing about this German beddings as I realised how good it was to have them in bed. We are no longer using this traditional German beddings as we have bought a bed comforter from Ireland when we lived there and brought it with us to Germany. A few weeks ago, we slept in a hotel in Stuttgart and we slept under a Federbett, a so called down comforter  that laid on top of the double bed mattresses. Funny to think of how I have missed this kind of duvet.


A German bed consists of Lattenrost (slated frame) with a spring feathered frame and a matress. A double bed has 2 Lattenrost with 2 spring feathered frames and 2 mattresses. The bedsheets are in different sizes depending on how big the bed and mattresses are. The duvets are all in single sizes that every person in a double bed has its own duvet  to use.


Benefits of having a German duvet beddings:


  1. You have your own fluffy snuggy  duvet and you can use it however you want.
  2. No “war” about yanking and pulling of the shared duvet.
  3. You can’t smell the farting of your partner as the smell stays inside his / her duvet. That is if he / she doesn’t open his beddings.?
  4. No top sheet that will disturb you when it’s untuck from the bed.


How To Fold The German Duvet:


Folding the German duvet is very easy. You just have to fold it crosswise like in the photo above or fold it twice if you want to. You don’t have to cover it with a bed comforter. Just let the duvets stay on the bed and the fresh air can always “wipe away” the smell of the sweat.


Anyway, I like to know what kind of beddings you have fellow Blogjobbers. American, British or German style? Thanks for reading. Good night!!!


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