Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Yes, you read it right. My hubby and I married today at 6 in the early morning in the Philippines 35 years ago. It was an event in our small town. I think I was the second Filipina in our town who got married to a German. The catholic church was full of people I did not know of besides  my relatives and friends. The priest who married us was a dutch priest who was our town priest and was living more years in our country.


How was the marriage ceremony and the reception  at that time?

Well, it was a simple wedding ceremony but with plenty of viewers as it was not common at that time to marry a foreigner. They wanted to see  my hubby who was well-built, tall and a white complexion. He felt like he was an alien at that time and I felt so disturbed by the crowd who came to our wedding ceremony. I was a shy 20 years old girl back then. After the ceremony we drove in the car which was owned by my religion teacher who became one of our godparents. The reception was held at home.


When we arrived home, we had to drink something from the herbal drink that an old family member had given us. We were not allowed to get inside the house without drinking that drink. I did not know what was in it but my hubby and I had to drink it as it was an old marriage tradition in our country. I wonder now what Nang Lucia had put in our drink. Maybe something to make our marriage long and successful? I couldn´t ask her now as she passed away 2 years ago.


The reception was at home in our wooden house with nipa roof. The relatives and some friends were helping my parents to prepare the food for the celebration. They had to cook the food a few hours before the celebration, in our small kitchen. Some were cooking outside the house. As I can remember, plenty of the “guests” were not even invited but they came and brought some people with them.  It was  common  before to have people coming to any wedding event without having an invitation.  No, they did not bring gifts. Only some of our close relatives were giving us gifts for the wedding.  There was a dance in our living room where some guests were pinning money on my wedding dress. Of course not so plenty because they thought my hubby had enough in his country.


The wedding celebration was a successful one and I was not able to thank those people who helped my parents. For them, it was a pleasure to help. Filipino families are always helping each other. Through thick and thin.


I am thankful to God for all the blessings that my hubby and I have received. Thankful for all the trials we have mastered in life. I hope we will stay together healthy til the end of our lives. Thanks for reading.

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Busy Saturday Expat Life

1st Holy Communion Cake for Angelo baked by the author.

1st Holy Communion Cake for Angelo baked by the author yesterday, 23.04.2016.

Hello Guys! It´s almost midnight here where I am. I am tired but I want to write one post before I will go to bed. This Saturday was a busy day for me. My hubby and I went to the Asian shop after breakfast and you know what? We have met my fellow countryman who came from the same town where I came from in the Philippines. We even have the same high school alma mater and I know his family there. Wow! The world is really getting small. Of course I know my countryman but we have not seen for ages although he and his family live for around 40 kilometers away where I live here in Germany. We have talked a lot in the Asian shop before we said goodbye. Maybe we will see each other in our hometown next time. LOL!


Shopping in an Asian shop on Saturday was  very stressful. There were plenty of Asians shopping for the food that we couldn´t get somewhere else. I was able to buy Filipino food like Pancit and Bihon noodles, coconut milk powder, sweet and sour sauce, Kangkong (water spinach) lemongrass and a pack of spring roll wrappers. I am planning to make spring rolls when I have visitors next month. I wanted to buy bitter melon or bitter gourd and soybeans but those veggies were already gone. Plenty of customers bought those veggies before I came. I just bought frozen bitter gourd so my hubby could try how it tastes.


After drinking my mug of creamy tea this afternoon, I started baking and making some fondant decorations for decorating the 1st communion cake. Before I have finished decorating, my friend came with her son and cousin. I closed the door in the living room where I decorated the cake because I didn´t want them to see it yet. My friend’s son might tell his brother, the celebrant, how the communion cake looked like. I want to surprise them. The Schwarzwäldertorte (black forest cake) was done too but I have not put the cherries deco yet. I did not take a photo of the cakes  as it is dark. I will do it tomorrow. So good night Guys. It was a long day for me. Tomorrow will be a long day as well. Thanks for reading.


P.S. Updated the post today, 24.04.2016 and added the photos of the cakes.

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Schwarzwäldertorte aka Black Forest Cake baked by the author yesterday.

Schwarzwäldertorte aka Black Forest Cake baked by the author yesterday, 23.04.2016.

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What A Beautiful Day!

Hazelnut Cake

Hazelnut Cake

Hello Guys! How is  your day? We have a beautiful day. I am free from work for a few days and I can write more often as I can. I hope I will achieve my limit of 150 points a day. I hope I will be having ideas what to write.


Today is the birthday of my wonderful, handsome and responsible adult son. I made a birthday cake for him last night and have just finished decorating it today. I baked Hazelnut cake and decorated it with chocolate glaze, coconut white and brown “Schoko Küsse” (chocolate kisses) and some white and brown chocolate sprinkles. I have been baking this haselnut cake for more than 2 decades. When this cake is older than 3 days, it smells so good because of the Jamaican rum aroma that I add on it. I have not baked this cake for I think 2 years and now I can´t wait to eat a slice of this cake.


This evening I will make some fondant crosses for the communion cake for the son of my Filipina friend. I will make some other fondant decorations too like roses and leaves for other cakes that I have to bake. I know this costs me a lot of time but you know, I get some ideas what to write when I am baking and creating cake decorations. I´ll show you later what I have made. I hope the outcome of my creativity will look good.


What about you? What are you up to today? What inspire you in writing?


There are many things I want to do these few days besides writing. I have to pack 2 Balikbayan boxes for sending to my home country Philippines. I have to buy some canned goods, dog food for Angus and some cake ingredients as well as I will need them for making German cakes like Schwarzwäldertorte (Black Forest cake) when I live for a few months in my home in the Philippines. I hope I will be able to achieve my goal.


So, thank you guys for reading my expat life post. Have a great day to all of you. God bless.

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10 Things You Can Find In A German Kitchen

Weißwurst (Bavarian sausage) in the pot

Weißwurst (Bavarian sausage) in the pot

Sitting here on the chair blogging while waiting for our clients to come for a 40 minutes back and shoulder massage, I thought of the differences between the  Filipino and the German kitchen. I couldn’t actually compare the two because I  think each country has each own traditional kitchen. While the Filipinos have the traditional “dirty kitchen”, the Germans have their modern furnished kitchen with lots of electrical gadges to use. Maybe the rich and modern Filipinos have these gadgets, too.


10 Things in the German kitchen:

  1. Bread cutting machine——-Most Germans buy a loaf of fresh bread and they only  cut the bread when  they eat it so the remaining bread will not dried out easily.
  2. Coffee machine for brewed coffee or coffee pads machine——Most of the Germans are coffee drinkers.
  3. Microwave—is a must in a German kitchen. It comes handy when you are in a hurry to heat your food and save time as well in defrosting frozen food.
  4. Oven and timer–is a must in a German kitchen as most of the Germans love to bake cakes and other delicious food like Sauerbraten and roast chicken.
  5. Electric hand or stand mixer and waffle maker —a standard gadget for baking.
  6. Dishwasher —is not actually in all households but full-time mothers with kids need this “handyman”. It is of great help especially when having a child’s birthday party.
  7. Refrigerator and huge freezer —Germans are stockpiling food too. When there are  few days holiday, they shops a lot of food as if there will be shortage of food in the next few days.
  8. Potato peeler, baking pots and pans, pressure cooker
  9. Vacuum cleaner—though it is not a kitchen utensil, it is usually located in an extra storage near the kitchen
  10. Trashcan or bin

Maybe you have some of these things in your kitchen. If so, you are lucky to have them. I don´t have dishwasher but sometimes I wish to have one especially if we have guests at home. Which of these things would you like to have? Thanks for reading. Good night!

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Taking A Break From Writing

Carrot Muffins for our bonding.

Carrot Muffins for our bonding.

Do you still have time for your offline friends? Do you bond with them every now and then?


I mean as a blogger in many writing sites, I tried to write most of the time (when I have) to earn money from our writing sites but I mostly failed to do so. Either I was tired from my offline part-time job, I had no idea what to write that I thought was interesting enough to my readers or I had no motivation to write at all. Sometimes, I just wanted to read and interact with my online friends. I sometimes felt that my brain was exhausted. Just imagine in how many languages my brain had to deal with.


The dark shadow under my eyes should stop. I  remember someone had said “I’m glad I am no longer studying in school. I don’t  have to read a book anymore. “ I could not relate to that. The older I became, the more I read. Every time I  started reading, I couldn’t stop. Well, I only read interesting posts or books. I  think I  am already addicted to reading. Any break could do me good.


Yes, a few hours break did me good when I bonded with my Pinay / Filipina friend at home. She collected me in the city after my 2 hours work and instead of having a coffee and cake in a cafeteria, we went home as we did not find a vacant parking place in the city. It was not a planned bonding. It was a spontaneous one as her kids and hubby went to the cinema and so we had time for us. We bought carrot muffins in the bakery and so we had a wonderful time chatting about everything. About the food we would cook for the communion celebration of her son. I will be baking cakes for crowds again and I will be baking my Schwarzwäldertorte (Black Forrest Cake) and other cakes. I am looking forward to that event.


Anyway, I have to discipline myself and should take enough breaks  from writing online. For the sake of my eyes. The nature outside is beautiful to explore. Thanks for reading.

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Where To Hide Easter Eggs At Home

Easter Decoration

Easter Decoration by Thelma Alberts

Easter season is a hunting season not only for the adults but most especially for the kids. Do you do Easter hunting with your kids? Do you know that as an adult, you can do Easter hunting as well? Have you tried that as a kid or as an adult? Did you love it? Too many questions that only you can answer.


Here in  Germany, the resurrection of Christ from the dead is more celebrated than the Karfreitag (Good Friday), the day Jesus Christ was crucified. The Easter Sunday is the resurrection day but Easter Monday is also celebrated. The time to bond with the family and to rejoice the resurrection of Christ. The time for Easter eggs and Easter hunting at home, in the park and some other families do it in the forest.


The last time I have done my Easter hunting was when I was in my home country Philippines, 2 years ago. It was me who introduced this fun activity to my relatives especially to my small nieces and nephews. I did not color the eggs though I organized Easter hunting in my tropical garden. As I did not have Easter eggs bought from the supermarkets (nobody sold Easter eggs in our place in the Philippines), I was creative and bought some small sachets of candies, chocolates and other small size packed snacks Pinoy kids were fond of eating. It was the first time my small relatives experienced Easter hunting and I saw in their faces how happy they were. It was worth my effort to see their happy faces.


Where To Hide Easter Eggs At Home:

  1. In the living room: (a) inside the writing desk drawer  (b) in between the books (c) on the flower pots camouflage in the color of the soil  (d) behind the stereo sound system (e) behind the sofa or couch (f)behind your computer (g) inside the flower vase covered with some knitting materials
  2. In the kitchen: (a) in the fridge inside the vegetable compartment (b) in some cooking pots c) on the herb pots covered with the leaves of the herbs (d) inside the rice storage  e)inside the cold oven or microwave ( f) inside or hidden in the kitchen utensils holder
  3. In the bedroom: (a) clothes cupboard  (b) inside the pillows  (c) behind the flower pots on the windowsill
  4. In the hallway: (a) inside the umbrella holder (b) inside your shoes and shoes cupboards (c) hang it on the key holder


These are only some of the hiding places in your home. You can either hide chocolates, colored boiled eggs, painted eggs, Easter candies, Easter bunnies and any Easter toys your kids might love. DON´T FORGET! Remember where you hide the chocolates. You might forget it until the next Easter season. Enjoy Easter hunting!


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Easter Time in Germany

Easter Decorations

Easter Decorations

OMG! I have just seen in my calendar that in a few weeks time, it´s Easter again. Do you celebrate Easter in your country? Are you Christian? Do you do anything for Easter celebration? Good Friday is on March 25 this year 2016. We will be having a long weekend, that is if we don´t have to work on Saturday this Easter. We also have a free Monday which is Easter Monday. So, that will be 4 days free. We might be having visitors on one of those Easter days. Coffee drinking and cakes eating. Maybe a dinner as well. We´ll see.


Here in Germany, there´s no work on Good Friday. Churches will be having Mass but not everybody will be going to church. The shops are closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday in Germany.  Good Friday is Fish Day and I am sure some of the Germans will be going to the neighbouring country Holland to go shopping and buy fish in many varieties. Mostly fried in the fritteuse. Well, the shops are open on Saturday after the Good Friday. Germans will be buying their last minute Easter gifts and meal preparation ingredients for the Easter Sunday and Easter Monday meals.


Ops! I still have to decorate the house for Easter. I still have old eggs decorations to be hang in the living room. Maybe I will bake an Easter cake if we have visitors for one of those Easter days. I still don´t know. I might bake an Easter bread as well. I still have Santa Claus chocolates here and I will be using these for making the glaze of the cake. I have already seen some gardens nearby decorated with colorful Easter decorations. The decorations are hanging on a beautiful plant. Really looks awesome.


BTW, do you hide Easter chocolate eggs in your house, in your garden or in the forest for your Easter hunting? That would be fun. My hubby and I have done that before when our son was still small and it was always fun hiding the chocolates and seeing the face of our son when he found one. Sometimes we hide the Easter eggs in my sons shoes and when he put them on, they were spoilt. LOL! I love remembering those days.


Enjoy your Easter Celebration! Thanks for reading.


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Dining At The New Chinese Restaurant Nearby

Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

Are you fond of visiting a Chinese restaurant? Me, not so much. Maybe that is because I am an Asian and I know how to cook Asian food. Besides that, we seldom eat out and I always want to eat something Italian or German food in a restaurant for a change. Food which I seldom cook at home because of too much work for only 2 persons eating the food.


Yesterday was a special day. Not because it was Valentine´s Day but because my hubby had ordered for the first time, a Valentine´s bouquet of flowers from a flower shop in the city and it was delivered while I was still in bed. This was the first time I got something for Valentines as that day was just a normal day for us. Of course I got flowers before but on my birthdays and for our wedding anniversaries. I think writing too much about Valentines in my blogs and in our PILYA BLOG MAGAZINE motivated him to buy flowers this time. LOL! He really surprised me. Thank you hubby.


Anyway, we went for our dinner to the Chinese restaurant nearby. We planned it for weeks now to try if it´s good for a celebration that we are planning to make in a few months time. We were hungry but we did not go for a buffet dinner but for A la Carte. I was careful this time as the last 2 times, I had stomach trouble after eating in a Chinese restaurants buffet. Maybe I have eaten too much or the food that was served in the buffet was already spoilt. Either way.


At first we were told that there was no table for us because we have not called for reservation and so I told the old man at  the reception that I just wanted to order then for take home but then a woman server told that man that there were 2 tables free and so we dined in. We ordered jasmine tea, beer, wantan soups, pork chopsuey and fried shrimps with vegetables.  The food was good for our hungry mouths. Nothing else. There was no AHA or WOW moment when eating this food. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our dinner. It was a special day, anyway.


Do you want to learn how to cook Chinese food? Here´s the Amazon link. Thanks for reading.


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Happy Valentine´s Day 2016!

My Valentine´s Day Cake

My Valentine´s Day Cake

Happy Valentine´s Day to all of you Guys. I hope you will enjoy this day and that you will receive a lovely gift from your love one.


When I opened my Facebook account this evening, I saw this Valentine´s Day cake on my front page. It showed my memory of this day 2 years ago. I made this small banana heart form cake in 2014, the day before Valentine´s Day in my house in the Philippines. I have eaten this cake with my relatives on Valentine´s Day but sadly without my hubby as he was already back in our home in Germany. I just posted it for him saying,


“HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MY DEAR !!! Made for you 2 hours ago. Will be eaten by us tomorrow. Sorry, you are on diet;-)” 


LOL! I have not bake a cake for tomorrow as we can´t consume this and besides that we still have a lot of Christmas goodies here. We are not  fond of snacking sweet food. I know, they are still good. I need visitors to be able to consume those yummy cookies. I even still have unbaked cookies dough in the freezer. I think they will be bake for Easter. If I were in my home country, these food will be gone long time ago. I have small nieces in my Philippines home who have sweet tooth. I miss them as well as my dog Angus.


Do you celebrate Valentine´s Day? We actually don´t but we are planning to eat in the new Chinese restaurant nearby. We would like to try it and maybe I will write a review about this restaurant. I will be having new food photos again. This new restaurant has a buffet which is called Teppanyaki Grill. I wonder what kind of grill that is. We´ll see. So long for now. See you tomorrow again. Time for me to go to bed. Enjoy your Valentine´s Day!


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