How To Get Rid Of Hair Dye Stain From The Sink



Do you still have the original color of your hair? Do you dye your hair? In what color, black, brown or blond?


Dyeing hair is already normal to our day to day living. There are many reasons why men and women changed the color of their hair. Women tend to dye their hair more often than men. Some women change the color of their hair when they think something has to change especially if  something is bothering their minds. May it be their relationships with their partners or they just want to try what it would be like to have  blond or brown hair. Some women dye their hair because they don´t like to  see themselves old, having gray hair.


I dye my hair black. As black as it was before. I did it twice to three times a year. It depends on how many gray hair I have seen on my head when combing them. Gladfully, most of my gray hair are behind my back that I could not see them. It doesn´t matter anyway as long as I am healthy. The few gray hair that I have in front are taken care of by brushing black mascara when I am in a hurry. Yes, this is the trick I learned through  watching you tube videos. It´s very practical and an easy treatment on the go. It will get off in the next hair washing anyway. Now the problem is, the stain that is left on the sink or in my bath tub.


I have dyed my hair an hour ago and I made a lot of black stains on the sink that I had a hard time getting them off. At first I used the normal bathroom cleaner but I was not contented. There were still shadows of the hair dye. I kept on thinking what to do and I thought of my nail color remover that was in my manicure box. If my nail color was removed by this nail remover, why not a hair dye stain? Well, I got the aceton nail remover from the box and I tried getting off the hair dye on the sink and voila! The stains were gone after scrubbing them with aceton on the cotton balls.


I know some of you changed the color of your hair every now and then. What did you do to get rid of the stain on the sink?

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