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Buenavista Agusan del Norte, Philippines

Buenavista Agusan del Norte, Philippines

Oh my! It has been a long time since I was here at Blogjob. I missed my online friends. Where are you guys? Come and let us make this site vibrant again. Although this site has stopped paying, I remember I can still earn from here through my Adsense. Do you have an Adsense account? If not, apply for it.


I saw that I have been here on my site  last time in June. The last 3 months has been one of the busiest months I have this year. It was not all bad. It was a mixture of everything.


Summer was good to me though. I spent my summer in my home country. In fact, I am still here enjoying the hot and humid weather. My electric fan is on service for 24/7. Nope, I don´t use our aircon. I don´t like artificial coldness which makes me sick. I´d rather have a real cold and maybe freezing  weather outside than having an air conditioner. Besides that, I don´t like to pay the huge electric bill due to using aircon. I still try my best to live frugally without being hungry. Philippines food is no longer cheap as it used to be.


Being in my home country for a few months is a privilege not everyone could have. Thanks for my working hard in Germany when I was there and thanks to hubby about my staying here in my home country. He is indeed a good husband and a blessing to me.


Time is so fast. Christmas is in the air. Well, I heard Christmas songs already in the malls. Philippines Christmas is said to be the longest in the world. It starts in September and ends in February. This New Year might be the silent new year I will be having. There might be no fireworks allowed on that day.


Anyway, I hope my fellow Blogjobbers will be back soon.

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A New Month, A New Hope

The Rhine river in Germany.

The Rhine river in Germany.

Another month has passed. A new one arrive but still, the same plans and hopes for the future. It is June again. June, the month for weddings and maybe a month for any serious change in life? Birth, youth, love, separation, divorce and maybe death? What else?


Are there any changes in your life nowadays? Change is the only constant in our lives. Whatever you have now which is positive in your life, breathe it, appreciate it, hold it as though it is the last time you will have it. You´ll never know, today might be the last day of your life to have that feeling of content and happiness. You´ll never know, there might come a serious challenge you have to encounter to in your life. A challenge which might cause you a lot of trouble, pain and heartache.


Stay strong, as strong as the wind blows. This will not stay long. It might be cloudy and dark in your way. Remember, every storm we have in life will have an ending. Nothing will stay as it used to be. In the end of the day, months or years, you might be thankful for the storm that you have encountered now. There will come a time that you will be thankful for the heartaches and pains you have endured. There will come a time that  you say to yourself, “thank God, it happened. I survived.”


I know, I am talking in a puzzle. I just feel like I have to say what I have in my mind. I know it sounds sad to be writing like this but I was only thinking of what will happen when….this….and that…whatever—


Do you feel like this sometimes? I mean that one day the sun is shining so bright and then suddenly a strong wind comes on your way and you are blown in the direction you have not even  dreamt of?


Cheer up my aching heart

We might be breaking a part

It doesn´t matter

What the fact

As long as it´s not a heart attack.


See, I can even write a limerick when I am in this kind of mood. Cheer up my friends, it´s only me who is playing with words. It was raining cats and dogs today in between thunder and lightning. Maybe my brain had been hit by them all. Thanks for reading!

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Hello Blogjobbers! What´s Up!

Keukenhof Garden, The Netherlands

Keukenhof Garden, The Netherlands

Knock, knock, knock! Anybody here? Sorry I was not here often these last few days. I was so tired of writing and I just took a break from this site. The changes here at Blogjob has given me the time to take a break from writing.


I joined MyLot a few days ago as I needed something new. MyLot is a discussion site where one can earn. I was having a writers block but it didn´t mean to say that I have no idea what to write. I have ideas but no motivation to write. I have a lot to think about and I need a clear mind.


A week ago, I was in Keukenhof Garden in The Netherlands with my friend and her family. So this is one of the ideas I want to write about but I will write it in my main writing site as this is a very long article with loads of beautiful photos. I even have plenty of videos taken about this tulips garden and I have to publish them in my you tube channel first before using them on my blogs.  So, I need time and organization. I am really busy  not only with my online  but also my offline part time job. I am so tired that I am ready for an island travel. So to speak;-)


So, what´s up fellow Blogjobbers? I missed this site and I dropped by every now and then before I decided to write this post. It seemed a ghost town. I saw that one of the changes was the “https” instead of “http”.


Does it mean that we are recovering?  I hope so. I still have Google Ads in my blogs and so I want to keep my sites active. What about you?


Anyway, I really hope that some of our Blogjobbers will come back. I miss their interactions here. Tomorrow is Whit Sunday. It will be a public holiday this coming Monday (Whit Monday) here in Germany and so we have a long weekend. Have a great weekend to all of you. Thanks for reading.

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Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Yes, you read it right. My hubby and I married today at 6 in the early morning in the Philippines 35 years ago. It was an event in our small town. I think I was the second Filipina in our town who got married to a German. The catholic church was full of people I did not know of besides  my relatives and friends. The priest who married us was a dutch priest who was our town priest and was living more years in our country.


How was the marriage ceremony and the reception  at that time?

Well, it was a simple wedding ceremony but with plenty of viewers as it was not common at that time to marry a foreigner. They wanted to see  my hubby who was well-built, tall and a white complexion. He felt like he was an alien at that time and I felt so disturbed by the crowd who came to our wedding ceremony. I was a shy 20 years old girl back then. After the ceremony we drove in the car which was owned by my religion teacher who became one of our godparents. The reception was held at home.


When we arrived home, we had to drink something from the herbal drink that an old family member had given us. We were not allowed to get inside the house without drinking that drink. I did not know what was in it but my hubby and I had to drink it as it was an old marriage tradition in our country. I wonder now what Nang Lucia had put in our drink. Maybe something to make our marriage long and successful? I couldn´t ask her now as she passed away 2 years ago.


The reception was at home in our wooden house with nipa roof. The relatives and some friends were helping my parents to prepare the food for the celebration. They had to cook the food a few hours before the celebration, in our small kitchen. Some were cooking outside the house. As I can remember, plenty of the “guests” were not even invited but they came and brought some people with them.  It was  common  before to have people coming to any wedding event without having an invitation.  No, they did not bring gifts. Only some of our close relatives were giving us gifts for the wedding.  There was a dance in our living room where some guests were pinning money on my wedding dress. Of course not so plenty because they thought my hubby had enough in his country.


The wedding celebration was a successful one and I was not able to thank those people who helped my parents. For them, it was a pleasure to help. Filipino families are always helping each other. Through thick and thin.


I am thankful to God for all the blessings that my hubby and I have received. Thankful for all the trials we have mastered in life. I hope we will stay together healthy til the end of our lives. Thanks for reading.

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My Writing Plan at Blogjob

My Writing Desk

My Writing Desk

I think everyone who writes online has its own writing plan. Just like our fellow blogjobber @brendamarie whom I got this idea on what to write for today.

The first thing I do when I am online is to

  1. check blogjob comments on my new published posts and reply the comments.
  2. check  comments on my other sites posts here and reply the comments on my posts.
  3. then I check on the sites if there are interesting posts for me to read.
  4. check if my friends who mostly interacted with me wrote a new post. Read their posts and comments on  these posts.
  5. check the posts of the new members, read them, comments on them.
  6. check the groups and forums and interact there.
  7. then I write more than 300 words on whatever I have in my mind.
  8. share my posts to social media sites.


There are many things for me to think about when writing an article or a post. I think about if what I write is interesting to read. I think about what could I write that help other readers. So I think about DIY or recipe posts to write. Mostly I write about being a Filipino expat here in Germany. I have a niche for this. This is the site where I often write my posts. Then my cooking site. It´s easy for me to write often in my cooking site as I cook often and I am fond of experimenting and tweaking the food that I serve for my hubby or friends and relatives. I am fond of baking and decorating my cakes as well and sometimes I write a recipe of my cake. I have Philippines travel site but I am careful what to write because I have written already some travel articles in my main writing site in Hubpages. I don´t want to repeat myself and might cause trouble of posting a duplicate.


I have 6 sites in Blogjob and from these sites I choose where I could write in a certain day. It´s very seldom that I reach my 150 points limit (just now only 100 points limit) as I don´t like to stress myself and besides that I am often busy with my offline part time job. What about you fellow blogjobbers? Do you have any writing plan?

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Busy Saturday Expat Life

1st Holy Communion Cake for Angelo baked by the author.

1st Holy Communion Cake for Angelo baked by the author yesterday, 23.04.2016.

Hello Guys! It´s almost midnight here where I am. I am tired but I want to write one post before I will go to bed. This Saturday was a busy day for me. My hubby and I went to the Asian shop after breakfast and you know what? We have met my fellow countryman who came from the same town where I came from in the Philippines. We even have the same high school alma mater and I know his family there. Wow! The world is really getting small. Of course I know my countryman but we have not seen for ages although he and his family live for around 40 kilometers away where I live here in Germany. We have talked a lot in the Asian shop before we said goodbye. Maybe we will see each other in our hometown next time. LOL!


Shopping in an Asian shop on Saturday was  very stressful. There were plenty of Asians shopping for the food that we couldn´t get somewhere else. I was able to buy Filipino food like Pancit and Bihon noodles, coconut milk powder, sweet and sour sauce, Kangkong (water spinach) lemongrass and a pack of spring roll wrappers. I am planning to make spring rolls when I have visitors next month. I wanted to buy bitter melon or bitter gourd and soybeans but those veggies were already gone. Plenty of customers bought those veggies before I came. I just bought frozen bitter gourd so my hubby could try how it tastes.


After drinking my mug of creamy tea this afternoon, I started baking and making some fondant decorations for decorating the 1st communion cake. Before I have finished decorating, my friend came with her son and cousin. I closed the door in the living room where I decorated the cake because I didn´t want them to see it yet. My friend’s son might tell his brother, the celebrant, how the communion cake looked like. I want to surprise them. The Schwarzwäldertorte (black forest cake) was done too but I have not put the cherries deco yet. I did not take a photo of the cakes  as it is dark. I will do it tomorrow. So good night Guys. It was a long day for me. Tomorrow will be a long day as well. Thanks for reading.


P.S. Updated the post today, 24.04.2016 and added the photos of the cakes.

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Schwarzwäldertorte aka Black Forest Cake baked by the author yesterday.

Schwarzwäldertorte aka Black Forest Cake baked by the author yesterday, 23.04.2016.

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How To Get Rid Of Hair Dye Stain From The Sink



Do you still have the original color of your hair? Do you dye your hair? In what color, black, brown or blond?


Dyeing hair is already normal to our day to day living. There are many reasons why men and women changed the color of their hair. Women tend to dye their hair more often than men. Some women change the color of their hair when they think something has to change especially if  something is bothering their minds. May it be their relationships with their partners or they just want to try what it would be like to have  blond or brown hair. Some women dye their hair because they don´t like to  see themselves old, having gray hair.


I dye my hair black. As black as it was before. I did it twice to three times a year. It depends on how many gray hair I have seen on my head when combing them. Gladfully, most of my gray hair are behind my back that I could not see them. It doesn´t matter anyway as long as I am healthy. The few gray hair that I have in front are taken care of by brushing black mascara when I am in a hurry. Yes, this is the trick I learned through  watching you tube videos. It´s very practical and an easy treatment on the go. It will get off in the next hair washing anyway. Now the problem is, the stain that is left on the sink or in my bath tub.


I have dyed my hair an hour ago and I made a lot of black stains on the sink that I had a hard time getting them off. At first I used the normal bathroom cleaner but I was not contented. There were still shadows of the hair dye. I kept on thinking what to do and I thought of my nail color remover that was in my manicure box. If my nail color was removed by this nail remover, why not a hair dye stain? Well, I got the aceton nail remover from the box and I tried getting off the hair dye on the sink and voila! The stains were gone after scrubbing them with aceton on the cotton balls.


I know some of you changed the color of your hair every now and then. What did you do to get rid of the stain on the sink?

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What A Beautiful Day!

Hazelnut Cake

Hazelnut Cake

Hello Guys! How is  your day? We have a beautiful day. I am free from work for a few days and I can write more often as I can. I hope I will achieve my limit of 150 points a day. I hope I will be having ideas what to write.


Today is the birthday of my wonderful, handsome and responsible adult son. I made a birthday cake for him last night and have just finished decorating it today. I baked Hazelnut cake and decorated it with chocolate glaze, coconut white and brown “Schoko Küsse” (chocolate kisses) and some white and brown chocolate sprinkles. I have been baking this haselnut cake for more than 2 decades. When this cake is older than 3 days, it smells so good because of the Jamaican rum aroma that I add on it. I have not baked this cake for I think 2 years and now I can´t wait to eat a slice of this cake.


This evening I will make some fondant crosses for the communion cake for the son of my Filipina friend. I will make some other fondant decorations too like roses and leaves for other cakes that I have to bake. I know this costs me a lot of time but you know, I get some ideas what to write when I am baking and creating cake decorations. I´ll show you later what I have made. I hope the outcome of my creativity will look good.


What about you? What are you up to today? What inspire you in writing?


There are many things I want to do these few days besides writing. I have to pack 2 Balikbayan boxes for sending to my home country Philippines. I have to buy some canned goods, dog food for Angus and some cake ingredients as well as I will need them for making German cakes like Schwarzwäldertorte (Black Forest cake) when I live for a few months in my home in the Philippines. I hope I will be able to achieve my goal.


So, thank you guys for reading my expat life post. Have a great day to all of you. God bless.

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Random Thoughts Of My Expat Day

My German breakfast

My German breakfast

Good morning everyone! Yes, it is still morning here in my neck of the woods. I supposed to be still in bed now but my inner time is up already. Waking up at 8 in the morning is not really early but I am a night owl. I mostly sleep after midnight.


Since I started working a part time job as a wellness massage therapist, my time in blogging is shortened. I don´t complain because this is my offline job that I love most. It helps add up my travel expenses for this year.


My time is precious nowadays that I even neglected some of my friends and relatives. I keep on saying to myself that I can rest when I will be in my home country for a  few months. I will be enjoying my life there and being massaged by my high school friend who comes to my house for giving me a massage treatment. These last few months I thought, I work in Germany but live my life in my home town in the Philippines.  Don´t get me wrong. I love Germany. It´s  my first home for more  than 30 years but still I miss my life in the Philippines and our dog Angus  who is living there since 2011. We did not bring him back to Germany as we keep on flying back and fort to my home country.


The sun is shining now and that is good as I have to go to the city and buy some ingredients for the communion cake  that I have to bake. I still need some ingredients especially cream of tartar. I wonder if I can find it here. I need it for my chiffon cake.


Oh! My PILYA Blog magazine April edition has arrived yesterday. I have to read what the other PILYA bloggers have written. I have to read what delicious Pinoy recipe @iamshane487 has written and I have to take a photo of me and the magazine for our Fb PILYA BLOG page.


Anyway, have a great evening/ morning/ day to all of you. God bless us all and thanks for reading. ☺😀😁

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10 Things You Can Find In A German Kitchen

Weißwurst (Bavarian sausage) in the pot

Weißwurst (Bavarian sausage) in the pot

Sitting here on the chair blogging while waiting for our clients to come for a 40 minutes back and shoulder massage, I thought of the differences between the  Filipino and the German kitchen. I couldn’t actually compare the two because I  think each country has each own traditional kitchen. While the Filipinos have the traditional “dirty kitchen”, the Germans have their modern furnished kitchen with lots of electrical gadges to use. Maybe the rich and modern Filipinos have these gadgets, too.


10 Things in the German kitchen:

  1. Bread cutting machine——-Most Germans buy a loaf of fresh bread and they only  cut the bread when  they eat it so the remaining bread will not dried out easily.
  2. Coffee machine for brewed coffee or coffee pads machine——Most of the Germans are coffee drinkers.
  3. Microwave—is a must in a German kitchen. It comes handy when you are in a hurry to heat your food and save time as well in defrosting frozen food.
  4. Oven and timer–is a must in a German kitchen as most of the Germans love to bake cakes and other delicious food like Sauerbraten and roast chicken.
  5. Electric hand or stand mixer and waffle maker —a standard gadget for baking.
  6. Dishwasher —is not actually in all households but full-time mothers with kids need this “handyman”. It is of great help especially when having a child’s birthday party.
  7. Refrigerator and huge freezer —Germans are stockpiling food too. When there are  few days holiday, they shops a lot of food as if there will be shortage of food in the next few days.
  8. Potato peeler, baking pots and pans, pressure cooker
  9. Vacuum cleaner—though it is not a kitchen utensil, it is usually located in an extra storage near the kitchen
  10. Trashcan or bin

Maybe you have some of these things in your kitchen. If so, you are lucky to have them. I don´t have dishwasher but sometimes I wish to have one especially if we have guests at home. Which of these things would you like to have? Thanks for reading. Good night!

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