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Keukenhof Garden, The Netherlands

Keukenhof Garden, The Netherlands

Knock, knock, knock! Anybody here? Sorry I was not here often these last few days. I was so tired of writing and I just took a break from this site. The changes here at Blogjob has given me the time to take a break from writing.


I joined MyLot a few days ago as I needed something new. MyLot is a discussion site where one can earn. I was having a writers block but it didn´t mean to say that I have no idea what to write. I have ideas but no motivation to write. I have a lot to think about and I need a clear mind.


A week ago, I was in Keukenhof Garden in The Netherlands with my friend and her family. So this is one of the ideas I want to write about but I will write it in my main writing site as this is a very long article with loads of beautiful photos. I even have plenty of videos taken about this tulips garden and I have to publish them in my you tube channel first before using them on my blogs.  So, I need time and organization. I am really busy  not only with my online  but also my offline part time job. I am so tired that I am ready for an island travel. So to speak;-)


So, what´s up fellow Blogjobbers? I missed this site and I dropped by every now and then before I decided to write this post. It seemed a ghost town. I saw that one of the changes was the “https” instead of “http”.


Does it mean that we are recovering?  I hope so. I still have Google Ads in my blogs and so I want to keep my sites active. What about you?


Anyway, I really hope that some of our Blogjobbers will come back. I miss their interactions here. Tomorrow is Whit Sunday. It will be a public holiday this coming Monday (Whit Monday) here in Germany and so we have a long weekend. Have a great weekend to all of you. Thanks for reading.

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  • gina145 says:

    I’ve been visiting the site regularly and dropping the odd comment but I’m a bit short on inspiration at the moment too.

    • TAlberts says:

      I have not much time writing these last few days though I am posting 1 discussion at MyLot when ever I can. I have a lot of things to do that I just try my best whenever I can @gina145

  • Andria Perry says:

    I am still writing daily, I don’t have to make more than one to keep up but I am still here and I plan to stay till things are better.

    I would like an island vacation too! 🙂

    • TAlberts says:

      That´s good @andriaperry. I am still here but not writing enough like before. I have not even written yet the tulips article that I was planning to write about at hubpages. I will never give up this site and I hope good changes will come.

  • That sounds nice to have a long weekend.

  • janetwrites says:

    I have stopped writing here and I’m currently transferring my Blogjob posts to my own blog. If I see that the site is recovering again, I may write again but only a more personal blog. So nice to hear you were in the Netherlands. I haven’t been there yet but it is also on my list of places to travel to.

    • TAlberts says:

      I see @janetwrites. I have always seen what you have doodled as I have liked your fb doodling page. I have planned for years to visit Keukenhof and it was only this time that I have visited it. I hope you can go there one day. Thanks for your comment.

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