Where To Hide Easter Eggs At Home

Easter Decoration

Easter Decoration by Thelma Alberts

Easter season is a hunting season not only for the adults but most especially for the kids. Do you do Easter hunting with your kids? Do you know that as an adult, you can do Easter hunting as well? Have you tried that as a kid or as an adult? Did you love it? Too many questions that only you can answer.


Here in  Germany, the resurrection of Christ from the dead is more celebrated than the Karfreitag (Good Friday), the day Jesus Christ was crucified. The Easter Sunday is the resurrection day but Easter Monday is also celebrated. The time to bond with the family and to rejoice the resurrection of Christ. The time for Easter eggs and Easter hunting at home, in the park and some other families do it in the forest.


The last time I have done my Easter hunting was when I was in my home country Philippines, 2 years ago. It was me who introduced this fun activity to my relatives especially to my small nieces and nephews. I did not color the eggs though I organized Easter hunting in my tropical garden. As I did not have Easter eggs bought from the supermarkets (nobody sold Easter eggs in our place in the Philippines), I was creative and bought some small sachets of candies, chocolates and other small size packed snacks Pinoy kids were fond of eating. It was the first time my small relatives experienced Easter hunting and I saw in their faces how happy they were. It was worth my effort to see their happy faces.


Where To Hide Easter Eggs At Home:

  1. In the living room: (a) inside the writing desk drawer  (b) in between the books (c) on the flower pots camouflage in the color of the soil  (d) behind the stereo sound system (e) behind the sofa or couch (f)behind your computer (g) inside the flower vase covered with some knitting materials
  2. In the kitchen: (a) in the fridge inside the vegetable compartment (b) in some cooking pots c) on the herb pots covered with the leaves of the herbs (d) inside the rice storage  e)inside the cold oven or microwave ( f) inside or hidden in the kitchen utensils holder
  3. In the bedroom: (a) clothes cupboard  (b) inside the pillows  (c) behind the flower pots on the windowsill
  4. In the hallway: (a) inside the umbrella holder (b) inside your shoes and shoes cupboards (c) hang it on the key holder


These are only some of the hiding places in your home. You can either hide chocolates, colored boiled eggs, painted eggs, Easter candies, Easter bunnies and any Easter toys your kids might love. DON´T FORGET! Remember where you hide the chocolates. You might forget it until the next Easter season. Enjoy Easter hunting!


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