Chain Letters / Prayers In FB Messages

A church in Tübingen Germany

A church in Tübingen, Germany

Have you received chain letters or prayers in your facebook chat / messages box? How did you react? Did you follow what it was said in that message? I just ignored these kind of messages before but now I have enough. Here´s an example of one of the messages that I got from facebook.


“Sadly, 97% of Facebook users will not repost this. When Jesus died in the cross, He was thinking of you. If you are 3% who cares, repost and like this. Repost if you love God. He already saw you read it.”


I have not received this today but a few weeks ago. This is just an example and one of the best that I have received that I am thinking what is happening to the people in this world. Of course it is just a scam but other human beings are spreading this in social medias like fb. They believe on this.


I am a Christian and I believe in God and His teaching but I don´t need somebody to tell me what to do and how Jesus be dissapointed with me because I don´t follow the instruction. Just imagine! I don´t love God because I don´t repost this chain letter to many of my fb friends. Some of the chain letters are saying that if I will share that message a couple of times, I would be rewarded with a good job, money is on the way to me, I will win in the lottery and I will be healthy again if I suffer from sickness. Really?Today I was fed up and post a short note in my own words. This was what I have posted this evening in fb account.


“Hello friends! Please don´t send me messages anymore about sending any “prayer” about having luck in love, in money, in health and about anything when I send the same messages to 4, 10, 12. or more to my fb friends. I don´t believe in those messages. I believe in God and pray in my own way. PLEASE DON`T GET MAD. IT´S NOT PERSONAL. I will be happy to chat with you in messages than when you just send me those “chains of prayers”. I am always happy to see that my fb friends are sending me messages but I am always dissapointed when I see that they are just “chain of letters / prayers.” Life is what we make it, not what others tell us how we can make it in life. PEACE!!!”


I hope my facebook friends will not get mad at me because I am opening my mouth. I just wrote what others were thinking. I couldn´t help it because these kind of messages were bugging me for a long time. I know there are also friends who are annoyed about this. There are already friends who liked what I wrote and I am glad about that. Anyway, those who don´t like what I wrote can unfriend me. I don´t mind.


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  • blueberry says:

    I hate those people who uses religion or God to gain so much likes in Facebook e.g asking for Amen or 1 like 1 prayer stuff. Those are crap. I unfollow and blocked those accounts or pages.

    • TAlberts says:

      I don´t hate those people. I am just annoyed. I have ignored this for a long time but last night, I had enough of it. To let them stop, I had to tell them that they are annoying those friends that they have. They are not thinking that sending those messages are annoying. They were thinking of the good in those messages. That doing this is just sharing some blessings to their friends. Nothing negative on it. Just my opinion and reaction are negative. Thanks @blueberry.

  • janetwrites says:

    I also find these chain letters annoying. I ignore them or block these messages.

    • TAlberts says:

      Yes, Janet. I ignored this for a few months now but I couldn´t block the messages unless I will delete them. Deleting the messages cost a lot of my time (time that I can spend in blogging) as they are plenty. I don´t want to delete my friends as they are dear to me. Thanks for your stopping by @janetwrites. Happy Rose Monday / Rosenmontag. Allaf!!! Helau!!!

      • janetwrites says:

        You must have received plenty of them that it takes so much time to delet them. Of course, you can’t delete your friends. Happy Rosenmontag! Today there was a Rose Monday Parade in our town. The children, their grandpa and I had fun there. I love the different masks and costumes. Unfortunately, my husband and my mother had to work. We couldn’t stay there long because the weather started to become bad. In many cities they had to cancel the parades because of the bad weather.

  • Oh ICK. While exploring this site I read some Christian posts to which I said “Amen” in the way I’d say it in church, to mean “I believe/pray this too.” Those comments were deleted. Now I finally have a clue why, and don’t blame the person so much…although I don’t often feel moved to comment on anyone else’s prayers or statements of belief *other than* something like “Amen,” or maybe to type “Nice Christian/whatever thoughts here” in a link log.

  • eddy troxler says:

    I usually give this to the people trying to reassure my faith: Timothy7 Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives’ tales; rather, train yourself to be godly.

    1 Corinthians 10:14 Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry.

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