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Hello everyone! How´s your day? Mine is not as bad as I thought it would be. I was free from work today as I am sick. I have written this in my latest post


My boss had given me a free day today so I could rest. I woke up late for lunch but no apetite for eating. I spent my whole afternoon in bed with my new gadget Samsung tablet. I was able to rest and was able to log in at Blogjob. Actually, I intended to sleep the whole afternoon after taking herbal teas and my selfmade ginger root tea but I thought I would be wasting my time in sleeping and so I blogged. Well, just reading and commenting others posts.


I bought a new writing gadget for me from my hard earned money from massaging clients. I bought Samsung Galaxy Tab A-SM-T555… for 279 Euro a few days ago and I like it. At first I bought Trextor tablet but it was not functioning although it was new. My hubby and I returned it to the shop and exchanged it with this Samsung tablet which my best friend  recommended me. It was even cheaper than Trekstor (299€).


Then we bought a bluetooth universal keyboard. I have just tried the keyboard with my new  tablet but I couldn´t log in at Blogjob. I was wondering why and so I wrote some sentences on my office word to find out the problem. The problem was and still is, the letter Z and Y are interchanged. It was good to know about that. Then I couldn´t find the “@” where it should be. I found other failures too but I didn´t have time to check them all as I have not written a post for today. So, I left it for another day. We don´t like to go to the shop again and complain but I have to. I will return it because it costed me 35 €.


Do you have any problems with a new gadget that you have bought before? Did you return it to the shop? We have 14 days to return this keyboard. I could buy something from the return money if I can´t find a new one I like.

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