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Hello everyone! How´s your day? Mine is not as bad as I thought it would be. I was free from work today as I am sick. I have written this in my latest post


My boss had given me a free day today so I could rest. I woke up late for lunch but no apetite for eating. I spent my whole afternoon in bed with my new gadget Samsung tablet. I was able to rest and was able to log in at Blogjob. Actually, I intended to sleep the whole afternoon after taking herbal teas and my selfmade ginger root tea but I thought I would be wasting my time in sleeping and so I blogged. Well, just reading and commenting others posts.


I bought a new writing gadget for me from my hard earned money from massaging clients. I bought Samsung Galaxy Tab A-SM-T555… for 279 Euro a few days ago and I like it. At first I bought Trextor tablet but it was not functioning although it was new. My hubby and I returned it to the shop and exchanged it with this Samsung tablet which my best friend  recommended me. It was even cheaper than Trekstor (299€).


Then we bought a bluetooth universal keyboard. I have just tried the keyboard with my new  tablet but I couldn´t log in at Blogjob. I was wondering why and so I wrote some sentences on my office word to find out the problem. The problem was and still is, the letter Z and Y are interchanged. It was good to know about that. Then I couldn´t find the “@” where it should be. I found other failures too but I didn´t have time to check them all as I have not written a post for today. So, I left it for another day. We don´t like to go to the shop again and complain but I have to. I will return it because it costed me 35 €.


Do you have any problems with a new gadget that you have bought before? Did you return it to the shop? We have 14 days to return this keyboard. I could buy something from the return money if I can´t find a new one I like.

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  • Reminds me of the hot sale in Rockville, Maryland, when I bought my very first personal computer (in 1988). It was an Amstrad. The instructions mentioned that the “Backspace” and “Delete” keys moved in different directions on different computers, so just remember which way yours went. (So help me…) The instructions did not mention that the directions the “Backspace” and “Delete” keys moved would *change without warning*! I got the refund, but that was still bizarre enough to qualify as one of the “Rockville Is the Devil’s Town” stories told in Takoma Park, Maryland.

  • janetwrites says:

    It’s annoying when the gadget you buy doesn’t work and you have to return. I have experienced that many times. We also have a Samsung tablet.

  • Sandy KS says:

    I would send back as soon as I could. Gadgets are like anything else, some come with flaws. While others do not. I tend to read reviews online to help me choose. Recently I bought a set of pans. 2 were burned with the first days. Why you couldn’t use the high setting on the stove. Now what pan can’t handle the high setting without burning. The set I choose. My kids love to cook on high. They found out not every set of pans can take the heat.

  • I’m sorry that you’re sick. I hope that you’re better real soon. That’s weird how the Y and the Z are switched. That would be hard to get used to. I wonder why they did that?

  • nerdieeds says:

    When I am away from my laptop, I borrow my housemate’s Samsung tablet. I know your Samsung tablet is of high specs.

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