My Fingers Rode a Bicycle

I eased myself back into it with a simple single crochet scarf-necklace, but I hopped back on that metaphorical bike and got back to my crocheting.  I’ve always been grateful to my mom for teaching me how to crochet when I was very young and just as equally grateful that my mother-in-law took me (and funnily enough, my mom) under her wing and retaught us the basics a few years ago.  I never understood how to read a pattern and she showed us how to do that, helped us understand where to put that stitch at the end of the row, and basically had an infinite amount of patience with the both of us as we had many questions.

I took particular pride when my mother-in-law told me that she was “so mad at me” because it was such a compliment. She loved the tension and neat, even stitches I was able to make in my projects and I felt unstoppable (although a few patterns did prove just the thing to knock me down a notch or two to unstoppable save for a stop sign here and there). When I created my first hat, I was absolutely amazed at how easily it came together because prior to that all I had ever made were scarves and afghans (small ones – lapghans maybe?).

My mother-in-law does amazing things with yarn and a crochet hook and I’ve taken this Thanksgiving break (yay, I really frickin’ needed this break) to get back to it.  My hope is that as soon as I get familiar with all of this yet again, that I can try my hand at an amigurumi, which in Japanese means ‘stuffed doll’ according to the very official Google search I did just now.  I have been told that it is very easy, but man, it looks super difficult, so I’ll have to get over this mental block and just tackle it.  I had the same feeling when I made that first hat, so I know I can do it, it’s just a matter of having the confidence to tackle it head on.

It was kind of like riding a bicycle again, though, for which I am grateful.  I would hate to have lost all that knowledge!


My less than enthused model. I got this gorgeous sequin-y yarn a year ago on sale and didn’t have enough to do the pattern I wanted. This pattern was perfect!

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