Stalling Bedtime? Let Me Count the Ways.

Tonight has been somewhat of a challenge for Sean to go to bed. Why I don’t know, but much the way that Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck sit marooned in a boat and each turns into a mirage of a mouth watering meal, I looked at Sean and he started to look like a mirage of himself as a wee little baby.  I remembered going into his room when he was a little guy in a crib, rocking him back and forth, getting 25 minutes of sleep and having to do it all over again.  Except this time it was in increments of 15 minutes and he’s not an infant he’s a 9 year old.

My sweet mothering instincts were the first to arrive on the scene.  This mom tucked him back in, gave him his bear, gave him hugs and kisses, smoothed his hair and closed the door gently.  This mom listened patiently as the door creaked open and the 9 year old padded down the hallway and asked if he could read for 15 minutes.  This mom was a sucker for kids who want to read, so she said yes.  Then that mom heard the little boy stop off in his brother’s room and chit-chatting ensued.

So a slightly less patient mom, went down the hallway and told Sean it was now time for bed, reading time was forfeited because he chose to use his reading time to talk to his brother. This mom tucked the boy back in, handed him his bear, gave him a kiss and a hug, smoothed his hair, shut the door and sighed.

A stop off in the kitchen for water and then in the bathroom for a pee were the next two stalls. Understanding, but even less patient mom pointed at the door and said “go to bed.”

An understanding, but slightly frazzled mom had to listen to why the dog helps him sleep when he had just told Zach that she keeps him awake. She pointed at the door and said “go to bed, the dog is sleeping in your brother’s room tonight.”

A frazzled mom, handed him a Kleenex when he cried about not having the dog in his room.

A frazzled, but inventive mom said, “Zach come here and calm your brother down, I have to pee.”

A mom who was now looking around for leftover Halloween chocolate to stress eat (who was also considering taking the pint of ice cream out of the freezer and grabbing a spoon) sat down on the edge of Sean’s bed and said, “Look, if we’re going to do another night like this one, we need to start at about 5 p.m. so you can stall up until your actual bedtime.  You really don’t want to have to be in bed by 5 p.m. do you?”

And all this time, each time I kept coming back to bed, I looked at Matt and just said “Lucky bastard” because he got to sleep through all of this.

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