I started watching the show Selfie because it looked so cute and wouldn’t you know it, of course they have cancelled it. I mean I think I read that it did so poorly that instead of letting the last few episodes even air, they have decided to just put on reruns of other shows for the rest of the season. THAT is saying something about it. I kind of hope they’ll change their mind and I get to see the next 5 episodes that would have aired.

The story was like a My Fair Lady (with the lead character being called Eliza Dooley and the guy, played by one of my favorite actors John Cho, was Henry Higgs).  She is a ditzy, self-involved social-media whore who just likes the limelight and doesn’t care about having real connections.  Of course she wakes up and smells – well she smells her own vomit actually in the first episode – and she asks Henry Higgs for some help.

He observes that she always has her nose in her phone, is taking her selfies, doesn’t ask anyone else about their day and is selfish and self-centered and he takes on the task of trying to help her change her ways.  At first it seemed like it was going to be a stupid show and well you know obviously a lot of people thought that or it would still be on the air, but I actually grew to like it a bit.  It took these two extremes – one person who was vapid and one person who was holding up garlic and crosses against social media – threw them together and they brought out the better in the other. (not the best, but they were getting there).

I only found out about it being cancelled after I had made a small investment in it. It wasn’t a show that I was hooked on and will die without, but I’m disappointed not being able to see where this show could have gone.

I actually found out because I was Googling the main actress Karen Gillan and I found out that she actually played Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy. That made her infinitely more interesting in my book.

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    What is the story all about ?

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