Draw a Chalk Outline Around It

I’ve been writing for another site for awhile and it has been good to me. Earning money for my writing has been a wonderful confidence booster, but being at the mercy of the kinds of changes they’ve made has kind of sucked and honestly it started being more about the money than the writing.  I’m not saying I won’t still write there and keep up some of the friendships I’ve made, but it’s been pretty sad scrapings lately.

The great thing about that site is that it was said to be a social site as well. It filled this niche nicely where I could write and also socialize and my, oh, my what do you know I also got a few pennies for my troubles too.

The bad thing is that it is dependent on others viewing it, liking it, and commenting on it in order to make the money.  In a way it could easily turn into a popularity contest with a wink, wink, nudge, nudge mentality about it and I’m just not the most popular girl on the playground. Oh I had my moments that were wonderful, it’s still a great site, but there is no real consistency to it lately.  They’ve made so many changes and while I want to hang in there, they have lost a lot of their loyal followers and less followers means less chances to get the writing exposed to a large audience.  As a writer that’s just sad.

Also, it started off as a site for writers, but then it turned more to the social media side of things and no one wanted to read any thing that was more than two paragraphs long so that killed the mood for all of the writers on the site somehow.  It’s like a ghost town now and there are a few saloons still open, but for the most part there’s mostly tumbleweeds and sadness.


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2 Responses to Draw a Chalk Outline Around It

  1. Jessica says:

    Is this site’s initials CA by any chance? I used to love that website but oh my god ever since a particular moderator got bent out of shape about criticism, no matter how gentle, I had it and left. I much prefer writing opinion columns like I do here anyway since longer works of writing are more in line with my goals. I do miss users from CA, however.

    • Pegasus says:

      Oh actually that’s not the one I was referencing here, but let me tell you that one lost a lot of its charm for me awhile ago. I actually still go and do the videos, but I don’t really write much. I missed the moderator getting bent out of shape though!

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