Into The Woods

The more and more I think about this movie the more excited I’m getting.  My friend Cherise and I were in LOVE with the soundtrack and I remember we would perch in her room and sing most, if not all, of the songs.  Come to think of it we did that quite a bit with several musical soundtracks, including but not limited to Phantom of the Opera and Les Mis if memory serves.

One of my favorite songs in Les Mis was Little Fall of Rain and I remember once we cried at the end, but I am not sure if it’s because we were so moved (as teenage girls were apt to do in the midst of hormone laden years) or because we would sing the last note and then fall over and pretend to have passed as poor Eponine did and laugh so hard we were brought to tears.  Either way it was one of those times I would go back to in my life if someone asked me to choose a handful of moments to revisit.  Perhaps something along the lines of A Christmas Carol without all the scary ghosts, the impending thought of death, and that crabby Scrooge guy (unless he is at the nice point in the story).

One of our favorite songs from Into the Woods was “Agony” where the two princes sing of their hearts captured by women who are just out of their grasp.  My absolute favorite favorite song though is one that they reprised on Glee called “No One is Alone.” It’s so hauntingly beautiful. Sigh.

I want to see it Christmas Day, but I’m not sure my family is going to go for that, I think I’m already pushing my luck wanting to see Annie (but for some reason my kids actually want to see that).  I may have to finagle my way into getting to see that movie as part of my Christmas gift from the kids.

I did read today that in true Disney form, they’re going to go ahead and Disneyfy the movie, so all the parts that were a little bit shocking to us when we saw it  back in the 90s won’t be there, but I have a feeling that the updated beauty of the film will make me forget about it and will make it no less satisfying (although I do have the hankering to put on my DVD and let Bernadette Peters win me over again).

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