The Health Benefits of American Ginseng

By loiseryan, November 9, 2017

American ginseng is scientifically known as Panax quinquefolium and is part of the ginseng family.  Smaller than Asian ginseng, this perennial plant has a fleshy root and a stem that is normally two feet tall or shorter.  Normally found growing on the east coast from Georgia to Maine, the leaves of this plant have sharp serrated leaves with yellow-green flowers that bloom during the summer months.

The root of the American ginseng plant is used for many home remedies.  It has been used for hundreds of years to treat  many health ailments and conditions.  It may be a good idea to have some in your medicine cabinet.

American ginseng is excellent for your digestive system. The Native Americans used this herb to treat people who had the stomach flu.  Just a ¼ inch piece of root goes a long way in relieving symptoms of indigestion such as heartburn, gas, bloating, and nausea. It is also effective in treating irritable bowel syndrome. Some people may experience a loss of appetite whether through illness or other reasons, including this herb will help stimulate the appetite.

This herb also contains expectorant properties. This fruit helps with respiratory problems such as

Sore Throat

Containing compounds called ginesenosides, American Ginseng helps stimulate the immune system,  Including this herb in your daily diet may help ward of colds the the Flu.

If you are a woman who has rough menstrual cycles or are going through menopause, include American Ginseng in your diet. For menstrual cycles this plays a role in reducing cramping and water retention and also helps regulate the cycles. It also plays a role in controlling hormonal imbalances in menopausal woman as well as relieving symptoms such as hot flashes.

The Native Americans used this plant to increase fertility in woman.  If you are trying to conceive, include the herb in your ritual.  However, if you are on birth control and do not want to get pregnant, avoid using this herb because it can make your birth control less effective.  It is also said that this herb can increase the sex drive in men.  However, there is little research in this field.

There are many compounds in American ginseng which are good for your heart.  One of these includes saponins, which are effective in preventing atherosclerosis. This is also known as hardening of the arteries. This condition happens when you have a high amount of bad cholesterol in your body. When your arteries become clogged up with fatty buildup, it is harder for the blood to move to and from your heart. By including this herb in your daily diet, you are reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in your body as well as increasing the amounts of good cholesterol at the same time and improving your circulatory system at the same time by improving the flow of  ]blood to vital parts such as the heart and brain.  This herb also helps regulate the amount of potassium-an important mineral to lower blood pressure-in your body.

American ginseng contains adaptogens which are excellent for reducing stress. When you are under a stressful situation and let it affect you, it affects your body at the same time. The root cause for many health ailments is stress. For example, you may suffer from high blood pressure because of stress or may have weight issues due to stress eating. Adaptogens help your body adjust to stress, and, while helping you to alleviate it from your mind, rids it from your body as well.

American ginseng is said to increase mental performance. It is said to help individuals, especially those who are middle-aged, to improve memory. By taking this herb as a supplement you may find out that you mental speed and accuracy as well as you attention are improved.

You can purchase American ginseng as a supplement at most pharmacies, grocery stores and health food stores.   This can also be purchase as:

Dried Roots




You can also purchase this supplement on line at sites such as E Bay and Amazon.


There are some side effects that you should look out for if you use American ginseng. These include:




If you plan to collect American ginseng from the wild, seek the advice of a qualified herbalist since poisonous plants can be confused for this herb.

Do not combine American ginseng with aspirin.

If you are on blood thinners, avoid American ginseng. This herb may cause your blood clot at a slower rate. Therefore, if you are prone to getting cuts, avoid this herb since it will make you bleed for a longer period time.

If you have diabetes, do not use large amounts of American ginseng because it can lower your blood sugar to a dangerously low level. Talk to your Dr. about how much of this herb you should use

Avoid American ginseng if you are pregnant or nursing.

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