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High-Quality Rolling Luggage for Men's Suits

High-Quality Rolling Luggage for Men’s Suits

Do you need high-quality rolling luggage for men’s suits? When your wardrobe costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars, why risk using ordinary luggage? You don’t want to use a duffel bag, even if it has wheels. You need luggage that minimizes wrinkling and prevents damage. A top-of-the-line garment bag with wheels would be ideal. Consider the following SwissGear Geneva 22″ Carry On Luggage Garment Bag. It’s perfect for business trips and formal occasions. Take a look at the features and details. It’s a smart way to protect formal clothing from snags, abrasion, wrinkles, and other damage that can happen with lower quality bags.

Details and Features

  • Removable tri-fold garment bag for suits, dresses, outerwear, and more
  • Roomy clothing compartment
  • Built-in wet bag section
  • Interior mesh pocket
  • Zippered front pocket
  • Made from premium ballistic 1680-denier polyester material
  • Adjustable compression straps
  • Telescoping aluminum handle
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Durable maintenance-free wheels
  • Retracting ID tag
  • Bag dimensions are 21.7″ H x 14″ W x 19″ D
  • Weighs only 9.3 pounds

 View It – SwissGear Geneva 22 Carry On Luggage w/ Garment – Black

Keeping Suits Wrinkle-Free When Traveling

It’s important to use a garment bag to keep clothes wrinkle-free. However, light creases can still occur, even with high-quality rolling luggage for men’s suits. It’s wise to carry a portable garment steamer when traveling. Immediately remove the suit and hanger from the tri-fold bag, and hang it from a garment rod. Wrinkles usually come out on their own after just a few hours. When you can’t afford to take that chance, consider packing the Shark® Press & Refresh® Fabric Steamer. It’s a clothing steamer that works with tap water. It will remove light creases and freshen suits and other clothing. It’s a must when you have to look your best at home or away.

Is it Wise to Use a Carry-On Bag for Men’s Suits?

Keep in mind that ‘carry on’ doesn’t necessarily mean that a bag will fit in the overhead bin. Suits shouldn’t be stuffed in luggage that’s small enough to fit in overhead compartments anyway. In this case, carry-on simply means that it’s easy to transport. When business suits are required, you’ll likely have to check-in at least one bag. Besides, baggage costs are usually covered by the company. Why pinch pennies? When seeking high-quality rolling luggage for men’s suits, keep quality and size in mind. Rolling luggage for men’s suits won’t fit in an overhead compartment. They shouldn’t be stuffed into a smaller bag. They will end up terribly wrinkled, and even with a garment steamer the wrinkles would be extremely hard to remove.


Kim Dalessandro is an award-winning freelance writer and artist from the Chicago area. Her passion is interior design, but she also loves entertaining and crafting. She is continually developing unique and creative ideas to share with the world.

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