Reflections on Hell

It begins as any other job. This is why you don’t realise where you are for a few months.
Some of the ‘shackles’ seem ‘normal’; just as signing in, signing out, dress codes, etc.

They aren’t, they are the first steps in control. They are to see how tight the screws can be turned.

The Boss from Hell will demean you, criticise everything you do, micro manage, put you under pressure for nothing. This is because he doesn’t care about the work, torturing you is what gives him pleasure.

There are those who don’t spend two weeks, those who go a month or two. Then, there are those who somehow trap themselves in Hell.

Somehow they develop unworking skills, time stealing skills, and it becomes ‘normal’. It is not until months after escape that one looks back in horror and develops a consuming hatred for the Boss.

One has to escape, even if that means taking a job where they are paid so much less, if that means having to live off of others for a time, for mental health is paramount.

If one sets a proper ‘schedule’ of leaving, that would mean they grasp their situation and rise above it. But most don’t. Most do not realise what is happening until suddenly they are considering murder or suicide or get into the kind of depression that requires medical assistance.

If one can only appreciate how the Boss is depersonalising them, how he is destroying them early enough, they can make sensible escape plans.

It would be like knowing that you will break out of prison at a certain time. If you knew that then you could prepare, but a prison break, like escaping an abusive relationship, is not so easy to devise.

In most cases it is more a malaise of spirit and then a kind of jumping without a parachute.

You just have to do it.

Don’t be afraid, that is what He taught you. He taught you to doubt yourself, he taught you that you are inferior, he taught you that you can not survive without him. Excrete that, appreciate that he is a psychopath who would be a serial killer if he wasn’t getting joy from oppression.

Many of the worst Bosses From Hell pretend to be humanitarians. They aren’t. They may push themselves forward as the leader of causes.

For example, there are those who talk about slavery reparations because they want to get the money which they will keep and not share. They want to be in the spotlight to gain power. They don’t care about anyone or anything except themselves.

The successful ones make it impossible for you to attack them, for they are at the pinnacle and you are at the bottom, so no one listens to you.

Overtime their feet of clay; [which goes to their noses] is revealed and the public begins to withdraw. But you can’t expect this to happen. For very often it is only years later… such as the Bill Cosby scandal, in which up until a few years ago he was considered such a perfect person that no one would believe anything one said bad about him.

Now, we know who and what he is, but if one dared to speak out in the days of the Eighties or Nineties, they would be stepped on.

So too, with many bosses from hell.


When you leave a Boss From Hell, give yourself time for recovery. Don’t think you can leave hell on Friday and walk into Normal on Monday without serious “blow backs.”

You can’t.

Just as those who leave war zones have nightmares, panic attacks, etc, so will you. For anything that cuts into your soul leaves a scar.

Trust me, to survive in that office you have cut and pasted yourself. You have been subjected to cruelty. Your soul doesn’t understand that this was a job, your soul feels as if you were a prisoner of war.

When you leave a Boss from Hell you have to excrete the various tactics you used to survive.

Whether unworking, whether hiding, whether time stealing, you have to unlearn them.

It is not easy.

You have suffered PTSD, you have to heal. You have to give yourself time to appreciate what you’ve been through.

Do not slap it aside. Do not think that it was no more than a bad date. It was far worse. It is far worse. It will take you a long time to get back to you.

Do not think you’ll fly into your new job as competent as you were when you walked into Hell. You’ve learned bad traits, you’ve demeaned yourself, it takes time for your confidence to regrow.

Losing confidence can be crippling, can make you afraid to express yourself, can cause you to take shelter in the mundane, to see yourself as no one.

It takes time for you to stop watch the clock, to stop unworking, to stop feeling you are serving a sentence.

Try to change things, times, hours, dress…anything to make then different from now.

Take a few off days…just to relax and regain your balance.

Even if you sit home watching television, walking in a park, cleaning your bathroom, whatever it is, do it to put a lot of space/time between you…who were that tortured soul in that Office working for that Boss from Hell, to you today.

Dealing with …

Every evening, Mr. Loth would have his driver take Amanda home. The danger of this is evident. Not just that Mr. Loth controlled when Amanda escaped, but that Amanda depended on Mr. Loth’s driver.

So, 4:30 became 5:00, then 5:30 and then one night, Amanda, hungry, tired, stessed didn’t reach home until 9 pm.

Amanda’s mistake? Continuing the ‘lift’ style the day after it was 5:00 when she got into the car.

The first rule; never take favours from the Boss from Hell. These are not favours, these are shackles. This ‘free ride’ cost Amanada in time and effort. For Mr. Loth would find a few things for Amanda to do after quitting time. The ‘free ride’ was paid for by Amanda’s unpaid work. By her elongated imprisonment.

Mr. Lew Cipher supplied lunch to his staff. When lunch came it was lunch time. At first lunch was at noon. Then it began to slip to one, then to two, as Mr. Cipher had to send for the lunch.

So people worked through their lunch hour, then got their late lunch and only took about twenty minutes. The ‘free lunch’ was paid for by the extra work.

Again, never take favours from the Boss from Hell.

What Amanda eventually did was have a particular driver pick her up at 4:30 each day. She couldn’t stay late, she had paid her driver. No matter what Mr. Loth said about working late, she couldn’t, and she’d keep walking no matter what he said. He stop the ‘work late’ because the driver was waiting.

What a few workers in Mr. Cipher’s office learned was to carry lunch from home, and take their lunch break at Noon. They would refuse lunch offered by Cipher. When enough of the workers did the ‘no thanks’ that was the end of the extra work, the end of the ‘free lunch’.

When you work for a Boss From Hell…nothing is free.

A few more Tricks

There are various ‘tricks’ you use to escape the scrutiny of a Boss From Hell.

When there are enough people, you can hide in the back. You say nothing, you seem distracted.

If he attacks you for being distracted it is perfect. You are pretending, he falls for it, he attacks the mist, and you sit back and enjoy it.

When there are a few people, say nothing. If he asks a question seem blank. Let him attack you for being stupid.

One of the most enjoyable moments was when a peer, someone who not only attended the same school as the BFH but was in his class (and surpassed him) wound up working for (thought it would be ‘with’ not ‘for’) and he, in his infinite inferiority, attacked and attacked and passed insults to suggest the person was not very intelligent and did ‘shabby’ work,

The amusement the ‘unworker’ got, seeing this clown attacking, insulting, wasting time…was worth the spluttered barbs.

If you are being bullied at school, your lunch being stolen, then you make a disgusting mess for lunch, put it on bread, and let the Monster take it. If you know someone in the dorm is using your perfume, you buy the stinkiest and let them steal it. Stealing your garbage is fun.

Giving a ‘MacGuffin’ to the Boss From Hell is fun. Let him attack the ‘fault’ you give him.

Dress stupid so he can attack your clothing, pretend to misplace a file so he can rage about it. Give the dog a bone.

Bosses from Hell often create ridiculous protocols. Protocols you have to circumvent to complete the work. Follow the protocols precisely and document each step. Take your time.

Anything the Boss from Hell asks you to do, do in Slow Motion. Practice moving slowly until it becomes ‘normal’. When you follow a protocol, document each step as if you are being graded on penmanship.

Keep records.

And write down his instructions; and read them back. He will become livid when you write his stupidity because you can’t miss anything. If you are writing while he’s babbling, then try to read it back, he will stop you.

Then; when he berates you…so innocently…you take your notes and…

(you get the idea).

Random Tips

Although minor, these tips are very useful in survival. The longer you can avoid the Boss From Hell, the less time you have to smell him, the better.

Try to be where he is not. It sounds easy, it isn’t, but can be managed. Sometimes it is hiding in some other room, going to a library or other venue, even taking a smoking break..(even if you don’t smoke).

Just being out of his line of sight is a boon.

Seem busy, especially when you are not. Banging away on a computer, focusing intently on a screen is good. Anything that keeps your eyes off his and makes it appear you are doing something he should not interrupt.

When he talks, say nothing. If he demands an answer, if you can’t pretend you didn’t hear him the first time, say, “Do you want an answer?” This should send him off on a tirade.

Tirades are good.

You will notice if the BFH shouts at you at 9 he doesn’t shout again for the day. He gets it out of his system. If he doesn’t get the shout chance it might be little snipes.

Never take his snipes to heart.

He is a sick psychopath whose opinions on anything are worthless. His opinions are not dependent on facts.

I want you to envision something that actually happened.

Some years ago, on a particular site, I published Einstein’s puzzle. Albert Einstein created a five houses puzzel. ‘Everyone’ knows that, I thought. I didn’t bother giving accreditation. I just posted the puzzle.

A gang of people attacked it, claimed it was stupid, ridiculous, on and on. I sat incredulous. I enjoyed reading the attacks.

Then I posted the name of the originator.

With the BFH it is the same thing. He will shout, ‘Shoddy Work’ when your stuff is 1st class. He will nit pick over every aspect, because he hasn’t a clue what he is doing.

One of the more fun things is when you do something and he demands it be done over. The beauty of that is;

1. You don’t do it Over…(not really)
2. You take a week of unworking to ‘finish’.
3. He will leave you alone having exercised his power.

Don’t Let Him Trick You!

Nikki had reached her limit. She could have boiled water on the top of her skull. She didn’t care if she had to live in a cardboard box, she was leaving!

Then Mr. Lew Cipher, her boss, came with a smile, “I’ve an overseas client I’m taking to dinner, come with…!”

Nikki went into brain freeze, somehow wound up in a restaurant, overseas being charm master, but Mr. Cipher matching him.

They paid for a taxi to take her home and if the police stopped, and asked her name she wouldn’t recall it.

The next day, at work, Mr. Cipher said he’d had a great time, the client was impressed, and gave her a file, and walked away.

For the rest of the day, Nikki worked on that file, bringing every inch of her ability to the page.

She left on time, and returned the next day, and saw a stack of work on her desk. She sat down, began to work until lunch, then returned after lunch and completed.

Nikki had usually given about four hours work a day. She’d taken her time, she’d day dreamed, she played games on the computer, and never worked before 30 minutes after entry, nor 30 minutes before leaving; yet, for the past two days, she’d worked more than in the past two weeks.

The following day, Mr. Cipher called her into the office to insult her about talking on the telephone to a client. Apparently, two minutes was the maximum a phone call could take.

He went on and on and she was actually giving his words credance, then…then she realised; she’d been played.

Mr. Cipher knew that she was going to quit and had milked her like a cow. He’d paid for her dinner and cab and got two weeks work out of her.

The Don’ts and Dos of Leaving

The only person in that office who knows you are leaving is you.
Do not think that those who work their are your ‘brothers and sisters’.
They aren’t.

Trust no one.

Do not announce, do not betray, under no circumstances is anyone to think that this is your last day in the salt mine.

Do nothing to flag your departure. Act absolutely ordinary.

When you walk out, you are out. The Slave Office no longer exists.

Do Not leave anything behind unless it is garbage. Take everything that matters to you. If it means you have to start moving things on Monday, that is what it means. Do not walk out with a box. Just your usual bag.

Do not call in sick on Monday. Do not call nor answer any calls from the office. If money is owed you, understand, you will NOT get it. The BFH will claim you broke something.

Let me be clear; you are a Slave. A Wage Slave. The BFH uses Money as a chain. He will never pay you what you are owed.

If you can, you leave on pay day. But if you have reached the stage in which you are about to put a bullet in his head, don’t wait, just walk.

When you reach your new office, give yourself six months to adjust to Earth. You have spent however long in hell so are not used to humans.

Do not discuss the BFH. If you must speak, a sentence, and drop it. Do not carry him with you.

Do delete his number from your phone.

Do set your quitting when it will cause him the most dislocation.

Do insure that many things are left unfinished.

Plan your departure. Even before you intend to leave, have your plan in mind. You can start removing things months before. You can start planning to load his calendar so that you cause the greatest dislocation.

Do your departure so that you never have to return to that building.

What’s His Problem?

When you work for a Boss From Hell, you start to ponder, what is going on? Is this real? How can he act like this?

The answer is simple; most Bosses from Hell are bi-polar; one side knows he is inferior, the other side is a psychopath.

As most people who have Inferiority Complexes, the BFH compensates by this fraudulent sense of superiority. He tries too hard because he knows he is less than his peers. He needs to step on those who he believes are ‘better’ than he is.

By behaving as if he is royalty he thinks he can fool others into respecting him. He is usually late as if he is making an entrance. He knows he is nothing. His performances can be easily smashed, which produces his anger.

As a psychopath, he has no care for the feelings of others. He doesn’t have to get his clothes dirty by killing people, he can insult them, demean them, crush them, and get the same high.

He will blame everyone for his faults. No matter how far a reach, how incredible, he will blame others.

He will cheat, he will justify docking pay, he will do everything he can to hurt. And when his vicitm ceases to care what he thinks or does, when he can’t succeed with his usual insults, he resorts to other methods.

One can tell a BFH. Firstly, outside of maybe one pathetic loser, his staff changes as the wind. From the woman who cleans the floor, to the man who runs the errands, to the professional in the side office, few last more than a year or two.

If you enter an office and find out that this one has only been here a year, and that one less than two, unless the business started two years ago, get out.

Get out, because he will begin as a human, and turn into a monster.

Don’t Let it Go Too Far

Having worked for a Boss from Hell, there was a point of ‘coast’.

Although my times were set in stone, I could control my out put. My actual work was between 2 and 3 hours a day for 8 hours pay.

The hours from 1 to 4:30 was always the hardest. Time seemed to move in slow motion. I did most work between 2 and 3:45.

I did not think of the Office, the BFH, or the work when I wasn’t there. I took no interest, extended not an atom of my being.

Previously I had cared, had ideas, was avid. But towards the last part it was as if I were on tranquilizers.

My hatred for the BFH had dimmed to indifference. I rarely looked in his face. When he would have one of his ‘berate’ sections I’d sit hunched and mentally go over a recipe. I don’t know what he said. I didn’t care what he would say or not say or do or not do.

I looked to Friday as the opening of a Cell, and found sleep hard on Sunday night, because Monday was ahead.

I should have searched for another position, but then, nothing before its time. I moved at the right time, and although I didn’t wind up in the best place, it was much better than the BFH.

However, having decided to escape I looked, found a spot and jumped at one of those perfect moments in time.

The BFH had a pile of work ahead, work he could have only taken because I was there.

As if to send a red carpet, on my last day, (unknown to him) he made false accusations. At 4:30 on Friday, I walked out, never to return.

I had taken everything I wanted during the past days, said nothing and went out the front gate. This is because in sheer evil, the BFH locked the gate closer to transportation, forcing a walk around the block.

But hey! It was my last day.
Guess prolonging he escape was necessary.

The Dangers of Staying Too Long

There comes a point when the abnormal, the unbearable becomes normal. When one ‘gets used’ to the treatment.

Ms. Scott is a victim.

Mr. Loth hired her, claiming she ‘wasn’t qualified’ but he was ‘giving her a chance’. She began the job, and he began the torture.

She heard the word ‘psychopath’ from a quitting employee and adopted it. She works for a psychopath.

Her ‘coping’ mechanism is to claim she doesn’t know how to…(fill in the blank). This gets a exposition of her stupidity, but, that’s another task she doesn’t have to do.

Over the years she has become so neurotic that she can not see a person in front of her when she is talking on the phone. She will talk as long as the caller decides. She will cut them off if ‘Massa’ buzzes her.

She will do what massa says.

Putting up ‘Out of Order’ signs on perfectly working toilets, refusing to accept mail for a past employee with whom she had a good relationship, is another.

She can never leave this job because Ms. Scott is now unhireable being totally unemployable.

Ms Scott does nothing she is not specifically told to do. Even common sense things. She does stupid things if told to do them.

She keeps a blank look on her face and in her mind during the hours she is at work.

Once, when her son was injured at school and she told Mr. Loth, he shouted and said she could not leave. She began to cry and he walked away. She sat there crying, until somehow she realised her son’s life was more important than the job.

When she arrived for slavery the following day, ready for the abuse, Mr. Loth ignored her.

That she had actually paused to hear what he had to say instead of buzzing, saying; “My son was hurt at school,” hanging up and rushing out is the alarming reality. Tht she actually told him what happened to her son and actually listned to his diatribe is the confirmation of her slavery.

That she did not rush out, that she listened, that she waited, that she needed his approval, and not receiving, cried. Is the scarey part.

That is what happens when you spend too long with the Boss From Hell.