Shih-Tzu Can't Take Long Walks

Shih-Tzu Can’t Take Long Walks

When your shih-tzu can’t take long walks, you end up having to carry him most of the way. I’ve had to carry my dog, and even at 10-pounds, he becomes too heavy. It’s especially uncomfortable on a hot summer day. You can’t blame a dog with legs only six to eight inches long. He has to take three or four steps for every human step. He has to run unless you slow down! If we had to keep up with a giant we would wear out quickly too.

Temperature is also a problem for shih-tzus. They don’t handle hot or cold temps well. The pads of their feet are especially sensitive to hot and ice-cold pavement. It can pose a serious risk. When wondering how to take a small dog on long walks, consider the following option. When your shih-tzu can’t walk far, it’s a great alternative to carrying him. The dog can walk until he starts showing signs of discomfort or fatigue. He can enjoy riding in comfort the rest of the way.

Have you Considered a Pet Stroller for a Shih-Tzu?

A pet stroller is a good solution when your shih-tzu can’t take long walks. Start by pushing it with the dog on a leash. It’s a fantastic solution for dogs and pet parents. It’s a great way to take your shih-tzu along no matter the distance. You won’t have to turn around at the end of the block, and you can take everything needed including snacks, water, and a Collapsible Dog Bowl. It’s ideal when your shih-tzu can’t walk far. He will appreciate the ride, and you will enjoy having him along. It’s the perfect pet stroller for a shih-tzu or any other small dog.

Take a Closer Look

Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry, BoysenberryView It – Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry, Boysenberry

Details and Features of the Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller

  • Easy-lock latches instead of zippers
  • Great for slow or fast-paced walks
  • Ideal for on or off-road use when your shih-tzu can’t take long walks
  • Wide window for viewing and ventilation
  • Back window allows for easy viewing of the rider
  • Triple-position water-resistant canopy
  • Built-in paw rest
  • Handy drink holder
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • It’s a dog stroller with a washable lining
  • Durable mesh screen
  • Front shocks
  • Inside connection for leash
  • 6″ air-ride wheels makes the ride comfy and smooth
  • Roomy lower-level storage bin
  • Folds for storage
  • Much better than a sling-style carrier

It’s a Phenomenal Value for the Price

When your shih-tzu can’t take long walks, it’s one of the best alternatives to carrying the dog. If you’re ever had to carry a shih-tzu because he’s too tired to walk, you know that it’s not fun at all, especially when it’s hot. With a good stroller for a shih-tzu, he will be able to go on all sorts of outings and adventures. I don’t list prices because they can and will change, but right now the value is phenomenal.


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3 thoughts to “Shih-Tzu Can’t Take Long Walks”

  1. i see this a lot in my area with all kinds of dogs. dogs sitting inside strollers like they are enjoying their own chauffeur-driven limo. a dog in a stroller looks like it is having more fun than a baby in a stroller.

    but my 3 late shihtzus loved to walk. they used to tire me out, taking me on long walks.

      1. but i never bought a stroller because i dont feel like pushing dogs in a stroller. they needed their exercise. long time ago, i had gotten an old, used playpen for the late shihtzus, which i used it as their playhouse, filled with blankets, pillows and their toys. it eventually got really old, soiled, and i ended up throwing it away.

        i also see cats in a stroller at the mall, and occasionally i will see cats on a leash. i still need to get my cat used to a leash so i can take him on short walks just nearby, maybe to the mailbox, just to stretch his legs for five minutes.

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