Why Dogs Bury Their Toys in the Yard

Why Dogs Bury Their Toys in the Yard

Are you wondering why dogs bury their toys in the yard? They can destroy a lawn in a day. Some stow away bones, squirrels, and food they’ve killed. Others hide tennis balls, squeakers, and all sorts of fun things. The same dogs may also bury toys in the couch and under other types of furniture cushions. Although some are just bored, there is a method to their madness. Consider the following reasons why dogs bury things. It will help you figure out what your dog is thinking and feeling. It’s the first step in learning how to stop dogs from digging in the yard and in furniture cushions. It’s a destructive and expensive behavioral problem, but you can train dogs not to dig.

Why Dogs Bury Their Toys in the Yard
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Why Dogs Bury Their Toys in the Yard and in Furniture Cushions

Dogs own very few possessions, but they treasure what they have. Unlike humans they’re satisfied with simple belongings such as tennis balls, rubber bones, and other cheap playthings. They’re very easy to please, but they’re not all keen on sharing. Dogs bury their toys because they don’t want to lose them to people or other animals.

Dogs burying and forgetting locations can be likened to humans putting something of value in a ‘good‘ place. We’ve all done it. We put something in a safe location that we’re sure to remember. More often than not we forget where it is and search a half-dozen ‘safe’ places before finding it again.

Obviously dogs can’t tuck things in cabinets and drawers. They’re capable of digging and burying things in soil and furniture. They hide their treasured possessions in the yard and in couch cushions. They think they’re clever! Funny thing is, they don’t realize that we’ll notice the big pile of soil on the otherwise perfect lawn or the ripped sofa cushion.

How to Stop Dogs from Burying Toys Outdoors and Indoors

It’s easy enough to stop dogs from burying toys outside. Don’t give them toys while they’re unattended. Also, don’t leave them out for extended periods of time. They quickly become bored, even with lots of playthings. They need human company and interaction because they’re social beings.

Why dogs bury their toys in the yard is also why they bury their toys indoors. If your dog is digging in the furniture it’s also an easy remedy. No, you don’t have to hide all of his toys. That would be cruel! Besides, he may start chewing on your shoes or other things.

 FastEngle Pet Training Mat Electronic Dog Cat Coaching Mat Sofa IndoorFastEngle Pet Training Mat Electronic Dog Cat Coaching Mat Sofa Indoor

Train him to stay off of the furniture and it won’t be a problem. Is it hard to train a dog to stay off the couch? You don’t need Cesar Milan to accomplish that feat. It’s easy to do with training mats. The mat pictured above works exceptionally well. Be sure to take a closer look. It’s a small price to pay to protect the furniture and train dogs not to dig on the furniture.

Provide him with a comfy dog bed on the floor, and cover human furniture with electronic training mats. They emit a harmless but annoying zap when touched. Dogs hate it! You won’t have to use dog training mats forever. Your dog will begin associating human furniture with that unpleasant but harmless zap. If the dog stays down, he won’t be able to bury his toys in the furniture any longer.


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  1. I found a buried 6 legged giant plastic insect. I washed it off and placed it in the tomato garden only to learn that it had been stolen by a dog in the neighborhood a day later. I will miss that huge plastic garden insect. it added a bit of fun to my garden.

    1. How funny! It must have been a child’s toy. When my daughter was little she bought a bookmark at school. It was supposed to look like a teddy bear, but it was shaped like a bone. The center was wrapped with fabric, and the head was stuffed. Our dog thought it was his and carried it off. He was disappointed when I took it away.

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