My Cat's Water Bowl is Always Slimy

My Cat’s Water Bowl is Always Slimy

Help! My cat’s water bowl is always slimy. No matter how often I cleaned it a layer formed along the bottom and sides of the dish. I finally figured out how to keep the cat’s water bowl clean. It wasn’t the soap I was using or the water. The fact is, if it stands for hours it’s going to form a layer of slime. Look closely and you might even notice tiny swimming insects. A dirty dish is absolutely disgusting!

It Isn’t Enough to Wash the Cat’s Water Dish –

I started running my cat’s water bowl through the dishwasher as often as possible. It helped, but it’s not enough to prevent slime in a cat’s water bowl. I also started changing the water more often. No wonder one of my cats preferred drinking out of the faucet! Their water was usually gross! It didn’t help that one of the cats liked to drink with a paw too. I was finding everything from bits of dirt to cat litter in the dish. Sure, they’re animals but they deserve clean water too. That’s when I started seeking ways to keep a cat’s water clean. It would take more than what I had been doing. I decided on a new water bowl, but it wasn’t another dish.

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My Cat’s Water Bowl is Always Slimy but His New Fountain Isn’t

What I ended up buying wasn’t a regular bowl. No matter what it’s made of it will form a layer of slime. When looking for better ways to keep a cat’s water clean, opt for a cat fountain. Keeping the water moving will keep it fresher longer. Pet fountains have greatly improved over the very first ones. If your cat’s water bowl is always slimy consider a fountain. If your cat loves running water it’s far better than allowing kitty to drink from the faucet. In any case his water will be a whole lot cleaner.


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