My Cat Won't Stop Meowing

Why is My Cat Hollering at Me All of the Time?

Why is my cat hollering at me all of the time? That’s a very common question. They’ll sit and stare at their humans with wide eyes and a desperate expression. They expect a response, but how can you tell what the cat wants? Your kitty is trying desperately to get your attention. If only he could talk! It’s up to you to figure out what he needs. Start by watching his body language, and let him lead the way. Consider the following ways to figure out what your cat wants when he won’t shut-up. When a cat won’t stop meowing you might think that he’s just trying to be as annoying as possible, but he has reasons for vocalizing.

If Your Cat Won’t Stop Meowing Consider These Possibilities

  • If your cat seems to want you to follow him, check his food bowl. Cats don’t like to see the bottom of the dish, even if they have plenty of food around the edges. To a cat a bowl with the bottom showing may as well be empty! They feel much more comfortable when it’s filled to the brim. However, it’s not a good idea to provide a bottomless bowl if he’s inactive and overweight. Be sure to check his water bowl too. Cats prefer cool clean water. Don’t we all? Some prefer it running and love drinking from the tap. You can break that bad habit or encourage cats to drink more water with a Fountain for Cats. Is your kitty as spoiled as mine is?


  • Why is my cat hollering at me all of the time? Maybe his litter box needs to be scooped or completely dumped and refilled. Cats are extremely clean and odorless animals. It’s a natural survival strategy. That’s why they bury their waste and groom themselves often. It’s also why some run from the litter box as if their tail is on fire after pooping. Meowing will be the least of your problems if he stops using the litter pan! You might want to consider a Self-Cleaning Litter Box. Some cats are unhappy when it’s the slightest bit dirty. If that’s the case, you could never keep up with it to his satisfaction.

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  • When your cat won’t stop meowing he might be bored. How can you tell if a cat is bored? First of all, do you play with him often? If you don’t play with him very often, how about a Cat Teaser Wand? Maybe he needs more exercise and attention. Cats are natural-born hunters. If they don’t go outside they need to play-hunt indoors. They need to burn off energy. Buy him a pack of furry catnip mice in addition to a wand. That way he can entertain himself when you’re too busy to play. He would enjoy being brushed as well. Cats are independent but they don’t want to be ignored. 

Why is My Cat Hollering at Me All of the Time? Is He Sick?

If you’ve tried everything imaginable and your cat won’t stop meowing, it could be health-related. Maybe he doesn’t feel well. Meowing is how kittens gain help from their mother. They know that people communicate through vocalizations. As an adult feline in need of care, the cat knows that it must meow to get your attention. It’s a good idea to take him in for a veterinary check-up. Chances are it’s nothing serious, but it’s best to rule out health problems when a cat won’t stop meowing.




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3 thoughts to “Why is My Cat Hollering at Me All of the Time?”

  1. yeah, my cat meows a lot when he is hungry or his water bowl is empty. then, i have to remember to check his litter box to make sure it is clean, or he becomes frustrated.

    1. I saw a sign that said, “Dogs have masters, but cats have servants.” How true it is! We love them and don’t mind, though. Almost nightly I follow my cat to his food and water bowls and litter box. Sometimes I can’t find anything wrong. He just wants attention I suppose. After that I get out his laser light toy.

      1. yeah, he is mostly napping on my bed, his cat tree, the couch, or on the steps. but when he wants something, he just jumps on my computer or meows a lot to demand my attention. they are all the same. my late dogs were similar.

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